Melanie Martinez Unreleased/Covers Masterpost

Unreleased songs (live & studio):

Unreleased snippets (leaked oops):

(there are multiple videos of each so I chose what I personally think is the best one)

The Voice:

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More Melanie from The Voice ♡

Completely unrelated thing:

Sometimes it’s hard to be a person who judges people based on action, rather than outward appearance, because you’ll always have that one person telling you crime statistics and pretty much saying some races shouldn’t be trusted. (I had an argument with my uncle about that today.)

when will everybody stop pretending that melanie martinez and her ableist lil album and nasty ass aesthetic isn’t super gross?

she literally released an mv for ‘tag, you’re it’ The Most Disgusting Song of The Album and probb The Year and there isn’t one Soul calling her out??

will it take “m*d hatter” for someone on tumblr to say something??
The New Pioneers: Melanie Martinez on Transcending 'The Voice' and Pop's Conventions
Melanie Martinez has always felt like an outsider. "I was picked on when I was younger for being super ­emotional," says the 21-year-old singer-­songwriter, who grew up on New York's Long Island. "I didn't have a lot of friends." Today, though, she can claim a cult of teen admirers as a rare Voice success story who finally broke through when she embraced her not-fit-for-network-TV surrealist-pop impulses.

The New Pioneers: Melanie Martinez on Transcending ‘The Voice’ and Pop’s Conventions


Unpopular opinion: I actually prefer Melanie when she was on The Voice than Melanie after Cry Baby… Don’t get me wrong, I love the Cry Baby album (I literally own three copies), but she just had a certain charm around that time that she doesn’t have now. I don’t know, feel free to send me your hate mail. I’ll make sure to read it in my spare time.