Tips for relaxing

-music!!! (I always listen to Troye Sivan or Melanie Martinez. I find their voices so relaxing) find something that soothes you 🎶
-take a nap, naps are super awesome for stress. you’ll most likely forget about why you were worried 😴
-write a story, poem, or song it’ll direct your attention towards creating 📚 ✏️
-along with writing, if that’s not your thing, draw to embrace your creative side; you can even draw the thing that is bothering you and then rip it up 🎨
-watch a disney movie 🎥 ✨ everyone loves them!
-read a book with a positive message: thrillers and erotica aren’t good for this sort of thing
-look up flower meetings! personally, I find documenting flowers relaxing bc it’s fun to just see what they mean 🌹🌸
-do makeup or hair! when you feel good, you can look good 👑💆🏻
-give yourself a spa day with a homemade mask 💜 (avoid lemons 🍋 and try something with coconut oil) or take a bubble bath 🛀, either way your skin is happy and your troubles are gone
-go for a walk and enjoy nature. sometimes a bit of fresh oxygen helps you to think clearly 💭
-lock yourself in your room and play karaoke, put on a private show in front of the mirror! it’s kind of like the listening to music tip, only you’re burning some calories dancing and wailing to Hilary Duff 🎤

Melanie Martinez Unreleased/Covers Masterpost

Unreleased songs (live & studio):

Unreleased snippets (leaked oops):

(there are multiple videos of each so I chose what I personally think is the best one)

The Voice:

If any links stop working / aren’t right or if you know of any others I can add, please let me know so I can fix/add them. Enjoy!

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Downtown Meadow Glen - Tuesday, 1pm


That voice. It made the hairs on the back of Melanie’s neck stand up. It was one thing to run into your ex while getting a hot dog at one of the local shops, it was another thing to run into that ex while you were out and about with the guy who was making your days happier.

This whole thing was about to give Melanie a sense of unease. She also failed to notice how tight she’d been holding onto Pri’s hand until he turned and asked. “Who’s that?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“Can I talk to you?”

“For what? So you can ruin my life again?”

Pri’s presence seemed to loom like an animal ready to pounce. He and Ashton locked eyes, and that alarmed Melanie. For good reason too. She remembered the last time Ashton saw her with another man after she decided to break things off with him. Ashton went insane and unfortunately, her then new boyfriend was the target.

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Dauntless: I Can't Stop (Part 2)

Eric x OC

Warnings: language, violence 

“So that’s it?” Peter whined as he followed me down the hallway, right on my ass. “We’re just going to herd some factionless back into their holes?”

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