au where castiel comes from a family of witches and growing up he was best friends with a human boy named dean winchester 

they lost touch when the winchesters moved away and castiel thought he’d never see dean again until he’s volunteering at a fundraiser for recently turned vampires and finds a rather reluctant freckled vampire in the corner

au where the family business is a burger joint called ‘Winchesters’’

and the family works there together until sam goes to stanford and it’s just dean and mary (john left when dean was about seven, but they kept the name bc winchesters’ sounds better than campbells’) and when the workload starts getting to be too much, dean’s friends start helping out, benny cooks, charlie and jo are waitresses, but dean’s boyfriend cas is there the most, staying in the little flat about the restaurant almost 24/7 with dean 

and one day dean offhandedly says “my dad’s gonna kill me if he comes back and finds you working here, because you’re not family” while wiping down the counter and cas just takes the rag, kisses him, and says, “well I guess I’ll just have to marry in”

au where mechanic!dean shows up to work on monday morning with his nails painted alternating bright blue and pink

when everyone stares he just smiles and explains that his daughter loves cotton candy and she painted his nails after he lost a bet with his husband