melanie rothschild

Some quotes I liked from The Art of Mistakes: Unexpected Painting Techniques and the Practice of Creative Thinking by Melanie Rothschild. (Page created with stamping, watercolor, alcohol resist, and a white Gelly Roll.)

If you want to see things differently, you might start by approaching things differently.

Too many people feel they are locked out of artistic circles (from making or even enjoying art) because they lack the adequate education or sophistication ‘to belong’. Certainly a significant swath enjoys major benefits in terms of status and financial gain from maintaining this culture of exclusivity. This is completely antithetical to the underlying spirit of creativity and of art - what might be considered the essence of our humanness.

Living creatively is about fundamental internal recalibrating. And it’s an ongoing practice.

Thinking for ourselves by developing the muscle of genuinely relying on our own opinions and not feeling obligated to please authority figures definitely requires vigilance. Understanding the value that mistakes bring to creativity and being able to integrate that thinking into our everyday experience takes deep practice. It even takes practice to feel the internal permission to let ourselves play freely - to try things out, allow ourselves to be silly and at times to do stupid things and not feel guilt or shame. A lot of effort is required to maintain critical thinking.

Creativity without compassion is perilous.

But in the context of art, play is a euphorically safe place for recovery. In playing with art, nothing is really off limits, we are 'just’ playing. We are free from worry and open to possibility. What a destination.