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Crocheted Mermaid Tail Blankets By Melanie Campbell

The CassJamesDesigns Etsy store run by Melanie Campbell sells crocheted mermaid tails that are a cozy and playful way to wrap up and stay warm. Whether you’re an avid mer-person or just a fan of the Little Mermaid, you’ll appreciate the range of colors and sizes that the crocheted tails come in.

Mermaid Beach Party

This Saturday and Sunday I spent my days down at the shore! My friend asked me if I would be bringing my tail, to which I replied “OF COURSE!” He was joking, but I think my friends ended up loving it. (:

Of course they asked the usual questions (they thought it was just a costume at first), like if I can actually swim in it.  Seems they were worried I might drown. Mermaids can’t drown silly! ;) But I just laughed and promised to show them.

After the dreadful traffic ridden drive down, we arrived at my friend’s house and got ready to go to the beach. I ran STRAIGHT for that water. One thing was keeping me sane in that traffic, and that was the thought of jumping head first into the ocean.

We ran around for a bit as usual, my friends just laughing at how excited I was.  After about 10 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed to introduce my tail to the water!

I ran up and got it off the shore, and tried to stealthily run to the water with it. I’m guessing it worked because people carry things like wave boards in the water all the time.  Soon enough, I was holding my own in the water with my tail on. My friends couldn’t believe it! It was great.  Of course I couldn’t really show them my swimming since the water was a bit shallow for that, but they were amused enough that I seemed able to stay afloat.

Eventually I tumbled to shore.  Sure enough, a few little girls took interest. I loved it when their dad played along. “Oh look a mermaid!” He said when he saw me.  "She can only wave because mermaids can’t speak English.“ I was not happy with being limited to this, so after a minute or two I told them that mermaids are very fast learners and I picked up English from the beach. (ever seen the movie "Splash”?) They asked me the mostly standard questions:

“Are you a real mermaid?”

“Of course!”

“Are those your legs?”

“No, those are my bones in my tail, how do you think our tails move?”

“Are you Ariel?”

“No, but we are friends.”

Eventually they moved on to some more creative ones:

“Where do you live?”

“Way way wayyy out at the bottom of the sea.”

“Are there sharks in the ocean?”

“They mostly hide in ship wrecks and don’t come near here.”

“Is it cold in the ocean?”

“Not too bad, I’m pretty used to it. Though we often migrate to Hawaii during the colder times. There are tons of mermaids there!”

(That last part about Hawaii is totally true. Lots of performers there.)

It was great fun. I went back and swam with my friends some more before deciding we were ready to retire to shore. But what to do now? These girls were watching me and I could not walk out of the water with my tail under my arm. Solution? The boys would carry me.

And carry me they did. Very loudly. “LOOK WHAT WE FOUND! MOM MOM LOOK!” I could not stop laughing. My friend Joe even called out “SHE ALSO DOES BAR MITZVAHS!” That one earned him a punch in the arm because I was not advertising and that was not very “show appropriate.” My favorite line had to have been “MOM YOU SAID IF WE FOUND A MERMAID WE COULD GET A PUPPY!”

They dumped me down on the towel and soon enough I had a flock of new friends (you can sort of sea some of them in this picture).  Most of them stood from a distance and just looked, but my friends from the water came back to ask more questions and a few others joined in.  My friends were giggling and watching and we had a great time!

….But how to get out of it? I waited until the excitement died down some (one mom even had a video camera! I am already making magical memories!), and then I put another towel on top of my tail and started to “dry” myself off.  No one was really watching now and I was able to get it off and hide it under the towel.  Some of my friends saw me so I just ran around and tripped a couple times on my “new legs.”

It was a really great experience.  I had a WONDERFUL time feeling like a real mermaid since I finally made it to the ocean.  This is also the most public I have ever been with my tail and I think it went very well, even if I didn’t know my friends would attract the attention of the whole beach.  I’m sure there were people there that won’t ever forget what they saw, and it sorta warms my heart that I was able to give them a magical day.  I can’t wait until I can do this for people all the time.