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Book aesthetics –> Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

In the land of Ingary where such things as seven-league boots and cloaks of invisibility really exist, it is quite a misfortune to be born the eldest of the three. Everyone knows you are the one who will fail first, and worst, if the three of you set out to seek your fortunes.


Get to know me meme [1/5] musicians: Melanie Martinez 

Cry baby is basically me. I’ve been called cry baby my entire life and growing up, I thought of it as an insult. I was super insecure about it because I did take things too personally and in the music business you can’t be soft about things. I’ve definitely gotten better with that, but I think it’s been very hard for me because I’m very emotional. So, writing this album and creating this character, I think, was me trying to turn the words “cry baby” into a compliment


Pride and Pejudice modern AU > Closer

                    →Lizzie’s a ballet dancer that may never dance again because of a car accident; Darcy’s a doctor that helped save her leg. A story exploring love and how it drives people to do some of the things they do.  

Natalie Dormer as Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Bennet

Hugh Dancy as Will Darcy

Melanie Laurent as Jane Bennet

Tom Hiddleston as Charles Bingley

Jessica Chastain as Caroline Bingley

Chloe Moretz as Georgiana Darcy