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What Is “Legion” Really About?
“Legion” has been visually-stunning, thought-provoking, and mind-boggling. The debut season ends tomorrow, but what was the method to all…
By Howard Chai

‘The Rainbow Connection’

Here’s some bad fanart for y’all because there is a mighty need for more Legion art on this site!

How bout that finale tho??

  • Melanie: Look, we have the strength to survive anything. What's the worst that can happen with David?
  • [...]
  • Shadow King: [growling] I told you they hate you.
  • David: [chuckles; then, normally] No! They just said they needed more time!
  • Shadow King: [menacingly] Time? They destroyed your life! How much time before we take revenge?
  • David: [normally] But they're my friends!
  • Shadow King: [menacingly] I'm your only friend!
  • David: [normally] No!
  • Shadow King: [menacingly, lifting his hands into the air] Ha ha ha!
  • David: [normally] No!!
  • Shadow King: [menacingly] Ah ha ha ha!
  • David: [normally] Nooooo!
If I ruled the world

That was bittersweet ending.

For a moment it looked like they can all forget about their fear and revenge. Humans and mutant could work together to fight Shadow King and have talk about peace and co-existence. After all the other side is not made of monsters either.

The Interrogator might have seemed like a monster to David with death threats and torture but he is just scared. Scared of the powers and of being obsolete and that his husband and son will be obsolete too and they do they do threaten him with extinction. And all the Earths governments are scared too and just like Ptonemy they believe in killing them before they kill us all. But David wants to talk and find a peaceful solution. But first he needs to get a monster out of his head.

That was some cool fight. And even better body jumping. And then final orange/teal crash.

But although David is free of his parasite and everybody lived it’s not over. Shadow King has Oliver now. Another powerful telepath in his clutches. And I he is posing as his wife. Oliver never figured out what she looked like and Lenny’s much closer to his guesses than real Melanie.

And David has been miniaturised and abducted by a drone (the Equinox that Division 3 has deployed?).

But Cary and Kerry are OK again. David is no longer host to SK. And everyone lived. So we at least have that.

A song for each sign
  • Aries: Ex's and Oh's - Elle King
  • Taurus: Cologne - Selena Gomez
  • Gemini: Hold my hand - Jess Glynne
  • Cancer: Running - Naughty Boy & Beyoncé
  • Leo: Mad Hatter - Melanie Martinez
  • Virgo: Black Widow - Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora
  • Libra: Religion - Lana Del Rey
  • Scorpio: Cliff's edge - Hayley Kiyoko
  • Sagittarius: Everybody wants to rule the world - Lorde
  • Capricorn: Old yellow bricks - Arctic Monkeys
  • Aquarius: Apology - One Republic
  • Pisces: Sweater weather - The NBHD

You will never ever understand the feeling of a fangirl who missed attending their faves concert because they are broke

You will never feel the pain knowing that after the concert there’s a possibility that they will never come back

You will never know how much pain they are feeling because they wanted to give a hug their faves because they are in town

You will never get why they cry over the little things, it’s not being overreacting it’s because it hurts so much