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His hands lie still at my waist as we tug at each other’s lips. When his tongue gains entry to my mouth, I produce a small moan, which encourages him to scope my body with his large hands. “I forgive you.” He says against my lips. I pull away.


“I said I forgive you.” He peers down at me with a serious expression etched across his face. Instead of responding vocally, I respond by engaging in another kiss. He begins to remove my coat, then my blazer. He lifts me up, wrapping my legs around his waist, and transports us to another room. Moments after, I feel myself being lowered onto what I assume is his bed. After laying me down, he hovers over me as his fingers work their way down to my cotton panties. Once there, he toyed with the brim of them, sending my anticipation to another level. “You haven’t changed.” My lips curved into a small smirk as he removed them.

“What do you mean?” He mimicked my actions.

“You still like to tease.” Using my strength, I pushed him onto his back straddling him.

With feverish hands I removed his shirt, his chiseled chest staring back at me. My hands moved slowly up and down his rock like abs. He lifts himself off the bed to wrap his arms tightly around my waist. His member grew beneath, giving me the urge to roll my hips against him. His hands moved to my ass, giving it an ample squeeze.

“Look who’s teasing who.” He kissed me with so much passion, every hair on my body stood at attention. After tearing off my blouse and unclasping by bra from behind, he rolled me back onto my back, hovering over me in between my legs. His tongue began to trace the tops of my breast, circling them until he settled on my nipples. A hissing sound surpassed my lips. I looked down in amazement as his lips latched on, suckling, biting, teasing; closing my eyes allowed me to relish in the sensations that were shooting throughout my body. His tongue, now trailed my stomach, leaving small kisses behind; hands exploring placing of my body that have been untouched for years. The euphoric feeling was overwhelming to say the least.

When he reached my mound, His fingers played in my wetness, causing me to squirm beneath him. Without warning, his mouth wrapped itself around my sensitive clit. With both arms hooked around my thighs he pulled me into him, eyes never leaving me. Watching him pleasing me with his mouth was sending me to new heights.
My mouth fell agape as he skillfully pushed his agile tongue in and out of my opening, slurping every drop of my nectar. I fell on my back, hands gripping my breasts, riding this pleasurable wave. “Fuck.” My breathing became short and unsteady.

It was as if he knew all the right places to suck, lick, to massage. I remembered what sex with him was like, I’ve brought myself to many climaxes fantasizing about it, but this… this was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. My peak was approaching, so using two finger I moved them in circular motions on my clit adding to the already pleasurable act. The action was short lived, however, because he had pushed my hand away.

“No. Sit up.” I didn’t move. His mouth had stopped pleasing me and sitting up was the last thing on my mind.


He had brought the palm of his hand to my thigh to get my attention.

“Sit up baby, look at me.” He commanded voice husky.

Sitting up on my elbows I watch a grin form on his lips. Unhooking his arms he spread my legs wider, holding them tightly in place. With his movements slow, he plunged his tongue back into my opening then out again, only to trail up to my swollen clit, then back down to push his tongue in and out of me. My head fell backward.

“Baby, I want you to see me making you cum.”

When my head lifted again, our eyes locked. I ran my fingers through his hair and locked on.

“Oh shit… Car…” My chest heaved up and down, breathing getting heavier by the second. “Don’t stop.” My mind was blown by the way he was working his tongue. “Please don’t stop.” Grinding my hips into his mouth, I screamed out in ecstasy. I was there, and he wasn’t going to stop, there was no way I would let him. I was deserving of this, it had been years and he wasn’t about to take this away from me. Both hands latched into his hair, as his lips once again latched on to my sensitive nub; sucking me into glory.

“F-Fuuuck.” Time and my breathing capabilities had seemingly stopped. Every nerve in my body was alive. Eyes clamped shut as I let the powerful sensation rock my body, leaving my toes curled. I screamed out in delight not caring that it was still so early in the morning. Shit, it didn’t matter that I was skipping work to engage in this tryst. Of course it didn’t start out as such, but that’s what it is now. 

“You are so sexy when you cum.”

“Shut up.” I say once I’m able to steady my breathing.

He pulled himself up, to hover over me. “Damn that’s how you do me after I give you the best orgasm of your life.”

“You’re always talking shit.”

“We’ll see, come here I’m not done with you yet.” He rolled us over, with me straddling his lap again.

“Ride me.” He hands massaged my bare ass.

“I don’t remember you being this nasty.” I say biting the corner of my lip.

“A lot has changed.” He simply put.

“Some things haven’t.” I rolled my hips into his groin hoping he would catch on.

“I know…you’re still so sweet.” He swiped his tongue across his lips. The gesture made my cheeks grow warm. 

“Come here.” He grabbed my forearm, pulling me into him. Once out faces were inches apart he planted a tender kiss on my lips. “I’ve missed you… so much.”

“I’ve missed you too. More than you’ll ever know.” I began to toy with the string of his sweats. I wanted him. It had been years since the last time. My hands began to peel away his clothing, leaving him nude. I repositioned myself on top of him, then eased myself down on his erect pole, savoring ever last inch of it as it disappeared inside me. A guttural sound erupted from his mouth and a hiss from mine. Lifting up then settling back down, I use his chest for support as I was able to steady my movements, finding the perfect pace. He kept his hands on my waist guiding me up and down. My eyes remained shut, concentrating on bringing myself to another climax. I wasn’t too worried about him getting off. I needed this.

“Ahh shit,” My moans had elevated once I was able to pick up speed. Our bodies drenched of sweat, the sounds of our skin meeting sounded throughout the room.

“Fuck Grey, you feel so-”

“Sshhh.” My hand found its way to his mouth to silence him, speaking would only break my concentration. He took my finger into his mouth, running his tongue across it. My movements became erratic, breasts bouncing wildly as I took control. When my thighs began to burn, I repositioned myself on my knees. Now lying on his chest, I worked up and down him. His neck was in plain view so I took that as my chance to mark him.
He began to pump into me, sending me into a frenzy. I match his speed; our movements in perfect sync. 

“Yessss. Just like that.” He was hitting my spot and it was only a matter of time before I came.

“You’re so fucking wet.” He said in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

“Shit, I’m cu-”

“You’re what?” I buried my teeth into his shoulder as another orgasm overpowered my body.

The clock on the nightstand said it was past 10am. Taylor was going to be so pissed, but that didn’t mean shit to me after what just happened here. Nothing would be able to bring down the mood I was experiencing.

“Why are you so far?” He asked while pulling me into his chest. I shrugged in response. Silence overcame us again. “Did you know you were my first love?” My forehead creased. I sat up to look at him.


“Yeah. I’ve never fallen in love with anyone before you.”

Settling back into his arms, I took in everything he had said. I was the first one to claim his heart, and the first to break it.

“I never stopped. I tried, but couldn’t.”

“I’m sorry Carlo, I really am.”

“It was your job. I understand. It was hard at first, but I get it.”

“So what now?”

“What do you mean?”

“Where does this leave us?”

Taylor left a message on my voicemail telling me to meet him at the precinct. It took longer than I thought it would because I had to go home to shower. He was in the conference room with Chase and Robinson when I arrived.

“Where the hell have you been?” He frowned.

“There was an emergency.” The thought of me having a daughter must have crossed him mind because the scowl was now gone.

“Oh. Well I checked out the Spa, seems as though both ladies went to the same Massage Therapist, Luke. But always on different days and never the same times.”

“Did you speak to Luke?” I placed my coat on the back of my chair and sat down.

“Receptionist said he had vacation days he needed to use.”

“Did you get a phone number or home address?”

“No, she wouldn’t give out that information without a warrant. And we don’t have grounds for a warrant.”

Then we’re back at square one.”


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She babbled on in the backseat, filling me in on everything that I had missed. My heart felt a twinge of guilt; no I had not purposely neglected our time together, but it didn’t make me feel any better as a mother. I hadn’t seen her in a few days so I made sure to get up an extra hour early this morning so that I could take her to school. 

“….and daddy took me ice skating mommy.” I took my eyes momentarily off the road to glance at her in my rearview mirror; her smile was wide as she continued to speak with such animation.

“Did he really?” My tone matched hers. Her small head bobbed up and down in excitement. We made it to her school sooner than I would have hoped. It was the only time I would be able to see her today. Work was so unpredictable there was no way to tell if I would make it home at a reasonable hour. After parking, I took her from her car seat, grabbed her hand and walked her into the large school. The interior of The Dalton School looked like any other primary school; it certainly didn’t look like 40 thousand dollars’ worth. The halls were bustling with children making their ways to their assigned classroom. Zuri’s small hand cupped mine tighter as we continued down the hall. Mrs. Landon, her teacher, stood smiling outside her classroom, greeting everyone has they came in. “Ms. Morgan, it’s been a while.” She spoke once she saw us.

“Yes it has.” I smile.

“Zuri go get settled in.” Her small body wrapped around my legs. She said ‘love you mommy’ before running inside. “Before you go, I need to speak with you for a moment.” She adjusted the thin framed glasses that sat on the brim of her nose.

I checked the time on my phone and noted that I had a few moments to spare, “Sure, what about?”

“Just give me one second.” She disappeared inside the classroom filled with the loud voices of children. Peeking inside, I spot Zuri placing her belongings inside her cubby. Mrs. Landon returned soon after. She held a folder piece of paper, which she held out for me to take.

“Zuri drew a picture last week that I’ve been meaning to call you about.”

“What’s the problem with the picture?” My forehead creased in confusion before looking at the picture again. There were stick figures placed on the page. Three of them had black scribbles over top their heads. It was clear that it was hair. Another figure stood to the right of them. 

“Zuri has been telling everyone that she has two mommies. Now I don’t have a problem with your lifestyle, that is your business, but she has the other children upset because they don’t have two mommies. Parents are beginning to complain so I was hoping you could speak to her about that.”

The anger that had been lying dormant inside me, began to boil uncontrollably; had Carlo done what I asked him to, this wouldn’t be happening. “Sure thing, thanks.” I turned on my heels, making a beeline for the exit. Pulling my phone out of my pocket, I sent a quick text to Taylor, telling him I would be late and to go to the Spa without me; I would meet him there.

The usual 10 minute ride felt like 30. Traffic was atrocious this morning, only adding to my furious state. When I made it to their apartment building, I parked in the underground vistor’s lot. Hopping out of the car I sped walked to the elevator. As far as I was concerned this was all because Stacey couldn’t stay in her lane. Had she done it to purposely get me upset? What was her motive? At the penthouse floor, I fled the elevator. My fists began to bang repeatedly at his door. It didn’t matter to me that they may still be sleeping. I was on a mission, seeking answers. The door swung open with me mid-bang, revealing an angry Carlo.

“What the fuck is your problem Grey?” His eyes were narrowed in on me. His annoyance didn’t mean anything to me. I pushed him aside, inviting myself inside.

“Where is she?” I yell, storming throughout the house. “Stacey!” I barge into every door that came into view. Nothing. When I had done a full inspection of the apartment and she hadn’t turned up, I grew angrier. She was here when I had picked up Zuri. Where the hell is she now! Walking back into the living room, I greet Carlo with a series of questions. “Where is she?”

“She left for work.” His face was still contorted in that of anger. If I wasn’t so mad it would have turned me on. “Why are you barging into my place like that, huh?”

“This is your fault. If you would have talked to her like you should this wouldn’t be happening.”

“What are you talking about?”

“That bitch, still has my daughter calling her mommy.” I shoved him, the action caused his eyes to grow dark and me to take a step backwards.

“Don’t put your hands on me.” He inched toward me, backing me into a wall. “And watch your mouth.”

“Fuck her and fuck you!” The numerous emotions that I was experiencing had my heart racing and the temperature of my body climbing. 

“Didn’t I say watch your mouth.” His face was an inches from mine. My fists began to beat his chest, one after the other; a slew of obscenities and ‘I hate yous’ left my mouth in the process. He grabbed both my wrists before I could hit him again.

“Stop, Grey.” He said voice even. How could he be so calm at a moment like this? Typical him, nonchalant about everything.

“Get off me.” I writhed, trying to free myself from his embrace. He wouldn’t budge.

“Are you going to listen now?” When he received no answer from me, he continued. “I had a talk with Stacey explaining to her how what she did was wrong.” My lips smack at his revelation, had he done that, this shit wouldn’t be happening.

“So you don’t believe me?”

“Nope, now can you get off me?”

“Nope.” He mocked.

“Carlo, I’m not dealing with this shit anymore. If I have to keep her from coming over here, that’s what I’ll do.” He freed my wrists only to grab the upper portion of my arms.

“You’re going to keep my daughter away from me?”

I flinch at the pain that shoots through my arm, “Carlo that hurts.”

“Answer me.” He grits.

“No, I’m not. Just away from her.”

“Why don’t you like her?”

“Are you serious right now? This bitch has crossed the line with me.”

“Watch your-”

“No I won’t watch my mouth, fuck her. And fuck you for defending this shit. I hate you.”
f anyone should be hating someone, it should be me.” He released my arms, running his hand through his outgrown curls. 

“I had to…. You know that.” I said referring to our past.

“You had a choice Grey. You could have told me.”

“Would you have stood by and let me do it? Throw your family in jail?” His jaw clenched, but no words surpassed his lips. “Exactly. This was never supposed to happen. You were never supposed to happen. I’m sorry Carlo, I really am.” He still hadn’t said anything, so I took that as a sign to leave. Brushing by him I make my way to the front door, only to be stopped by a tug at my arm. He turned me to face him. Without warning his lips met mine. 

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Regret. He hadn’t intended on deviating away from his plan. It had been gnawing at his conscious ever since that tragic day. The news report of the murder was all he could think about. He never had to worry about getting caught because he felt as if his actions were justifiable. No, Derek wasn’t the husband he should have been for Jenn, but Luke knew to never act on impulse. Her rejection had hurt him to the core; he hadn’t expected it, nor had he prepared his heart for it. Jennifer was indeed sending mixed signals. That intimate time they shared, wasn’t the first and Luke had hoped that it wasn’t going to be the last. He had accumulated so many vacation days, so he decided to wait a while before using them… just to make sure.

That scowl was back and seemingly darker than usual. One would think Taylor was being placed under extenuating circumstances by the way he was carrying on. Another suggestion was snubbed by him, leaving the three of us agitated by his childish antics. It was clear that Taylor couldn’t work well with others. 

“When you spoke with Traci, what did you two find out?” It was best if we continued without him, though his input could be of some use.

“Dennis and Traci were regular bar-goers-”

“According to her that’s where they met our victim.”

“Figures. Anyway, they had been together for a few years. When we asked her about his past relationships she wasn’t so forthcoming. Leaving us to do some more digging; Dennis was married.” Robinson said.

“When did he get divorced?”

“That’s the thing, they never did.”

“So something must have happened with his first wife. You think her and Traci somehow bumped heads?” I tried to make sense of it, going over every possible scenario in my head.

“When we tried to reach out to her for another interview, she declined.”

“Was that before or after you mentioned the first wife?”


“So she doesn’t want to speak about her. What was her name?” I ask.


“Did you reach out to her?”


My forehead creased at the response. “And why is that?”

“She’s dead.” He said blankly.

“Oh. What was the cause?”

“Lung cancer; but get this, Dennis died a few days after she did.” Chase said.

“Think it’s a coincidence?”

“I think so.”

“Do you have any other suspects?”

“Well we have Ms. Lawrence-”

“If you two think you’re going to pin this on my mother then you’re both stupider than you look.” Taylor had finally looked up from the file he was going through. It was nothing that held a greater importance than this serial case we were working on, so it could wait.

“No one said we were trying to pin this on your mother. We just don’t think she’s being completely honest with us.” Robinson reasoned. There was something about the way she spoke that gave her dishonesty away. She didn’t speak with confidence, and after every question she fidgeted.

“I know you, Robinson. I know how you both work.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” His voice rose a few octaves; the tension growing thick.

“Just forget it.”

“Can we just get back to this please? You guys are acting like children. We have a job to do.” Was this what I came back to the profession for? Was it worth losing sleep over? Going days without seeing my daughter? Was it worth it? “What do you think is the connection between Cara and Dennis?” I rubbed my temples, awaiting their answer. I was sure to get a headache before the days end.

“She says they were friends-”

“If that’s what she said, then it’s the truth.” Taylor spoke tightly.

“Taylor, if you don’t have anything useful to add, then don’t speak okay?” I hadn’t intended on raising my voice. That’s definitely out of character for me, but he was making this unbearable. There is no reason why a grown ass man can’t put his pride and feelings aside for a common cause. “Now what were you saying Chase?”

He carefully eyed Taylor before speaking again, probably fearing the reaction he would get when he finished the sentence. “She says they were friends, but we think there’s more to it than that.”

“Lovers?” My arched eyebrow rose in surprise.

“Possibly so.”

“Think Traci would know Cara?” I ask.

“No it wouldn’t make sense for her to. Cara had to be before Laura. So if anyone would know, it would be her.”

“Well there’s a dead end.”

“What about your first victim?” Chase asks.

“Brian Alexander, what about him.”

“How does he connect with any of this?”

“Well his connection is with Derek.” I sigh, then fish Brian’s photo out of the folder and place is next to Derek’s on the hardwood table. “They were both killed with a knife. Brian, however only had one stab wound.”

“So how else is it that they are connected? What’s this Romeo killer thing about?”

“There were quotes from Romeo and Juliet left at both scenes.”

“What were they?” Robinson asked, now intrigued.

“The latest one was ‘Under love’s heavy burden do I sink ’ and the first one, ‘ These violent delights have violent ends.”

“What the hell?”

“Yeah it’s all cryptic. We were able to decipher the two quotes, but it could possibly mean something else to our guy.”

“Don’t forget the wives.” Taylor spoke.

“What’s he talking about?” Robinson had his face twisted in that of confusion.

“Taylor seems to think the wives are in cahoots with each other. There were problems in both marriages, Brian was cheating, and Derek was dependent on drugs.”

“So the wives were tired of the bullshit and decided to take things into their own hands?” Chase mumbled, rubbing his chin. “That makes sense Morgan.”

“Exactly, you want me to see it your way, but you aren’t willing to see it my way.”

“No, no, no. I’m not willing to see it your way until you provide me with more facts. You want to half ass this case just to pin it on the wives.” He grunted, shaking his head at my accusation.

“Have you two found a connection between the wives?”

“No we haven’t.” My words were tight, as I directed them toward Taylor.

“Both of you have to work all angels. Whatever you believe to be true, may in fact be false. Taylor, Morgan could be right. And Morgan, they may be a chance that Taylor could be right. Take a deeper look into each possibility.” Chase said, looking between the both of us.

“Fine. Let’s find that connection then.”

Chase made a lot of sense. I had been so adamant about not letting Taylor pin this on the now widows, that I wasn’t looking at it from his point of view. He phoned both women, asking if they were free to come down the station for another interview; they both were. When they arrived, I agreed to speak with Quinn. She still seemed so fragile. With Taylor’s hard demeanor, she would never open up about anything. Taylor would interview Jennifer, who was forced to leave work a little early to make it down.

“Hello Quinn, how have you been?” She had her long blonde tresses pulled back into a ponytail. The tip of her nose appeared red, and she was sniffling like she had been crying.

“Okay, considering the circumstances. What’s this about?”

“Can you tell me what a normal day for you was like before this all occurred?”

“What does this have to do with anything?” her head tilted to the side, eyes turned to slits as she peered over at me.

“It has to do with a lot. Now, what was a normal day for you like?”

“Well, I’d usually get up at 6am every morning during the week to cook breakfast for Brian. He liked his meals prepared a certain way so it would take some time. He was a stickler for being punctual so it needed to be done so he would have enough time to eat.” She paused and smiled a little.

I jotted down ‘6am up to make breakfast’ .

“You miss him don’t you?”

“I do, very much.” She while looking me straight in the eye. I couldn’t see how a woman who loved her husband so much would want to harm him, let alone kill him.

“Okay, what happened next?”

“I’d clean the house; do laundry, that type of stuff. After that I’d go to the gym that was in our building and stay in there till about noon. I liked to watch The Real Housewives of Miami, so I’d catch reruns of that. In the afternoon I normally did errands; picking up Brian’s dry cleaning, grocery shopping and make it home around 3.” I nod my head as I continued to jot down everything she said.

8am to 12pm cleaning and working out

12pm to 3pm errands

“Depending on the day, I’d either stay home and prepare dinner or I’d go to my 5 o’clock spa appointment.”

“Which spa?”



“Yes, you’ve been there?”

“I have actually, only once.”

“Who’d you see?”


“Me too, he’s amazing isn’t he?” she smiles.

“Yes he is.”

5pm spa appointment at Tranquil with Luke

Robinson and Chase were laughing about something when Taylor and I reentered the room. “Did you two find the connection?”

“Not sure. Taylor what did you find out?” I sit back into my original chair.

“No, you tell me what you found out, I’ll let you know if anything matches.”

“Does it matter?” I ask, annoyance seeping from every word.

“Morgan, just come on.”

“Well she had a pretty normal lifestyle. She would get up at 6 to make breakfast. After that it was cleaning and laundry. Then the gym till noon. She’d run errands to about 3. Then go to her spa app-”


“Yes Taylor, spa.”

“Jennifer did the same thing.”

“Really which spa?”


“Who did she usually see?”

“She didn’t say.”

“She didn’t say, or you didn’t think to ask?”

“Don’t start Morgan.” He gritted.

“What the hell, Taylor, why wouldn’t you ask? That’s important. You wanted this connection so bad, I thought you would have asked every question possible.”

“Does it really matter who they saw? We can place them both at the same place.”

“What time did she usually go?”

“1pm on her lunch break.”

“Quinn went at 5. So it doesn’t place them there at the same time. What else did Jenn do during the day?”

“She worked at a bank as a branch manager, after work she would make dinner for her family. Nothing special.”

“Maybe we should go down to the Spa tomorrow.” I suggested. I’m sure Bridget, the receptionist, would be able to provide us with answers.

“Good idea.”


As you can see Luke is feeling down in the dumps lmao
His part was short for a reason. 

. one

“Huh,” he yelled, demanding an explanation.

My brain immediately scattered and I gasped for air as he damn near snatched himself out of me. “Baby… wh—what are you talking about?”

“Jade, you know what I’m talking about. You called me some other nigga’s name!”

I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. So I decided to just close my eyes, hoping that when I opened them, it would all just be a dream. But it wasn’t. Sure enough, he was still there waiting for answers… that I did not have. I had called him Omari’s name and I couldn’t deny it.

But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t about to try.

“Cam, I didn’t. You’re hearing things.”

Without an ounce of hesitation, he began to shake his head. “Don’t lie to me.”

“I’m not lying.”

He lifted his body, hovering over mine, and I watched his jaw tighten as he shut his eyes and took a deep breath.

He was about to kick my ass.

“What the fu—are you serious?! I know what the fuck I heard and you know it, too. And you still gon’ lie?!” He got up from the bed and started toward his clothes, piled down by the foot. “…Get the fuck up, I got something for your ass.”

At the sound of those words, I felt nothing but fear. Mainly because I already knew what he had for me. And I didn’t want it. I filled my lungs and thought hard to myself, trying to figure a way out of this mess. “Cam…”

“Lying and fucking cheating? You know I don’t play that shit,” he ranted, not even paying attention to that fact that I had just called his name.

“I’m not cheating on you, I swear,” I tried my best to assure him. “I would never lie to you, baby.”

He stopped what he was doing and his glare cut into me like the sharpest knife. “Bitch, I said get up.”

My eyes filled with tears as I slowly placed my feet to the floor. There was no way I was gonna change his mind. I was kidding myself ever thinking that I could.  

He threw his boxers on and I reached down for my clothes as well. “What you doing? I don’t remember telling you that you could put shit back on.”

I quickly opened my hand and let the shorts and tank fall back onto the carpet. “I’m sorry.”

“Now is not the time for apologies,” he declared, walking over to me. And all of those tears came crashing down my cheeks. As much as I loved this man, I damn sure hated him when he was like this. “You already know that shit don’t faze me, Jay.”

“Cam, I love you! I’m not seeing anybody else! I don’t even want anybody else! It’s just you and me, baby. That’s it,” I pled. But he just ignored my defenses, raising his hand to me. And, in the blink of an eye, it had landed on my face. Pain coursed through the entire left side of my head as my neck twisted in the direction of his slap. And my screams were inevitable as I held on to my stinging jaw.

“Shut the fuck up lying!”

His volume had increased to new heights. And so did mine.  “I’m not!”

Once I’d come to my senses, it was too late. I stared up into his eyes, so regretful for raising my voice at him, and he was looking back at me like I had lost my damn mind. Then the same hand he had just smacked me with flew up around my neck, cutting off my air supply. I quickly took hold of his wrist with both my hands in an attempt to get out of his grasp. But it was no use.

“Cam… I can… can’t bre…!”

“I can’t fucking believe you! Everything I do for you, for us! I leave here for months at a time, working hard as hell so your spoiled ass can have everything you want, and this is what I get in return? You fucking around on me?!” He looked so demented, standing right in my face, watching me with his narrowed eyes while I struggled to breathe and get him off of me. “You can’t keep your fucking legs closed while I’m gone? Out here giving my shit away,” he yelled, tightening his grip on my throat. My eyes doubled in size as tears continued to pour from them, and I gagged, hitting at his hand like a wild woman. I was beginning to panic. Not being able to breathe had always been one of my worst fears. “What did I tell you?! This shit is mine! You don’t go giving it to nobody else!”

I honestly was not giving anything to anybody other than him. I had only mistakenly called out my friend’s name. And, damn, was I sorry!

“Cam, please,” I mouthed to him. The edges of the room were starting to go dark.

‘Please’ what? With your nasty ass!”

He slung my neck from his clutches and turned away like he was just so disgusted. I dropped down to the floor, coughing and wheezing, trying to regulate my breathing. But, before I could, he had grabbed a fist full of my hair.

“Get your hoe ass up!”

“Cameron… please don’t do this to me,” I sobbed. I still wasn’t breathing properly, but I’d managed to relay a full message somehow. And he responded by yanking me up by my hair. I screamed.

“Shut your damn mouth! And don’t let me have to tell you again.”

I went against his wishes and continued to beg and cry. It was my only option. Physically, I wasn’t able to fight back; Cam was huge compared to my small frame. And he was so strong.

I started to feel the burden of that strength as my body began to slide across the floor. He was using my hair to drag me out of the room. I threw my hand up to my head, kicking and screaming, hoping my antics would convince him to let me go. But it didn’t work. So, when I got into the doorway, I grabbed onto it with both hands, halting his progress.

“Cameron, no! Please! I’m so sorry, baby! Just let me up so we can talk, please!”

“Let the door go!”

Again, I didn’t follow his orders. But I probably should’ve, because he snatched my hair so hard, that I knew some of it had been ripped from my scalp.

“Aaaaaaah, Caaaaam,” I wailed, squeezing my eyes shut and trying to tug my locks away from him. “Stooooooop!”

“Let it go,” he roared. Then he reached down and pried my fingers from the moulding.

He lugged me out into the hallway and I began to reach for the walls, tables, vases, anything I could attach myself to. But attempting to grip things with only one hand was impossible. I was knocking shit down and it was falling everywhere, tears were flying from my eyes, my nose was running and he didn’t give a single fuck. His only care was getting me to his decided destination.

I was somewhat relieved when I realized he wasn’t going for the stairs, but it was no time to celebrate. That carpet was burning the hell out of my skin. Time seemed to lag behind and those were the longest few seconds of my life, being violated by something that was usually soft and gentle to me. Cam, I was used to. Thankfully, he came to a stop over in the upstairs living room, about twenty or twenty-five feet away from our bedroom. And, without a pause, he picked me up and tossed my naked body onto the couch.

“Don’t move.”

I remained as still as possible, but I was trembling horribly and I was so winded. Then he started to move closer to me. Afraid of what might’ve been coming next, I pulled my knees up to my chest and put my face down.

“I’m not cheating on you, baby. I promise. I wouldn’t do that to us.” I looked up at him and I honestly didn’t recognize the person staring back at me. He was so different from the man I had fallen in love with all those years ago. He had no remorse or regret for what he was doing to me. Or all he had done before today. But that didn’t change the fact that he still had my heart. “You gotta believe me, Cam. I love you.”  

I had to have finally gotten on his last nerve, because he balled his fist and punched me right in the face with it. Hard! The force even caused me to fall over. I screamed frantically, grabbing a hold of my jaw. His blow had forced my teeth to puncture the inside of my cheek.

“Do you not understand ‘shut the fuck up’?! It means close your damn mouth,” he yelled, answering himself. “Stop fucking talking! Just shut the fuck up!”

I was in so much pain. The inside of my cheek stung and I could taste blood as I checked for broken teeth, my neck was sore from fighting against his hand, I could feel about three separate areas where I was sure I had no skin, my head hurt where my hair had been so forcefully stretched, my hands were beat up by things that had denied a union, and one side of my face throbbed as it tried to recover from a slap and a punch. I was done trying to convince him of anything.

“And you tell that nigga I’m coming for his ass next, because I’m gonna find out who the fuck he is!”

There isn’t a ‘he’,” I thought to myself. I was too scared to voice it.

“I swear, you got me so fucked up right now,” he huffed, pacing the floor and massaging his temples. “I don’t want your dirty ass in my bedroom. So don’t come in there. As a matter of fact, you better not move at all. I’ll be back, and, when I get in here, you better be in the same exact spot. Don’t think I’m fucking playing.”

After his threatening lecture, he turned away from me and started to leave the room.

“Cam,” I called for him in a whisper. Blood was filling my mouth and I needed to spit it out. I needed my clothes, too.

“You haven’t had enough,” he asked, coming toward me again at an alarming pace.

“Yes, yes!” I put my hands out to him, in hopes that he wouldn’t strike me. “I just want some clothes to put on,” I quickly cried, trying not to drool on myself. Thank God, he stopped and kept his hands to himself. “And… I have to go spit.”

“I want you naked. And swallow that shit.”

I frowned at his response. “But I can’t swallow all of this blood.”

“Swallow it… or you’ll be picking up your fucking teeth.”

Pure shock fell over my expression. I couldn’t fathom that this was actually happening to me. To me. At his hand. My heart, my love, my baby.

My eyes began to drain themselves dry. And his face showed me absolutely nothing. I gave up all hope and placed my back to him, curling up and trying to comfort myself. Because I knew he wouldn’t. And he just turned and walked away.

As if it wasn’t me who had stood by his side when his ass had nothing, me who had gotten an abortion because he said he wasn’t ready to be a father, me who overlooked all of the bullshit he dished almost daily, me who had been nothing but good to him, done nothing but loved and trusted him, and me who cooked for him, cleaned for him, did any and everything for him. Taking better care of him than I was myself. With no ring on my finger. That shit hurt! More than the blows my body received on a regular. That was a fucking blow to my heart!

I didn’t even know what to do with myself anymore. I just felt drained. Dealing with him had become exhausting for me. Emotionally, physically and especially mentally. And things weren’t getting any better. Instead, he was getting worse.

All I could do was lie there in the dark crying my eyes out, hoping things would turn around the way I always did.

I ended up crying myself to sleep.