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Vain (Part 2) - Jughead Jones

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Summary: After an awkward encounter with Jughead Jones, you’ve been avoiding the anti-social teen. However, in the most cliche way possible, you end up paired together in a group project making avoidance harder than it first seemed.

I’m pretty new to writing on tumblr, so the response Vain got was overwhelming! Pretty sure that if I didn’t make a part 2, someone was going to skin me alive, (i got a LOT of asks for it, which I think is awesome!) It’s probably going to turn into a full on series so yay hype.

Warnings: - A lot of Shakespeare stuff which I try to explain :3

Jughead x Reader (Still not so much romantically yet, plz don’t kill meh)

2582 words

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The Stand-In Part 4

A/N: Happy Easter to all who celebrate it! I’ve been busy with family all weekend, and that’s why I haven’t been posting a whole lot. Anyways, this one is again, not really what I was expecting, but I’ll go with it. Enjoy!

Word count: 2217

Pairing: Firefighter!DeanXReader

Warnings: This one starts out with some smut so I suppose that earns a warning. Otherwise, I don’t think there’s anything else to be wary of.

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When she first wakes, she feels like he’s touching her everywhere.

His warm breath hits the back of her neck every few moments, and his hand is curled around hers as she lays on his bicep.

And God is it a nice bicep.

He shifts slightly, his other hand sliding against the flesh on her stomach, as her shirt has ridden up the tiniest bit. His palm covers her belly button, his fingers splayed out to cover a vast expanse of skin with his pinky just brushing the top edge of her panties.

She wonders what it would feel like to have his hands dip lower, and then she feels her cheeks flush as she remembers that they barely know each other and haven’t even had a proper first date.

She swallows the lump in her throat and exhales, feeling his leg shift behind her.

He gives a little grunt and stretches one leg out, tucking the other between her knees in a way that parts her thighs the smallest bit.

God damn it, Dean. This is not making anything easy.

She shivers as she feels his lips brush the back of her neck, a soft kiss laid upon her flesh just like that forehead kiss what seems like ages ago.

Only this time it’s not just one kiss. His lips move a fraction and he kisses her neck again, his grip on her stomach tightening to pull her close. Another fraction of an inch and another kiss makes her want to dissolve into a puddle, but she manages to hold herself together.

Neck kisses are her new weakness, it seems. At least, when they come from him they are.

“You awake?” he murmurs softly against her neck, his lips resting right at the base of her hairline. His nose is in her hair, but it doesn’t seem to bother him.

She hums in response, and he pulls her in closer, so that her back is pressed flush to his chest.

“Do you want to get up?” he asks gently, rubbing his thumb up and down her skin carefully.

She opens her eyes weakly and lifts her phone, checking the time through a squinted gaze.

“It’s only six,” she whimpers, closing her eyes once again.

“Sorry, I’m used to it,” he murmurs, pressing another kiss, this time to the top of her shoulder. “Go back to sleep, Sweetheart.”

“I can’t with you kissing me like that,” she returns, moving her hand in his to link their fingers together.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers, and his movements halt.

“I never said you had to stop,” she finally says. “I just said that I couldn’t sleep if you did keep kissing me.”

She feels the smile on his lips against her skin, and he places a kiss just at the base of her neck, working his way up.

She feels his hand move, sliding over her skin like silk as it settled on her hip.

His lips press behind her ear as his hand slides slightly upwards.

“Is this okay?” he asks, lightly scraping his fingertips across the bottom of her breast.

“Yes,” she breathes, reaching an arm back to brush through his hair. It’s so soft and fine between her fingers.

“God, you feel so perfect,” he whispers, and she shivers when he leaves his hand under her shirt. “I could wake up to this every day.”

She swallows carefully as his hand cups the bottom of her breast, working slowly up her skin.

“Is this okay?” he asks again, and this time his hand is fully holding one breast, his skin burning her with desire.

He doesn’t pull or twist or even teasingly graze over her nipple; he just holds her while sliding his hand up further.

“Yeah, it’s okay,” she whispers, closing her eyes to revel in his warm flesh against hers. The feeling of his touch, but not actual stimulation, is driving her insane.

She just wants him to squeeze, to pull, to give her anything that can relieve some of the pressure building in her lower belly.

It’s so intimate with his hand now hovering over her heart. It’s more intimate than anything that she’s ever done with any of her previous partners.

“Dean, I…” she begins, but she can’t find the right words. “If you want… I…”

“Shh,” he hushes against her shoulder, his lips fluttering kisses up the side of her neck.

Finally, his thumb brushes over her nipple, and she gasps softly.

“Is this still okay?” he murmurs, gently squeezing the soft bud between his thumb and forefinger.

“Yes, God, yes,” she gasps out, pressing her thighs together as she searched for some way to ease the pressure building between her legs. “Dean, please. I can’t take this.”

His lips move back to her neck, and she cries out weakly as he kissed her and toyed with her gently.

The pads of his fingers are soft, gentle, but the palms of his hands are rough with callouses. The mixture of the texture makes her weak in the knees, as he was skilled in using both aspects.

He’d palm her breast and squeeze it gently before honing in on the peak with careful precision that makes her breath short.

“Dean,” she whimpers, squeezing her hand through his hair while pressing her chest into his hand as he moved from one breast to the other that had yet to receive any attention. “Please, it feels so good.”

He places open mouthed kisses behind her ear, pressing his chest into her back as he gave her breast attention similar to its twin.

The coiling in her stomach is there, and she knows that she’s about to come undone just from him touching her breasts and neck.

Not even any dry humping or similar tactics. She’s never come from just this.

Hell, she barely even came when trying to get herself off. Something about Dean Winchester, though, was capable of making her body do things she didn’t think possible.

“Dean,” she breathes, panting softly. “Dean, I’ll come if you don’t stop.”

“Do you want me to stop?” he asks, tugging on her earlobe with his teeth.

“No,” she whimpers, sealing her fate with a single word. “Please, Dean.”

The pinching and rolling grows the smallest bit harder, and she releases a whimpering moan as the spring in her stomach coiled even tighter, until she feels like she’s seconds from exploding.

She clenches his hair as she reaches the edge of the precipice, her body shaking with energy as he strummed her until she could go no further.

And like a flood, everything rushes over her. She lets out a hard moan as she falls apart, her eyes squeezing shut as her body worked her through her orgasm.

“Beautiful,” he murmurs into her hair, moving his hand down to her stomach where he brushes his thumb soothingly over her heated skin. “How’s that for waking up?”

She’s shaking slightly as she exhales, and after a few moments her eyes open once more. She looks over her shoulder to his green eyes, trying to understand his motives for what he has just done.

“Dean, what was that?” she asks, struggling to turn onto her back while keeping herself tucked into him.

“If you have to ask, you’ve been with the wrong guys, Sweetheart,” he says with a half smile.

“No, I know what that was,” she makes a face at him. She’s still slightly breathless. It wasn’t the strongest orgasm, but it’s more than she’s had in quite a while. “But… Why?”

“I wanted to,” he shrugs. “I wanted to see how sensitive you are.”

“Why?” she returns, and he gives her a half smile in the bright light streaming through her window.

“Because I wanted to make you feel good, Sweetheart. Do I need a reason?” he asks, tracing his fingers over her jaw.

“No,” she responds, leaning into his touch. Her body feels tuned to him, like she could face a million people blindfolded and still know which one was him.

“I’ll make us some breakfast and then we can go out, how does that sound?” he asks, tapping her nose lightly.

“I like a man who can take charge,” she admits with a slight blush to her cheeks. “Most guys just ask where we should go and things like that. It’s nice to see something different.”

“Thank you, I think,” he says with a smile that makes her heart flip.

“You’re welcome,” she presses a kiss to his cheek and props herself up on her elbow. “Do you mind if I get a shower?”

“Go right ahead. I’ll get started cooking,” he sits up slowly and lets her stand before he follows her out of bed.

“So um, there’s stuff in the kitchen. If you want I could show you?” she offers awkwardly, suddenly realizing everything that had just transpired. “I don’t know what you can or can’t cook, and I’m not real sure of what I have right now.”

“Sweetheart, I cook for the guys all the time at the station,” he grins knowingly. “I can whip something up easy. I’ll find what I need.”

“Okay. Um, I’ll just be in here if you need me then,” she points to her bathroom door and he nods. “Just knock if you need anything.”

“Okay, Sweetheart,” he laughs lightly. “Relax and calm down a little. I thought you could use the release, I didn’t realize it would make you so nervous.”

“Sorry, it’s just…” she trails off with a slight blush, the tiniest smile on her face. “You’re just a lot different from my usual thing. It makes me nervous.”

“Good different?” he asks, and she nods while biting her bottom lip. “Then that’s all that matters right now. No need to be nervous.”

“Well, when you have to face a Greek god, you try not being nervous,” she mutters as she looks through her dresser for some clothes.

“I’ll keep that in mind, Aphrodite,” he winks and then leaves her room. She watches him go and waits for him to get a little ways down the hallway before letting out a small scream into her clothes.

God, he was so playful in the morning.

She isn’t sure she knows what to do.

She finally makes her way to the bathroom and takes one of the fastest showers of her life. Within a few minutes, she’s watching Dean move around her kitchen skillfully as he cooked something that smelled good.

“What are you making?” she asks as she hops onto the island counter to watch his back as he cooked.

“I decided on some omelettes,” he answers, peeking over his shoulder at her. “You look less panicked.”

“A good shower will do that,” she says wittily, having had a chance away from him to collect her scattered thoughts for a few moments.

“But I still think,” he turns to look at her, pressing in close so that he can look up at her through his lashes, “that your showers are too short and lack a person.”

“Dream on,” she rolls her eyes as she bites back a smile. He grins at her and then moves back to their food.

“They’re almost done, could you get us some plates?” he asks, and she hops off the counter to do as he requested.

Once their food is on plates and they’re sitting together at her little table, they begin to eat.

He watches her silently as she takes the first bite, looking for her approval to be written on her face.

“Oh my God,” she states, but her expression doesn’t give much away. His breath comes out relieved after she smiles. “This is good.”

“I hoped that breakfast might make up for being a dick and moving our date,” he says, and she looks to her plate quietly.

“Dean, I’m not mad about it,” she says, looking up at him. “I was, but then I saw what you did and how you saved peoples’ lives and I realized why you had to cancel. I was mad at myself for being mad at you without knowing the story.”

“It was still a shitty thing of me to do, especially when you were looking forward to our date all week,” he explains, sighing softly. “But I’m hoping that I can make it up to you.”

“So far you’re doing an excellent job, then,” she tells him, biting her lip as she looked up at him. “Do I get to know where we’re going now?”

“Not yet,” he shakes his head. “It’s a surprise.”

“So when do I get this surprise?” she asks, as she was now finished with her food.

“I think around one is the best time to go,” he says vaguely.

“You got me up early so you could make me wait?” she pouts.

“It wasn’t the plan, Sweetheart,” he laughs. “But we can at least talk for a little while, or watch a show or something.”

“Only if I get to pick the show,” she says, grinning.

“Of course. What would you like to watch?” he asks, taking her plate to the sink before returning.

She looks him in the eye and feels a little bit of sweet revenge for making her wait.

“It’s a surprise.”


Part 5

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Wynonna Earp 2x05 Thoughts and Faves

I needed a little extra time to ruminate on this episode. It was billed as a game changer, and it certainly delivered.

I have to start my discussion of this episode with a full-disclosure: I’m not generally a huge fan of kids or pregnancy storylines in tv shows. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched a couple shows in my time that seemed to derail when they introduced the element; or perhaps it’s because I’m not really a kid person (except for my nieces and nephews, because they’re kind of awesome). It’s impossible to watch something and not have it affected by your own personal likes/dislikes/experiences. And so, for me, it’s inevitable that I view things through the lens of someone who’s always known kids aren’t for me.

So why am I starting out with this? Because I want it to be crystal clear how much it means when I say, I love that they are doing this. Let me repeat that. I LOVE that they wrote Melanie’s pregnancy into the show, and not just because I think as the face of the show she shouldn’t have to hide it. 

The way they handled the reveal tells me that if there is one tv show and creative team I trust to do a pregnancy storyline without sacrificing narrative and character elements, it’s Wynonna Earp. Who knows where this is going to go, but in 2017 you’re damn right a superhero can be pregnant and still kick-ass and drop the snark and one-liners like nobody’s business. A part of me thinks that, just maybe, if I previously had the opportunity to watch a quality show like Wynonna Earp handle a pregnancy storyline, I might not have such an aversion to it now. I’m along for the ride, and I have a sneaking suspicion it will be a good one.

Okay, moving on from that. I feel like we should know by now, and cease to be surprised by, Melanie Scrofano’s performances each week. We should know better, right? But she keeps knocking the material they give her out of the park. Goo-Infected Wynonna is a rollicking, tour de force who moves from manic glee to menacing threat, and back again, at the flip of a switch. The opening scene in the kitchen was a joy to watch. Bless Goo Wynonna’s special brand of crazy for giving us a glimpse of how truly terrifying a gleeful Wynonna without snark and self-deflecting sarcasm is. 

I’m going to save the Earp sister stuff for last here, so let’s hit on all of the Wynonna and Nicole stuff first, because I have a lot of feelings about it.

Someone asked me which things Wynonna said to (and about) Nicole and her relationship with Waverly I thought were actually true, and what was just the Goo messing with Nicole/Waverly. And here’s the thing, I think most of what Wynonna said was partially true in her own mind, at this point anyway. The exception being the insinuation that Waverly fakes it in bed with Nicole, because considering how often Wynonna interrupts the two of them/has seen the two of them get lost in each other, there’s no way she believes that. 

Also, let’s not act like Nicole Haught isn’t the most attentive and thorough lover on the planet, because you know she is. Everything about her personality screams that. And there’s no way the gravitational pull that is on constant display between Nicole and Waverly results in a less than satisfying physical relationship. 

The rest of her comments though? Wynonna does partially believe them, but I don’t think it’s personal to Nicole.

Wynonna has an issue with authority figures. Understandable, given her life experiences, but all the same, it’s a very real part of her makeup. Nedley (prior to the Season One finale), probation officers, foster homes, even the way she interacted with Dolls through most of the first half of Season One, make that clear. I fully believe Wynonna respects and overall likes Nicole, but she’s a cop; an authority figure, and Wynonna has very decided feelings about that. It would cause friction between the two of them whether or not Nicole and Waverly were dating, as evidenced by 1x07 and Wynonna’s switch to the ‘local flat-foot’ narrative when she gets upset. It’s her default setting with police and the like.

Wynonna can’t help but view Waverly and Nicole’s relationship through her own lens. She doesn’t do serious and committed relationships, and she struggles with emotional intimacy; of course she thinks their relationship is stifling for Waverly. “She’s dying underneath the weight of your expectations” might as well be about herself in regards to most people and situations in her life. It doesn’t mean that’s how Waverly feels about it. I think Wynonna knows that on some level, but she can’t separate the way she would feel in the same position. Same for her comment about Nicole being a ‘boring cop’. To Wynonna, she is somewhat boring as dating material, but then, Nicole doesn’t find Wynonna good dating material either, so they’re even.

I think Wynonna also feels threatened by Wavelrly’s relationship with Nicole. Her previous experience on this front is Champ. Let’s face it, Wynonna never really had to take him seriously. She knew, deep down, Waverly was aware of how unworthy he was, and that they weren’t a good fit. That’s not the case with Nicole. Nicole is steady, smart, devoted, and so obviously head over heels in love with Waverly, that I think Wynonna can’t help but fear being replaced in her sister’s life. Wynonna stating Nicole is not her sister’s keeper is telling, because Wynonna considers herself to hold that role. I’m pretty sure it’s the one thing she feels like she’s done right in a long time, when you take into account her past and the situation with Willa, and right now she feels like there’s competition.

Frankly, I love how they’ve set all this up between Wynonna and Nicole. I still think WynHaught Brotp is the name of the game, but they’re going to have to earn it through candid conversation, learning to trust each other fully, and time. 

There has to be an official ‘I love you’ between Waverly and Nicole coming. We’re running out of ways for Nicole to say it without using the actual words, and Waverly has only ever said it to Wynonna in the heat of a tense moment. I like the wait though. They got together fairly quick, and it was very sweet and earnest, but now we’re moving into something more solid and real where life encroaches on the happy little bubble things started in. Waverly is finally Goo free, it’s time for the two of them to address some things, get very honest, and finally exchange proper ‘I love you’s’. I don’t think we’re by any means out of the woods with angst yet (can you ever really be on a show like this?), but I think we have a special moment coming. The payoff will feel earned and so very worth it.

Favorite small moment of the episode alert: The way Nicole leans into Waverly’s touch after confessing she would shoot anyone for her, and Waverly responds “That’s really sweet”. The relief and overwhelming emotion Nicole feels the moment she realizes ‘her’ Waverly is back is palpable, because this is who she fell for.

Now on to the heart of the show, the Earp sisters. All of their scenes together this week were stellar. 

Of course Waverly is the one to save Wynonna from the Goo. The way she tells Wynonna she’s not enough to save her, in a slightly broken voice, is painful. Because she is enough. She’s the only one who can save Wynonna. We know because she does it over and over, without even realizing it. The faith Waverly has in Wynonna is unwavering and so beautiful, and without it, I think Wynonna would collapse under the weight of her own insecurities and doubt. Wynonna might bear the responsibility of the family curse, but there’s no way she succeeds without her sister. 

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a prior sister experience is the thing needed to defeat Mikshun. One that Waverly probably doesn’t have fond regards for, interestingly enough. At the end of the day, Waverly saved Wynonna and herself; brave little toaster indeed.

Regarding the final scene, all I can do is echo everyone’s applause, because it was so well done, and beautifully shot. When Waverly tells Wynonna she’s not alone it was one of the most powerful moments I’ve seen on tv in awhile. It doesn’t matter to me where the pregnancy storyline ultimately goes, if we get material like this between Waverly and Wynonna, how can it not be amazing? 

Rapid Fire Thoughts:

-This is the first Season 2 episode Waverly fully felt like Waverly. I think that’s a testament to Emily, Dominique, and the writers fully taking the time to understand the changes the Goo rendered in her. Like Haught, I’m happy to have her back.

“It was exhausting being inside of you, all that goodness.”  “You’ve got dark corners you haven’t explored yet.”  The ambiguity lives on. 

-Waverly shooting a shotgun is forever my aesthetic. “Frankly Lucado, the situation is balls” is now a top 5 favorite Waverly line, and that’s stiff competition. 

-The whole fight scene played amazingly well, with the action and Wavelry’s running commentary. The show shines in those moments, having a perfect balance of humor and action.

-I was actually starting to like Lucado and her antagonistic relationship with the Scooby gang, but that head explosion sure was something. It narratively made sense, but I’m glad we got the glorious fight scene before Lucado made her final bow.

-“It’s Tuesday.” Add Melanie’s “Good to know” to my growing pile of line delivery love. 

-The Order showing up with a bunch of dudes when what’s really needed is one competent woman to get the job done is the perfect representation of this show. I suspect Wynonna and The Order will have to work together more as the season goes on, but while they may have similar goals, their tactics will never align, and that’ll bring problems down the road.

-I find a strange sort of parallel between the way Wynonna asked Waverly “Did you do that?’ last week, and this week when she says “Look what you did to the woman you love.” She has such an older sister trying to stay calm while extremely worried tone during both lines.

-Jeremy continues to be a giant dork and I enjoy it.

-Who hurt Nicole Haught? Her reaction to Goo Wynonna’s comments makes me suspect she was previously in a relationship she thought was stable and committed, but the girlfriend burned everything down and made her feel overbearing on the way out.

-Doc and Dolls begrudging brotrain rolls on, and continues to be a surprising delight this season.

-”What do you mean ‘all of it’” - I’m glad they’re highlighting Kat’s excellent comedic timing.

-”Are those pants?” I couldn’t help but view this moment actually playing out as: “Hello fellow fully human person, I see you’re wearing pants, which I, also a fully human person not at all possessed by a Goo demon, wear.” 

Anyway, that’s it for this week. Can’t wait for 2x06. Maybe I’ll actually have coherent and cohesive thoughts about it, but with this show, I doubt it. It’s just too good.

All the Best People Are... Part 2 Pennywise x Insane!Reader

Pennywise x Reader

Requester: nex-bestia

Prompt: Oh my god, i love your insabe reader x pennywise sooooo much, could you pretty please do a second part where they get to know each other more anf kinda fall in love???? If not it’s okay, love you and your stories ;3

EXTREME WARNING: Insane/Mentally Ill Reader, descriptive childhood trauma, descriptive childhood abuse, BUT fluffy ending

Note: I watched Melanie Martinez’s Mad Hatter video before this and then played Mad Hatter on repeat well writing this. It’s SUCH a good song and she’s an amazing artist so I recommend her. She makes songs like Mad Hatter, Carousel, Dollhouse, Crybaby, Mrs. Potato Head, Cake, Play date, etc. Ya know like child-like songs but with a dark twist. She has an amazing voice and I srsly recommend her to you if you like this fanfic a lot. Okay done gushing. Read dear reader! XD!


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(read on and you’ll understand this one a little more ;) ) 

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t was that time of the week again.


You hated therapy since your therapist didn’t understand you didn’t want to be cured, you didn’t want to be normal, you wanted to remain just the way you are. Attacking roosters, fighting with shower curtains, dressing up as Harley Quinn occasionally, laughing at anything, and especially your clown friend Pennywise.

Wether he was real or a part of your fucked up world you didn’t care. He was a friend either way. You were sitting in the waiting room drawing with the crayons they handed out to children to keep them entertained and get a glimpse of what goes on in their head.

You were currently listening to your Melanie Martinez Playlist as you drew yourself with rainbow blood dripping from your nose and eyes with a smile on your face with sharp teeth like Pennywise’s.

You liked Pennywise.

Despite your fucked up head of thinking a giggling bloody bunny was cute, cutting off the head of your bears to shove a heart in the stuffing, and especially having a fictional clown villain as your idol, you knew you were in love.

Not with a human!


A clown.

A devilishly handsome, tall, alien clown who smelled like the carnival and is as sweet as cotton candy, as huggable as a teddy bear, and overall lovable as a fat fluffy bunny.

If you were to put it in a sane human perspective.

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Game Rec: Kisses and Curses

Yes, that’s right, that game which you’ve no doubt encountered as the annoying, cheesy ad on your mobile dashboard with the cringy tagline of “save the world, and fall in love” or something to that effect. 

Well. I am here to tell you that all the assumptions you’ve made about this game are wrong. 

I’ve gotten really into interactive visual novel games recently, so when I got really bored one day I decided to give it a go. It’s probably about five minutes in that I realise that, cheesy advertising and cringe-inducing (but thankfully skip-able) intro aside, this game is a HIDDEN GEM. 

The girl front and center of the main pic is the hella bisexual protagonist and the other five are the love interest options!

They waste no time making her bisexuality super clear, and if you do the Anastasia storyline it gets discussed in more depth (not sure about the others yet). 

Now, if you’re like me and you’re a thirsty gay/bi/pan, being able to play an interactive story where you can romance anyone out of three guys and two girls is probably enough to catch your attention right away. But there’s so much else going for it. 

Firstly, it’s genuinely hilarious. The main character (who I’ll refer to as MC here since you get to name her) is brilliantly snarky and 120% my ideal kind of protagonist. 

(Screencaps are all borrowed from other Tumblr users who have been posting about the game, the way the game works makes it too difficult for me to go away and get some of my own atm - so they’re not the most ideal caps in some cases but the best I could do)

Basically, the premise is that MC is a (bisexual) witch. 

Witches have Birthrights, different abilities they are born with which is usually passed down through the family. MC’s birthright is a Stargazer: she neutralises the wayward magic in starfalls which is dangerous when left unattended. 

The plot starts up when starfalls become starfloods aka way more tricky to the point of dangerously overwhelming. 

Without giving too much of the plot away, it basically turns out that things are headed in a potentially catastrophic direction for the whole world if you don’t do something about it. You have to pick a witch and a human to travel with you to help you with the spell in question (which is how you narrow down which love interest you’re going to go after). 

There’s a lot more to it than that but that’ll give you enough of an idea.  

Each love interest storyline deviates from the others in some way while still sticking mostly to the central plot (which is pretty damn good, with a nice twist at the end which I only worked out just before the reveal, and frankly it didn’t lose its punch), keeping it interesting for playing through the difference romance options. The romance is surprisingly well written, evoking emotion but also…well, it gets pretty steamy! Like, fairly blatant oral sex implications level of steamy. It’s great. 

An element of gameplay I really like is that the choices you face can be genuinely difficult sometimes and you have no idea what kind of repercussions they might have, just like if it was real life. It was surprisingly immersive in those moments - I was worried!

I’ve only done one of the love interest storylines so far - recently started my second choice - but I heard another player talking about how a choice of theirs accidentally led to a character (who they thought was 100% safe) getting killed off, and nothing like that happened to me but, I now have to wonder if I was ever just one choice away from something like that since there were definitely some close calls! 

Quick love interest breakdown: 

Melanie - witch - black lesbian (I think) with awesome hair who is your best friend and honestly just kind of the best person ever, even if you romance someone else her friendship with MC is adorable bc sapphic besties

Anastasia - human - an intense yet awkward lesbian witch hunter who 100% has a thing for you until she learns you’re a witch, and things get really “starcrossed natural enemies” in the best possible way (hers is the only storyline I’ve finished so far and it’s honestly so beautiful)

Rhys - witch - very proper Welshman with a Birthright that lets him see the future, and is apparently secretly into BDSM (I’ve only just started his storyline, but apparently it’s great because he is the complete opposite of a certain Mr Grey, aka super respectful/devoted etc. I’m mostly just curious as to how explicitly it’ll be shown since they haven’t held back much so far, lol)

Niklas - witch - European gentleman who practices Dark Magic and has a Birthright that basically forces people to do what he says, which I know sounds concerning but I’ve seen comments saying that his storyline is actually really great, which I’ll actually believe based on the rest of the game (I suppose I’ll find out!)

Ty - human - boy next door who is just generally great and chill (I’m romancing Rhys atm but Ty is the human I brought along for the ride and it’s really awesome because even though Ty has a thing for MC, he and Rhys are getting along really well and it’s just nice to not have cliched jealousy between lowkey romantic rivals) 

Gameplay breakdown: 

So basically, you use ‘stamina potions’ to unlock chapters. This is probably the game’s only downfall - you can buy as many potions as you want but for those of us that can’t afford that, you have to wait four hours to get 1 stamina potion and a chapter can cost anything from 2-5. (Though the game will sometimes give you extra as a daily gift.)

While this can be frustrating when you’re getting really into the story, I actually like it because it stops the game from ruining my life/taking up all my time which it totally would if I could just skip through all the chapters. 

You also gain affinity for each of the love interests through your difference choices in interaction with them and sometimes need a certain level to unlock the next scene. If you don’t have enough, you have to play a potion making mini-game. This was initially tedious but they’ve just updated the game and totally fixed it so it doesn’t take too long. (This goes for a couple of other things as well, if you tried the game a while back and got frustrated with how it worked, I’d recommend giving it another go now.)

There are also coins and starstones, both of which you can use to buy different clothing (for the aesthetic/necessity for a scene/extra affinity for a character) for MC and the latter of which you can use to read a chapter even if you are lacking in affinity for a character - which I wouldn’t actually recommend doing because it means you’ll still be lacking later when the threshold is even higher.

In summary: 

Completely against expectation and advertised appearance, this game is LGBT+ inclusive, hilarious, engaging, free to download/play (though with purchase options) and not too likely to ruin your life. I give it a solid 8/10 because as much as I do appreciate it letting me get on with other things, I wish I didn’t have to wait nearly a day if the next chapter needs 5 stamina potions. 

Melanie's Home - Tuesday, 1:20pm

After what felt like forever, Pri couldn’t sit there anymore. He was a tall, broad man. He had to stretch out. Taking it upon himself, he disturbed Melanie’s peaceful zen by tickling her. They went from laughing over pleads and jokes, to cuddling right where they had been. On the floor.

This, he could deal with. Silence didn’t bother him when his body was intertwined with hers. It was a sense of settle. Where deep breaths meant more than just a need for oxygen, but portrayed just how calm his entirety was around her. “What are you thinking about?”

The fact that they were still learning each other, flaws and habits, she had a good sense of whenever he went quiet after awhile, he was in his own head. “Us. Being like this. I realized something the other day when I spoke to Kyth. We didn’t rush into this, but we didn’t take years to get to know each other and that might harm in some ways.”

“Only because I’m emotional and you’re not.”

“I’m emotional….”

“Says the guy who watched Wonder Woman with me and kept the most blank of faces at the end.” Okay, so movie deaths that ignited a fiery love didn’t affect him. It didn’t mean he wasn’t without emotions. It just took him more to feel things like that in a movie he knew wasn’t real. “Anyway, we have a lot of work to do between us. So from now on, we take it slow. No moving in together yet, no talks about the future yet. Just, the now.”

“That’s a good plan. I mean, my cats may like you but they’re not inviting you to sleepovers.”

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Steve, marry her

Pairing: Pre-Serum!Steve x Reader

Word Count: 1829

Category: Fluff

Warnings: Badass female reader, 1940s Steve and Bucky, sassy reader, kinda insecure Steve, 

Summary: Steve defends your honor, so you invite him and Bucky to go dancing with you. But all is not as it seems.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Melanie, I need a huge favor,” you beg as she rounds the corner.

“What Y/N?”

“You know Steve and Bucky? They live across the street? I need you to agree to go on a date with them. Please.”

“No way. I don’t want to go on a date with Rogers. Have you seen him?”

“No, you’d be going with Buck. I want Steve to come dancing with me. But he won’t go unless Buck goes.”

“Why do you want to dancing with him?”

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One would think that being an aqquaintent of a fat chick would be a downside, assuming that they’d be too lazy to do any work that they just ask you for help in either paying the expenses or getting them food, and not to mention the rent, the clothes, and all the time spent helping them get out of bed to get on with their day. It all sounds so aweful, lacking any real fun or advantages.

…Well, you would be shocked then to hear that that those advantages some people might find repulsive, costly and a waste of time, others would find to be more of a turn-on than even seeing a person naked.

Melanie was one of the…larger women of the spectrum, who you would think get easily annoyed at carrying around a body as huge as hers, be troubled with most of her pants barely fitting over her fat ass, and having to spend a little extra time fitting into her bras.

On the contrary, she was fat not just cause she got to indulge herself to A LOT of delicious food, but because she enjoyed the perks that came with being fat.

One of these benefits was easily being excluded from physical activities, cause she knew, she’d tire herself out in just a couple minutes.

Her lifestyle somewhat limited the possabilities, but also opened the door to so many new ones…

However, it wasn’t until she went online, that she truly started to reep the benefits of her never-ending gluttony and laziness.

It was on a chubby chaser chat forum that she meet Dolan, a man that she could easily tell loved her flabby body not just from all the endless Likes she received on the pictures she uploaded, but he was always the one to give her the most praise, praising her like she was the re-incarnation of a goddess, or something along those lines.

After a month of just watching his adoration for her uploaded material grow and become gradually more romanticized. In the beginning it had mostly been rather blunt praise that just said how sexy and gorge-ously fat she was, leaving all kinds of funny jokes, like saying that she was gorge-ous that she puts the word beautiful to shame…but as time moved on, it started to move away from being just jokes, to actually getting serious.

Just from reading his latest responses, and finding them so a lot more charming than the ones in the beginning, did she decide to send him a message.

He was, of course, shocked and taken aback when he found out that she had contacted him, wanting to talk with him!

It took some time, but he eventually calmed down from the shock, and they were able to actually have a real conversation. A conversation that lasted for a very long time. Ultimatly ending with them sheduling to meet up someplace…

They meet the next morning at a local restaurant, and began chatting it up, getting to know each in ways they wouldn’t have been able to from behind a computer screen.

While she ate and enjoyed herself in his company, he just watched as she stuffed hot dogs, eclairs, and the occasional donut down her throat. Just seeing her enormous body in person, and getting to talk to a woman like her was so rewarding, that he didn’t say a word. He just watched her stuff and gorge herself when she became hungry, or whenever her belly rumbled.

Despite being VERY DIFFERENT, physically, both of them were a lot more smiliar than one might imagine upon first glance.

They were more than made for each other, he wanting nothing more than to stuff and fatten her, while she was content with just letting him pamper and spoil her as much as possible.

At Melanie’s home, the door was flung open by them forcing their way inside. Both enthralled in passionate kisses, but Dolan touching and grabbing whatever he could of her abundence of fatty flesh.

They made their way to the bedroom, where they quickly stripped out of their clothes, and then started ravaging each other, enjoying pleasures that they couldn’t have displayed in public..for obvious reasons.

That night, loud creaking and delightful moans were heard coming from behind the bedroom door, and strewn around the floor were clothes that had been hurriedly removed, and just tossed onto the floor…


Many months later, though, while coming home after a visit to one ofher favourite buffets to eat at, she notices that Dolan is a little…out of it.

He walks into the bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

Recently, his behavior has seen a slow decline. Just today could be a primary example, as while shoveling hot dogs into her mouth, he was actually looking down, and not at her belly or boobs, but down at the table!

Something must be wrong if he’s not paying attention to her while she’s eating food. That is unheard of!

Wanting to find the reason behind this sudden change and attitude, she walks into the bedroom after him, catching him off-guard, as he flinches upon seeing her.

Normally, after coming home from a long drive, she usually fixes herself up something to eat, but today, just like him, she surprised him by not exactly following the status-quo.

“Okay, i’ve done with this! You’ve been acting so down, for a long time now, and I demand to know what you’re not telling me,” she said, sternly.

His shock disipated, and he exhaled a heavy sigh.

He patted the bed beside him, telling her that he wanted her to sit, and she wobbled over towards the bed and sat down, while he stood up and walked towards the desk where the laptop was.

He turned it on, and went to a folder labelled M2BBW Caps and clicked it. Immediatly, pictures of what looked to be fat women appeared on-screen.

He told her to read, which she did, holding her belly as she was forced to lean forward a little, pressing down on her tummy, which put a little bit of presure on it.

The first one she read was about some guy called Dave who was a dick to his girlfriend, so she bought a potion that she slipped into his drink, then after he’d gone to bed and she started working, she noticed after a while that she was no longer as heavy as she used to be, but rather skinny. It was then revealed that all of her fat had transfered to Dave’s body, turning him into a large fat chick…

This continued on two more times, where she read these captions that all had stories about men becoming fat women, either willingly or not.

She gasped, and her eyes widened at the revelation of what he was trying to tell her. She looked back, but was meet with him looking away from her.

“I’ve never admitted this to anyone before…but i’ve always been facinated with women that are a great deal bigger than the average woman, but it wasn’t until later when I realized that this wasn’t just some fetish thing. I want to be fat chick…” he then turned back to face her, “I want what you have, to be a woman like you, and to actually feel good about putting on weight, rather than just finding it annoying,” he extended his hand, touching her large and squshy gut with it.

“Well, I don’t mind these desires, this…lust, if you will, that you have for becoming a woman like me, i’ll always be here for you,” she said, reaching around and putting a flabby hand on his right shoulder.

“But you see, hon, that good…but also bad,” he replied, “I thought that if I dated a fat chick, having a woman that was heavy in my life would calm these desires, and make them less of a nuisense…but if anything, it’s only gotten worse. Everytime I see you, everytime I think of you, the only thing that i’m reminded of is the only thing that I don’t have.”

After they were done, she was asked to leave. To give him some alone-time. She complied, and silently left the bedroom, allowing him to do what he’d been doing all this time.

She wobbled into the bedroom, and sat down on the couch. Sitting there, she couldn’t help but think of how she could help him recover from this.

There was only one way in which she could make all this go away forever, and it required going online to search up a few things.

Ever since reading it, a certain name had been popping up in her head, almost bugging her. But it wasn’t whether it was real ot not. The only thing she cared about at the moment was whether it could help their relationship.


The next morning, once Dolan was done at work, he returned home, just as sad an depressed as he had been yesterday.

“Hey, Mels, i’m home!” he called out…but it was surprisingly empty, not hearing a single sound, aside from his own breathing.

“Huh, that’s odd,” he remarked as he took off his clothes, and hung them up, and then walked into the living room…where, again, his eyes were meet a truly surprising sight.

“Huh? A cake?” he replied at the first sight of a cake sitting atop the table,“What is a cake doing here?”

He didn’t have to wait long as he noticed a note beside the cake that read, “Dear Dolan, i’m currently out shopping for some new clothes, and I don’t know when i’ll be back, but I baked you a little something in the hopes that it’ll cheer you up. I know that the thought of gaining as a man might discourage you, but at least give it a try, enjoy it for me? - Love Melanie”

“Ehh ~ She knows that the thought of gaining as a man is a real turn-off, and would probably make the situation worse…but then again, what do I have to lose?” he briefly discussed with himself before grabbing, and taking the cake, a spoon and plate and a bottle of soda into the bedroom.

Starting up the laptop, he stripped down, and then sat down in the chair.

Holding the plate with his hand, he takes his first bite by inserting the spoon into his mouth.

Immediatly, his eyes shoot wide open after just one bite from the incredible cake. He’s stunned into disbelief at how good it feels!

“Wow, if her plan was to cheer me up, i’d say mission accomplished!”


His stomach begins rumbling hungrily after the cake is digested.

Looking down, he is a little taken aback by the out of nowhere stomach noises, but he quickly discards those thoughts as a much better one pops into his head.

Maybe he should have another. It was afterall really good…

Heeding both the thought and his hungry gut, he gladly helps himself to another spoonful. Having a lot more on the spoon this time.

For every spoonful he gets down, his hunger for more cake grows, as well as his hunger in general.


Soon, the whole room is filled with nothing but his belly’s hungry callings for more cake.

He is only five bites into his first slice, and he’s already become addicted to the stuff. Not that he was complaining, the cake was afterall very delicious.

Oh my god, its sooo good! I-I can’t stop eating it…n-nor do I want to stop! I-hrnng-I want more cake! I need more cake!

He begins eating more furiously, showing less and less regard for proper manners.

As the last bite dissapears down his throat, he waits for a few seconds before letting out a loud bassy belch.


Again, his stomach begins rumbling. Sounding a lot hungrier than before, before being followed up on by starting to feel…weird. Like something’s happening inside of him, and spreading out towards the rest of his body.

Ah, whatever, I need more cake. FEED ME MORE CAKE…ME? he demands in his head.

He grabs the plate with the cake on it, and just grabs slices of cake off it, and just stuffing them into his mouth. Chewing just slowly enough that he can enjoy their amazing taste in his mouth.

Without even realizing it, his body has already been subjected to a series of changes, that unlike the cake will indeed leaving him looking a lot more different than when he arrived home, earlier.

His skin all-over becomes a lot softer, causing all on his body to dissapear, leaving perhaps only his crotch and head with hear on them.

His hair was always rather small, and despite feeling the hairs growing, he remained oblivious as his hair reached down to his shoulders. Becoming darker, as well.

Following his new hair, his face is next in line, and not only does he gain silky smooth skin, but his features become a lot sharper. Giving him smooth cheeks, longer eyelashes, softer and plumper lips, but also an obviously womanly face in place of his male one…

After every slice of cake is completly devoured, he continually burps and belches loudly, filling the entire room.

Next, his chest starts pushing out, growing from a flat chest into soft pillow-like breasts, whose nipples grow longer, poking against the fabric of his shirt. Seeing as he’s too fixated on devouring the incredibly tasty cake, he doesn’t notice the obvious mounds. Nor the fact that in growing out, they also raised up his shirt, exposing his still male-looking midriff.

While his arms grow slender, causing the sleeves of his shirt hang a little looser around them, his stomach is next in line for being swept by change. His waist narrows, making his hips seem bigger, but his belly becomes flat, leaving him with a toned abdomen.

As his hips grow, gain a round curvy figure to them, their growth also determines how big his butt grows too, which is exactly what happens next. His butt begins stretching outwards immediatly after his hips complete rounding out, now rounding his butt out, making the once small rear swell into a soft and prominently round booty.

His pants tighten a little, as they’re completly unprepared for this sudden growth, though his frame shrinks down a little as he loses some height, making them droop slightly.

His penis dissapears into his crotch, leaving him with a smooth slit.

And finally, his transformed into a woman is fulfilled by his upper legs gaining a bit more mass, courtesy of his newly plumped hips, leaving him with slender legs.

In that exact moment as his transformed finishes, he eats the last slice of cake, leaving him with nothing but crumbs as he licks his fingers clean. His stomach, now feeling full and satisfied from managing to eat the whole thing.

Lastly, he downs the entire glass of soda in a single gulp.

As he stands up, all of the clothes that used to fit him perfectly earlier in the day, immediatly fall to the floor.

Exclaiming at her pants falling, she reaches down, trying to grab it before it hits the floor.

She misses it, but then feels something bouncing on her chest as her hand bumps into something. She looks down, and is meet with a pair of round, perky D-cups, instead of a flat chest.

“What the…are these breasts?”

Reaching up with her hands, she grabs the mounds. Holding them, before she then squeezes them, making her flinch a little from the sudden sensations brought on by herself squeezing her new nipple, unwittingly.

As she hears herself utter a soft “Eep!” she realizes that her voice is a lot more different too.

Quickly, she sits back down in her chair, and changes from the M2BBW captions that she forgot to watch to the laptop’s camera. As soon as its switched on, she momentarily freezes in place as she sees her face on the screen.

Its a young, beautiful dark-haired woman. Its her.

“Holy shit, i’m actually a woman now,” she says aloud to herself as she sits there in the chair for a few moments. Doing nothing but stare at her own reflection in shocked disbelief.

Somehow, eating that cake left behind by Melanie had transformed her into a woman.

“Just wait until I tell Melanie about this…Oh, just imagine all the ways we can have fun, now that i’m a-”


Immediatly, though, her train of happy thoughts are interrupted when her belly starts making the same sounds that Melanie makes when she’s hungry.

Looking down at her flat tummy, she gently pats the dissapointingly fat surface, but still smiles towards it at the same time.

“Yeah, I may be skinny now, but i’ll make sure to catch up to Melanie in no time, soon we’ll both be-”


However, again, her belly started calling out hungrily. Sounding a lot deeper and louder, as well.

“Ok-ay, calm down now, i’m not that hungry-” she says to her stomach, just before feeling something happening down in her belly.


Suddenly, though, a loud fizzling noise begins sounding from her flat waist…which is then shortly followed by her body beginning to puff up. Expanding as her entire body is layered with soft, creamy fat.

“Whoa…!” she exclaims as soon as she can feel large amounts of fat begin settling on her arms, causing the formerly loose-fitting sleeves to begin digging into her chubby arms. Having the shirt sink into her fat.

Her legs soon experience eeriely similar things as well, seeing her once thin and slender legs begin to expand and plumpen with fat. Growing flabbier, thicker, and a lot softer too…

“What the-?” remarks the stunned woman. Raising her arms, and holding them up as she witnesses her limbs growing a lot fatter than they were a few minutes ago.

Upon seeing how fat her arms are getting, she can just imagine how fat the rest of her body will look once it starts expanding too.

Dreading the thought of getting stuck in the chair, she quickly stands up, and runs towards the bed. Sitting her new ass down there.

A sigh of relief is uttered, but within just a few seconds followed by her eyes shooting wide open, as her butt starts tingling.

She looks down, only to have her brows jump and mouth hang opon in pure shock as she witnesses her servicable butt begin to expanding. Stretching forwards, as it starts gaining mass like the rest of her. Her hips begin spreading on the bed. Swelling into a large mass that rapidly occupies more and more of the bed as it continues being layered with soft fat.

Feeling herself becoming heavier with every passing second, she completly ignore her legs as they start gaining. Being far more focused with a butt whose size has put Melanie to shame.

Her underwear, despite having been able to endure the first growth, now tore as the fabric ripped within the first fifty seconds of her ass growing bigger, rounder, and flabbier.


Her attention then shifts back towards her chest, which after hearing it gurgle and churn, looks back down towards it.

Her mouth continues to hang open, with the same shocked expression at seeing her ass growing remain on her face as she watches her D-cup breasts begin to expand outwards.

Those decently sized tits growing into large lard filled ballons that jiggle every new inch added to their size. And despite losing a bit of their round perkiness, they retain their round shape.

Without warning, her head suddenly feels a lot stubbier. A flabby, double chin starts growing out from underneath the first. Her face grows rounder, and the cheeks in her face gain more mass, fattening both her face and neck.


EExhalling a sigh as the distribution of fat stops, she begins thinking that she’s done. However, she has learned by watching the rest of her body blow up, that she isn’t truly done until her belly is done too.


Looking down, her eyes widen once more as she feels her gut beginning to push out. Her skin becoming elastic and stretchy so that she will be able to reach the obscenely huge size she is intended to grow into.

One Night Mistake (Part two)

Part 1

[I didn’t wanted this to be so long! but there is going to be a part 3]

It’s been already two years since i last faced Luke Hemmings 

and a year and a half since i had my beautiful Baby girl Amelie, it’s incredible how much love you can have for such a little person. she is clearly the love of my life and that’s all the i needed to be happy. 

I’ve lived with my mother since i got pregnant, i didn’t want to keep living on LA and take the risk of having to run over Luke sometime, or even worst, over that bitch of her girlfriend. 

today was a great day, and nothing could be wrong today, because is a big day. 

today is Amelie’s second birthday, so my mother and i decided to run a little party for her. 

i was lying on my bed working on some pictures that i took the day before, while watching how my big brother playing on the floor with Amelie, that was giving little steps and collecting various toys of the floor and leaving them on his uncle’s lap. 

“Do you think she looks too dark on this picture?” i ask holding the laptop out so he could see what i was talking about. 

“I think she is fucking hot” he says watching at the picture. 

“Shut up” i softly punch his arm “Can you please not curse in front of my daughter?” i sigh “She’s already catching a lot of words, i don’t want her to go around saying the f word” 

“Okay okay” he laughs “Calm down” he jokes 

“i am calm” i softly say not taking my sigh away from the computer. 

i’ve been working for a photographer’s company for almost a year, and since i got to work on this company, everything seemed to go better for me, they pay me a good amount of money and at the same time i was doing what i love, so yeah, i ain’t mad about it. 

“Who’s her anyways?” he asks 

“A model” 

“Will you see her again? Can i come?” 

my phone starts vibrating by my side and i take it the second it starts playing the ringtone. 

“Hello?” i say 

“Heyyy” i hear the voice of best friend say on the other line “What’s up?” 

“hmm, just working” i say softly “How was watchington?” 

She giggles “It was awesome” pauses ”i meet a guy”

i frown “What? Melanie!!” i exclaim of joy “That’s awesome! how could you not tell me on skype” 

“I’m sorry!” she exclaims “but i really like him, and he agreed to come to new york with me, because he has some work to get done here anyways… whatever, i was wondering if you could meet us in an hour” 

i look at Amelie and how she was bouncing a little doll on his hand and giving it to her uncle, i sigh, looking for the best excuse i could have in this moment. don’t get me wrong, i wanted to meet Melanie’s new boyfriend, but what didn’t want is being the third wheel once again. 

“Actually, i have to pick up some stuff for Amelie’s Party…” 

“(Y/n)!!!” she fake cries already knowing that i was excusing myself “Please!!” 

“I’m not lying!” i exclaim, but i gave up “okay, maybe i am, but still i have to pick up the cake, and ballons and stuff” 

“Then we can come with you” she says, sounding proud for no reason. 

“Ugh! fine” i roll my eyes “we’ll see you at the French bakery in thirty minutes don’t be late” i hang up. 

still looking at my daughter, who started to walk to me and put her arms up so i could pick her, i took her in my arms so i could get her ready for the day. “Let’s go for a walk, honey”. 

i sit on the table in front of the bakery, with Amelie by my side waiting for Melanie to come. she was chewing on a piece of cookie, and babbling words that i couldn’t undestand. 

“Mommy look” she show me the her piece of chocolate chip cookie half way eaten and starts giggling. 

“That looks yummy” i say taking a napking and wiping the crumbles out of her face. “Can i have some?” i ask already taking a little piece of her cookie and putting it in my mouth “Mmmm” i say 

“mmm” she mocked me making me laugh for the fourth time today. 

She is the most beautiful baby i’ve ever seen, and ever since she started talking, she became officially the cutest girl in my life. her eyes were deep blue and she had a curly hazelnut hair,and little dimples, just like her father, she seemed to be a clear photocopy of him, and that’s what broke me the most, even when she was the most beautiful girl in your life, it was so sad for her to not grow up with a father and still look like him. 

“(Y/n)!!” you heard Melanie exclaim while feeling her throws herself at you and giving you a big hug “i missed you” 

“I missed you too” i say hugging her back. 

she directs her look to Amelie and gives her a big kiss on the cheek wishing her a happy birthday, making her giggle like crazy. 

“Oh my god, she’s so big” she exclaim still staring at her. 

i look at the boy by her side and i froze. standing in front of me was the one and only Calum hood, giving us a small wave with his hand and with his other hand, lacing Melanie’s fingers with his. 

“Hi (Y/n)” He greats. 

“Hi Calum” i say wanting to just walk out.

Melanie looked confused “Wait do you know each other?”  

“Y-Yes, mm, something like that” i stutter

“Awesome!” She exclaims “and if you guys don’t mind, i’m going to the restroom” 

she takes her purse with her and walks into the restroom. we share a long and uncomfortable silence while i drink from my coffee, waiting for something to make this end right now. 

“i’m glad to see you again” he says, finally breaking the ice. 

“Same” i nod caressing Amelie’s hair with one hand. 

“Is she your… sister?” he asks slowly. 

“My daughter” i nervously say. 

“Oh” he sighs “So it’s true”

i frown, obviously knowing what was he talking about. “may i ask what are you talking about?” 

“Well, Management said you were pregnant and that’s why you quit” he explained

“i didn’t quit!” i exclaim “They fired me” 

he eyes wide and his cheeks turned red “Oh god, that’s terrible, i’m sorry” 

“you don’t have to apologize” i sigh “However, i know you didn’t have anything to do with this” 

“Yeah, but i feel bad” he shrugs “You were a nice photographer, i mean, your last pictures were awesome, why would fired you for something like pregnancy?” 

“Ask Luke” i say, with an angry tone and starting to get real mad “I’m sure he has a good answer for you” i sigh “Sorry i have to go” 

i take my purse, pick Amelie setting her on my hip and take the box with the cake. 

“But we just got here” he frowns

“I have tons of things to do, i’m sorry” i say already walking out “See you guys tonight” 

Amelie’s Party was going just fine. 

she was running around the out back garden and giggling like crazy playing with her friends, so that meant she was having lots of fun. i was holding my camera in front of my face trying to get a good picture of her on her 2nd birthday, but it was impossible for me, since she was being so hyper. 

“Hey” Melanie sits beside me holding a cup of wine while i kept focusing my camera. 

“Hey” i say distractedly. 

“We need to talk” she sigh “Why did you left?”

i froze for a second before going back to my camera “sorry” i shrug “I had a lot to do, i couldn’t waste to much time in there, anyways” 

“Bullshit” she whispers so no one else but me could hear that. “(Y/n) i haven’t seen you in almost two months, and you act like you’re not interested on me at all” 

“Hey! That’s not true”i frown and finally snapping a picture of Amelie, walking on her way to me and smiling. “Yes!” i say for myself. before turning to Melanie that seemed to be mad at me “I’m so so sorry, okay?” i sigh “But i got nervous, Calum was there, and you perfectly know my reasons to be nervous” 

“Yeah, i guess you’re right” she sighs. 

Amelie finally walks to me and puts her little hands on my lap, trying to climb by herself on my lap before i pick her up and sit her. 

“Hi princess” i kiss her head and she started babbling random words once again. 

“So” Melanie says caressing Amelie’s hair “What do you think of Calum? Isn’t he cute?” 

i Chuckle “you picked a good one” i gently push on her shoulder “He’s a nice guy”. 

“I’m Glad you like him” she smiles. 

my brother comes running to me, excusing himself for interrupting our conversation. he seemed to be a little upset and that was confusing for me, since was rarely upset. 

“Brendon, What’s up?” i ask. 

“There’s someone here to see you” he says pointing to the door with his thumb. “Listen, (Y/n), i can just..) 

“no” i immediately answer “I’ll get it” i say setting Amelie  on his arm, before walking inside. 

the first thing that came to my mind was running to the door and you close it. the second thing was just letting him in and let him give me an explination. becuase by door of my house, there was Luke Hemmings, holding three big boxes and with a big smile on his face. 

“Hey (Y/n)” he smiles at me “I missed you..” 

To be continued…

That Fickle Beast (Part 1/2)

Summary: You died and Barry moved on to your killer. When you come back to life you find you aren’t quite as human as you had thought.

A/N: I pulled the female OC name out of nowhere. Sorry if someone who reads this has this name, but I needed to make an OC for this one. I also needed to choose a gender for this one and I’m a cis female so that is POV I will write this from. I also left some of the request out for a bit of a surprise.

Word Count: 1504

Warnings: depression, mentions of murder

Part 2 (x)

Female Reader! Female OC!

Check my bio for the inbox status. Rules and fandoms I do and don’t do!


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Ice Queen

Author’s Note:  A one-shot that jumped into my head after an idle conversation and wouldn’t leave until I wrote it. My other stories that need to be updated are so angry at me, you wouldn’t believe it.


Ice Queen


Junior’s, Weiss decided immediately, was not her kind of place. 

Though she certainly didn’t live like one anymore, at heart she was still an aristocrat.  Given the choice of places to spend her free time, she preferred a venue that suited that upbringing.  Classical music, fine wines, waltzing beneath crystal chandeliers.  She rarely mentioned this to her co-workers at Beacon, of course (like she needed to give them more reason to call her a princess!) but she could hardly deny it was the truth.  A nightclub with lights flashing in random patterns and bass cranked up so high her teeth rattled was not her idea of a good time. 

Try telling Yang that, though. 

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Ok so you all knew it was coming.  Yes Campwolfe Fandom Nan™ just has to weigh in on the shenanigans and current angst-fest unfolding on Holby City for our Goddess Serena Campbell oh her anguish someone hold me intrepid couple Serena and Bernie.  Many things I will say have likely already been said. Some perhaps not.  As per usual, I shall pop it under a read more because I am wordy as shit to save y’all’s dash. 

Buckle up

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So I have this hella cute Percy Jackson headcanon

The seven had fought giants, some, titans, and countless monsters. They’d gone through countless tough ordeals and only gotten out with a few (a lot) scratches. But low and behold, the day finally came when there was a challenge only one of them could face with confidence: kids. 

Hazel, Annabeth, Piper, Jason, Leo and Frank stood on the deck of the Argo II, completely dumbfounded at the 5 year old child sitting on the ground surrounded by legos, crying.

When Leo first saw her, he practically blew a fuse. Turning to face the others, he whispered, "What is she doing here!?“ 

"Uhm,” was the intelligent reply he received from Jason. 

Annabeth looked at the girl, as if analyzing her and trying to figure out what was wrong. “She’s obviously lost, she wouldn’t be here otherwise. I’m guessing by the legos, she failed to make a tower or something.”

Hazel sighed. “That’s fine and all, but how do we get her to, um, stop crying? Or get off the ship?”

Frank looked around at the others, and asked, “Is anyone here good with kids?”

A light bulb seemed to go off in Annabeth’s head. “Oh! I know what to do!”

Piper frowned. “Since when have you been good with kids?”

“I’m not,” Annabeth replied, grinning. “Percy! Hey, seaweed brain! Come over here!”

“What are you-” Jason started, only to be cut off by Annabeth, who looked extremely pleased with herself.

“Just wait and see.”

Percy ran up onto the deck, riptide out in pen form, looking worried. “Wh-what’s going on!? Who’s hurt?”

“Nothing’s hurt except for my pride,” Leo muttered darkly. He liked being able to solve things, even if it was crying babies, but this was just something he couldn’t handle. Even Festus had been more comfortable to work with than the child.

“We need your help,” Piper pleaded, catching onto Annabeth’s idea. “That girl won’t stop crying.”

Percy frowned. “That’s the problem? She so small, look at her,” He cooed, his frown turning into a grin at the sight of the girl.

He slowly walked towards the little girl, and knelt down to her height. 

“Hello, my name’s Percy. What’s your name?”

The girl sniffled, looking up at him, her chocolate brown eyes filled with tears. 

“Me-melanie,” she hiccuped.

Percy smiled gently. “Well Melanie, what’s wrong? Why are you sad?”

“M-my legos… They w-won’t stay! They keep falling,” she replied, fresh tears slipping down her cheeks.

Percy tilted his head, looking at the legos. “What do you say we try again, Melanie? I’ll help you build a nice castle! You could be the princess… Or the prince, or maybe even the dragon,” he added thoughtfully.

Melanie giggled through her tears. “Really? You’d help me?”

“Of course, I would, my fair lady,” Percy replied, grinning. “When shall we start?”

Melanie laughed for real this time. “Now!" 

And there the 6 older demigods stood, mouths agape at Percy’s skill with children. They’d expected him plus little crying kids to be a recipe for disaster, but he’d handled her so well, with maturity they didn’t even know he possessed. Percy would definitely be a great father.

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