How Drain Donald Trumps Campaign Funds

Feel like taking your own personal swipe at Donald Trumps Campaign? Here’s a really easy and effective way to drain Donald’s advertising funds. Donald Trump will be using social media and website advertising to help raise money and support for his presidential election bid. Each of these ads cost his campaign money every time someone clicks on the ad. You will find them on Facebook, twitter, blogs, youtube, ect. With many other politicians buying ads on the internet the cost of these clicks will be at a 4 year high. Each click could cost Donald a minimum of a dollar to multiple dollars. 

So next time you see one of these! Click on it right away, let it load fully and then exit out. Clicking the same ad multiple times might be disregarded as click bombing. Doing it once at a time is good enough! If we all are constantly clicking on these ads without giving him any benefit we will quickly drain his budget for online advertising. Every dollar you waste is a dollar that isn’t spent on helping him get elected. This only works however if thousands of people are doing it. So spread this message, make your own posts, and urge your friends to click on ads to drain trumps funds!

This week has been fucking wild

- Taylor Swift got dragged
- I actually said the words"I agree with Kanye West"
- Khloé Kardashian posted a picture of some random girls asshole
- Chloe Mortez tried to be relevant
- Selena Gomez turned out to be a dumbass
- Jeffree Star got dragged
- Melania Trump copied Michelle Obama’s speech
- MCR rose from the dead

So...this is what I missed the past few days.

From what I can see after a cursory glance through social media, (Changing Faces voice) something’s telling me some bullshit is going down.  Let me know if I’ve skipped anything important.

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