melaney oldenhof


Street life photo shoots seem to be a reoccurring theme this season ^_^ Lots of color and light saturation. Absolutely love it!

“UK-based publication Luxure Magazine, Dutch model Josefien Rodermans hits the city at night wearing bold looks for the lens of Yossi Michaeli. Stylist Melaney Oldenhof dresses the blonde in graphic prints and sequined gowns from the likes of Versace, Roland Mouret and Bottega Veneta in the chromatic images. / Makeup by Deanna Melluso, Hair by Thanos Samares” ~ Fashion Gone Rogue

Vogue Beauty Taiwan, Aug 2013
Yossi Michaeli - Photographer
Melaney Oldenhof - Fashion Editor/Stylist
Ellinore Erichsen - Model