Got to hang out with Mel today!! She just moved like 5 minutes from my house as she’s going to Uni here in High wycombe. We just hung out in her house, it’s huge, like she shares it with a few other people, but like her bedroom is bigger than my old one! It was really nice to see her and just chill. Especially since I was not in the greatest of moods earlier. So yay for Mel living near. :)


Where on earth did the sudden urge for porn come from? Damn the two of you.

My dash was all Harry Potter and random crap but the moment I reload my dash I get naked women rubbin’ up on each other all over the damn place. 

Be haps that my mum is asleep.


Hong Kong & Japan 2014

A video I made over the summer, shot and edited entirely on my iPhone 5S. 

It’s all made up of 1.5 second clips. ENJOY!


Nick Jonas & The Administration -Conspiracy Theory Official Music Video (by pomagranatebitch)


If you haven’t seen this you have now. ^_^

melandshark replied to your post: Sitting on a train feeling very sick on the way to…
YOU CAN DO IT! Don’t worry, rayray! :D

Thanks man!!! Yeah I’m trying to not be nervous, I’m a lot more relaxed than I was earlier, but yeah I think I’m okay. Although everyone seems a lot older than I am, or they all just look older than me. lol. :P

Fingers crossed!!