Hong Kong & Japan 2014

A video I made over the summer, shot and edited entirely on my iPhone 5S. 

It’s all made up of 1.5 second clips. ENJOY!


Where on earth did the sudden urge for porn come from? Damn the two of you.

My dash was all Harry Potter and random crap but the moment I reload my dash I get naked women rubbin’ up on each other all over the damn place. 

Be haps that my mum is asleep.

Got to hang out with Mel today!! She just moved like 5 minutes from my house as she’s going to Uni here in High wycombe. We just hung out in her house, it’s huge, like she shares it with a few other people, but like her bedroom is bigger than my old one! It was really nice to see her and just chill. Especially since I was not in the greatest of moods earlier. So yay for Mel living near. :)


Nick Jonas & The Administration -Conspiracy Theory Official Music Video (by pomagranatebitch)


If you haven’t seen this you have now. ^_^

melandshark replied to your post: Sitting on a train feeling very sick on the way to…
YOU CAN DO IT! Don’t worry, rayray! :D

Thanks man!!! Yeah I’m trying to not be nervous, I’m a lot more relaxed than I was earlier, but yeah I think I’m okay. Although everyone seems a lot older than I am, or they all just look older than me. lol. :P

Fingers crossed!!