melancholy creature

Wake Up

Submitted by an anon (If you wrote this one, please contact me so we can chat about your scenario prize. I have your email so if it is you, message me and I will cross reference with the email you submitted with).

This scenario won 2nd place for the angst category.

You had been driving to the JYP building to bring your hungry boyfriend some food. Youngjae was always busy but he was especially these days because Got7 were preparing for their final comeback of the year. Their main song for the comeback had very difficult choreography so Youngjae often stayed late to practice longer. The food you had picked up was still hot and on the passenger seat as you drove carefully through the busy streets of Seoul. You smiled to yourself as you thought of Youngjae, knowing he would like the food you were bringing him. 

You stopped at a red light and continued driving as soon as it turned green. That’s when you saw something out of the corner of your eye, a semi truck, heading straight towards you. You had no time to react before your car collided with the semi. It could only have been a split second, but it felt like years. The windows shattered, the metal frame crumpled like a piece of tissue paper, the feeling of vertigo overcame you as the car was tossed like a children’s toy, before everything faded to black.

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