Miranda gave me an idea

I want to finish my book first, so I have it ready for publication on Sunday, but once that’s out of the way I’m going to put some effort into making a Minecraft mod.

Miranda first gave me the idea when she mentioned that 19 year old who made a Skyrim mod to get Bethesda’s attention, and I certainly think that getting Mojang’s attention would do my career a world of good.

She further nudged me in that direction when she started learning how to make Resource Packs for Minecraft (I’m not sure whether she became demotivated enough to give up entirely, but it’s a shame if she did because she can make some really beautiful stuff if she puts her mind to it).

I’m quite sure that the Minecraft mod community is thoroughly saturated, so I’m not going to even look to see if any of my mod ideas have “already been done” since they probably have.  I’ve made that mistake in software and game design before, it’s stupid because no matter how many times your idea has been “done before”, it’s still worth doing again.  Case in point: you don’t see top chefs refusing to make Beef Wellington because of some paranoid fear of “reinventing the wheel”, even though Beef Wellington has been done to death, particularly in recent years.  So why the fuck do programmers and artists inflict this limitation upon themselves?  It’s nonsensical!

Anyway, I’m going to have a think and talk with Miranda (when she wakes up) about it, because she’s sure to have some great ideas for mods.

Now is certainly the time to get involved in Minecraft modding too, as the 1.7 update notes hinted strongly about an up-coming native mod API with in-game installation support!  Should be a lot easier than the current mod methodology wherein you have to replace key Minecraft classes and potentially step on the toes of other mods and the core game itself.  So I might wait for the update that ships those until I throw my full weight into it, but in the mean time there’s no harm in playing around with what’s currently available.

Miranda Appreciation Post

My girlfriend is amazing.  Truly amazing.  I don’t talk about her very often because I feel it invades her privacy, but I count my lucky stars every day that I decided to make a Tauren Hunter on Hellscream [EU] all those years ago on a sheer whim and that she had happened to make a Troll Hunter at virtually the same time for virtually the same reason.  And all the other serendipitous events that surrounded our first meeting and later our reunion which would make nauseatingly good rom-com material.

I love my girlfriend mostly for her mettle.  She truly is made of steel and diamonds, and I’m so incredibly thankful for that.  I wish I knew how to help her, but there is literally nothing I can do for her that she isn’t already doing for herself.  She’s incredible.

Miranda is exceptional.  She’s articulate, well-read (exceedingly so), intelligent, beautiful, and rational.  She’ll play Fallout 3, eviscerating everything within sight and blowing shit up for the sheer unadulterated hell of it, and then she’ll go outside and get really sad when she sees a dead worm on the pavement [sidewalk].  She’s as violently exuberant as she is solemnly compassionate and, as dependable as she is, every day she manages to surprise me yet again with some new facet of her personality.

So I think the very least she deserves is an appreciation post!