Complication of Growth.

11th January 2016. Wednesday

It was hard not to notice. After all, it’s not every day that you see a ton of balloons being brought in the lobby of the Taj Bengal. I pause to inquire the reasons for the same as I see the men comically struggling to contain the unruly crowd they are holding.

“Baba-log ka birthday party hein sir” A while later near the swimming pool I see a largish bunch of kids not more than five with their moms chatting away in a group and nannies fussing around them.

I remember the birthday parties I attended as a child. They were almost always at the home of the child whose birthday it was. The moms if any had come along were mostly obese by today’s anorexic standards dressed in sarees versus the perfectly turned out designer attire on display here. The nannies were mostly missing from the scene.

Food came in a paper dish that had an aluminum foil in its inner surface or in melamine dishes. Usually, it comprised of one Samosa - mostly cold, six to seven wafers made the way they were before Pringles and Lays redefined wafers. Half a chutney and half cheese sandwich and a spongy - by today’s standards, almost a primitive avatar of a chocolate cake. In very rich houses we would get a pizza and a choice between Thumps Up or Fanta.

Gifts comprised of board games, or the latest toy that had grabbed attention like the Rubik’s cube and return gift would be something like a box of clay or some water colours or crayons.

Simpler times they were. Consumerism had not yet taken its grip. Yet, the fun and the excitement was no less. My birthday was never celebrated all my school days as it would always fall on the day of the final exam. As was the tradition then, would take Cadbury Ecklairs or Melody or Kismi for kids in the school bus, class and the teachers. The big reward of my early birthdays was I got to eat the full slab of Dairy Milk chocolate without having to share it with my brother. What more would one ask for in life!

I don’t think the five year olds care a hoot about the five star hotel. They would have enjoyed as much at home too. Why do we get so complicated when we grow up ?

Tubs aren't "cheap"

…if you bother to set them up correctly. Not everyone has the strength or helping hands to lift heavy glass tanks. Not everyone lives in a place where the tanks won’t get moved often. Not everyone will feel safe picking up a tank cheap from Craigslist or other pet supply forums. And remember, some reptile species will do better in a modified tub as opposed to a glass tank, not to mention it’s also difficult to modify a glass tank too.

Just because a plastic tub is cheaper than a similarly sized glass tank doesn’t mean you’re entitled to shit on tub users.

crystalsoulslayer replied to your post “If Mr. Clean wore a rubber you probably wouldn’t have to worry about…”

Magic Erasers are made of melamine, which would almost certainly put holes in a condom.

@resting-meme-face also pointed out that soap compromises latex. i apologize for spreading false and potentially dangerous misinformation. if your Mr Clean comes equipped with a Magic Eraser instead of a spray nozzle or flip-top dispensing cap, perhaps consider other forms of intimacy like mutual masturbation, cuddling, or doing the dishes together

.╰  Melamin. 

  WHAa-? A big smile appeared on his face at the attention he was suddenly given. What did I do now?

.: ゚・ .╰ ✧
              ❝You are merely a cute munchkin.❞ She was unsure of that the name would be adressed to, yet, she had heard some Dwarves mention it sometimes, so she believed it would be rather adorable to call him so, as she cupped his cheeks.

( @ruthlessfighters. )


By the end of this story I think we all need a cup of tea, Derek. Get the kettle on!

Mama Loves Thrifting

I think I might have a vintage Pyrex and melamine addiction. I popped into a favorite thrift shop yesterday and picked up that beautiful aqua Pyrex dish, a vintage dress for Maggie, and two yellow melamine plates that will be perfect for Maggie’s upcoming birthday celebration. I also found a few things that are not pictures; a clear Pyrex loaf dish, a vintage yellow twin sheet ( I use them to cover the sofa to protect it from my messy kiddos), and a shirt for the mister.

I hope you all have a fun-filled weekend. We are taking the kids to their first baseball game of the season, and attending a family friendly music festival. Can’t wait!

The Chinese Wicky's encyclopaedia is visited and ranked Edison Chen ranks the first in personage's clauses and subclauses

The data offered according to Wikistics, over the past 391 Japan and China of Chinese Wicky’s encyclopaedia were the clauses and subclauses “ Wiki ” most in hit There are 5312 visits every day on average; Edison Chen’s achievement by visiting for 1889 times daily ranks personage the first place of clauses and subclauses. In addition, such social focus incidents, amusement content,etc. as melamine, exemplary lollipop, I will love wickedly and astringently appear in the top 50 of the billboard.

Wicky’s encyclopaedia, established formally since January 15, 2001, is kept by foundation of Wicky media, by August of 2009, Wicky’s encyclopaedia clauses and subclauses have already to count the first English Wicky’s encyclopaedia had 3 million clauses and subclauses, and the editions of all 271 languages in the world top 13 million clauses and subclauses together, chief registering users surmount 19 million people, and editor-in-chief’s number of times is surmounted for 700 million times even more, among them the clauses and subclauses count encyclopaedia of Wicky of the top 15 and account for 71% that the total clauses and subclauses counted altogether, until 14:53 (UTC) on August 31 of 2009 ,The Chinese Wicky’s encyclopaedia has already had 270,202 clauses and subclauses.

Most pages can be used the browser to read and revise by anyone, the popularization of English Wicky’s encyclopaedia has facilitated other plans too, for example: Project production such as Wicky’s news, Wicky’s textbook, though cause the dispute of the content reliability that can edited to these all people too, but if data sources listed can be investigated and confirmed, its content will receive certain affirmation.

According to the statistical findings of Wikistics, the clauses and subclauses most in hit are successively Wiki, Wicky’s encyclopaedia, AV actress in opera, Favicon.ico, Noriko Sakai, defend the sweet heart this month! , ultimate three countries, peerless trader are proud, Huang Zihua and Sino-Vietnam war. In addition eight eight floods, courageous and resolute content when real are in the top 50.

All in all, over the past the 391st (began from this website from the statistical findings) The visit of the Chinese Wicky’s encyclopaedia clauses and subclauses is arranged and called:
(Because the clauses and subclauses that the technological reason can’t be visited will be left out in this table, the second figure represents the average daily hit)

1.5,312 : Wiki
2.4,979 : Wicky’s encyclopaedia
3.1,916 : Favicon.ico (including icon)
4.1,889 : Edison Chen
5.1,734 : AV actress in opera
6.1,657 : Constant change
7.1,455 : Io
8.1,424 : Wicky’s encyclopaedia
9.1,393 : The technological reason is unable to visit
10.1,313 : Chinese Wicky’s encyclopaedia
11.1,288 : Melamine
12.1,245 : Mathematics
13.851 : Exemplary excellent excellent hall
14.838 : I like to be wicked to be astringent to know
15.828 : Fire shadow stoic
16.772 : Predestined I love you
17.759 : The technological reason is unable to visit
18.729 : Taiwan
19.729 : Private teacher HITMAN REBORN!
20.665 : Tang XuanZong
21.664 : Tabulation of AV actress in opera
22.646 : YouTube
23.637 : Lottery ticket
24.633 : Basketball fire
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26.619 : China
27.612 : Traditional Chinese
28.598 : Resplendent with jewels (TV play)
29.591 : The technological reason is unable to visit
30.584 : Hu Jia (1973)
31.583 : The leaf is asked
32.580 : Japan
33.568 : Learn to snipe alertly
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35.556 : The flexible soldier is up to 00
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46.453 : Yellow
47.430 : U.S.A.
48.422 : Black Girl
49.402 : Square Da Tong
50.400 : Sincere Ji

Yuna’s Vintage Toy Shelves

I used to house my “Gaytime” and “Totem” pottery on these shelves before Yunalesca could move independently, and as she’s started to grow and crawl, she’s decided that these shelves in the kitchen actually belong to her.

So in a stoke of genius, I have now swapped my pottery for my Melamine plastics and added her toys and plates to the shelves, so she can tear the place apart without my worrying!