melacinemoon asked:

do you do any type of head pieces or body chains, thigh chains, etc?

We actually do have some coming to the shop soon! We will be adding thigh chains and shoulder chains in the up and coming weeks.

If you don’t want to wait, or you want something specific/another type of body jewellery then just drop in a message and we’ll see if we can bring your ideas to life.

Please help if you can, it's pretty important

So a friend of mine has ordered 4+ months ago a pair of shorts from the brand “melacinemoon” (from their own website) and already payed for the not-really-cheap shipping via bank. They haven’t arrived yet and despite the many emails my friend has sent them asking for informations, they haven’t responded. So she’s getting more and more nervous about this whole situation as time passes, it could be nothing major but they don’t give out any information so that’s why.
I would really like to help her, but even tho I’m the one into online shopping, I’ve never heard of that brand so I know nothing about them. What I ask you is: if you know anything about them and/or how they work etc please message me, it would really help. 
Thank you.