Dear Swedes etc, if you watched the third semifinal of Melodifestivalen this Saturday...

…and was angered at the sketch “Bizex”, please take a bit of time to report it to Granskningsnämnden.

For those of you who don’t know, this weeks pause-sketch featured the dansband “Bizex”. The main joke is about a man and a woman who meet, but since they are both homosexuals they decide to “swap” gender so that they can be together. When their sexuality “turns back” they thus “swap” genders again.

The sketch is oozing with cissexism and transphobia, and have been reported to granskningsnämnden a few times already.

Fifteen times to be more exact.

Which isn’t really a lot for a show that gathers 3.5 million people in front of the telly each Saturday.

Of course, more people are offended by the fact that people found this offensive. A poll from Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet shows a whooping 90% of people who are apparently okay with this, waving it off as humor.

If you want to watch the sketch, you can find it HERE.

I also took the liberty of translating the lyrics used.

We had met a few times at cafés
And that evening she invited me to her home for tea (Earl Grey)
I told her about my arousal for men
And she told me she had been a lesbian since far behind
But I got an idea that was rather bright
And within a few weeks it was settled

We swapped gender with each other
I became woman and she became man
And together we became a couple
Yes homosexuality (homo, homo)
Can be handled rather discreetly (homo, homo)
If you’re just woman and man

Then we were married in church before gods eyes
She became husband and I her wife
Then during the honeymoon something had happened
Our sexualities had turned

(What did you do then?)

We swapped gender with each other
I became man and she became woman
And together we became a couple
Yes heterosexuality (hetero, hetero)
Can be handled rather discreetly (hetero, hetero)
If you’re just woman and man

Yes take an evening with your scalpel
And you’re done

The sketch is also joking about all the members in the band already having been married to each other. (Promiscuous bisexuals! Hilarious!)

Needless to say, this is pretty terrible. And I would greatly appreciate it if it could be reported further so that I (we) can at least get an apology.