HAHAHA frick in the first pic i had no idea what was going on or where I should look bc 2 of us were taking photos at once (i don’t think jay had any idea what was going on either) (which is why he had his arm on me for 45 seconds >:)) also the girls are the sisters i mentioned in my long text post!! There’s also another sister but I think she was taking the photos for them. How cool is it to have all your sisters into the same band omfg :(

Jay had his arm on me for at least like 45 seconds omfg I think he didn’t know which camera was done taking what picture bc I was taking the photo with another girl (so 2 cameras) and I thought my friend was done taking mine so I was going to leave his embrace (omfg) but he kept his arm on my shoulder so I was like yeah ok if u insist ;)

Wrote a long ass account on meeting tame impala but I can’t make it a read more bc I’m on my phone so I’ll just wait till I get back to Singapore to post it

robin says he wants to win esc and i just want to pinch his cheek and go ‘aaaaw, you really think you can manage that with your super mediocre song? good for youuuu’ because jesus, the song and performance are so bland