Mel’s Hole

Mel’s Hole is, according to an urban legend, an allegedly “bottomless pit” near Ellensburg, Washington. Claims about it were first made on the radio show Coast to Coast AM by a guest calling himself “Mel Waters.” Later investigation revealed no such person was listed as residing in that area, and no credible evidence that the hole exists.

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Mel’s Hole is a geographic anomaly discovered by Mel Waters on his land near Ellensburg, Washington. Waters claimed that he lived in or near Manastash Ridge, Washington, about nine miles due west of Ellensburg, though later investigation revealed that no such person was listed as a resident. According to Waters, the hole has paranormal properties, including a possibly infinite depth and the ability to restore dead animals to life.

While speaking on Coast to Coast AM, Waters related several stories about the hole and its properties. He also claimed that he had discovered that the hole was in excess of 15 miles (24 kilometers) deep, which he figured out by spooling out 18 reels of 20lb test fishing line, tied end on end, into the hole. Waters claims that he attached a “triangular, one-pound, standard lead fishing weight” to the end of the fishing line.

Waters and Rosemont told a story of a local man who dropped the remains of his deceased dog’s body down the hole. Later, the man saw his dog while out hunting and attempted to call it; however, it appeared to belong to another hunter. Waters also speculated that the hole’s properties might be tied to some cosmological events, including unspecified alignments of the moon.

Waters has never revealed the exact location of the hole. Despite this, several people have claimed to have found the hole. Just before the tenth anniversary of Mel’s first appearance on Coast to Coast AM, the moderator of the Mel’s Hole website declared the search for the hole was a dead end, and that it would likely never be proven to exist unless Mel came forward with evidence of its location.

In 1995 a nearby Tri-Cities newspaper, the Tri-City Herald, reported that Waters was not listed in the Kittitas County telephone directory or the register of taxpayers, and that authorities in Ellensburg were unable to find any evidence that he was a resident, thus calling into question whether he existed. During one of Mel’s interviews with Art Bell on Coast to Coast Mel claims that a friend notified him that his house was broken into by men dressed in black and driving black government vans. Additionally, he claims that his property had a facility designed for pharmaceutical purposes. A plain clothes man, guarded by military personnel told him that it would be easy to find illegal drug trafficking. Mel stated that he left his property and never returned.

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