i. gwyneth paltrow “BETTE DAVIS EYES
she’ll tease you / she’ll unease you / all the better just to please you / she’s precocious / and she knows just what it takes to make a pro blush

ii. belinda carlisle “BIG SCARY ANIMAL
here we go / some things are inevitable / don’t we know / it could be so beautiful / it’s too real / situation flammable / love is, love is, love is / a big scary animal

iii. sugababes “UNBREAKABLE HEART
it’s all or it’s nothing / that’s why it hurts / what good is an unbreakable heart

iv. september “RESUSCITATE ME
i’m begging you please / you’re all that i need / i want you to be / the air that i breathe / resuscitate me

v. sophie ellis-bextor “DOWN WITH LOVE
i’m gonna pick myself up off the floor / kick these feelings outta the door

vi. cher “BELIEVE” (almighty radio mix)
after all is said and done / you’re gonna be the lonely one / do you believe in life after love / i can feel something inside me say / i really don’t think you’re strong enough

vii. donna summer “BREAKAWAY” (single mix)
well i don’t think she can take it / and just friendship can’t replace it / she’ll be strong enough for two / although it’s hard for her to do

viii. amy grant “GOOD FOR ME
you get brave when i get shy / just another reason why / you could be so good for me

ix. rachel stevens “I WILL BE THERE
round and round we go / round and round again / then i got to thinking / i wanna be more than your friend

x. erasure “PHANTOM BRIDE
don’t you cry, don’t you cry / let me wipe away the tears from your eyes / don’t you cry, don’t you cry / let me wipe away the tears / no more, no more lies

xi. cher lloyd ft. becky g “OATH
wherever you go, just always remember / that you’ve got a home for now and forever / and if you get low just call me whenever / this is my oath to you

xii. ace of base “SHOW ME LOVE
show me love and how to share it / i’ll give you double love in return / life is now and meant for living / ‘cause it’s been grey for so many years

xiii. geri halliwell “LOVE IS THE ONLY LIGHT
we find ourselves crying 'cause we can’t make it last / we hope for the future and we reach for the past / when you find yourself alone tonight / please believe me / love is the only light

xiv. velvet “COME INTO THE NIGHT
can’t go on like you used to / 'cause everything’s coming back to you

xv. the corrs “RUNAWAY
i would run away / i would run away / i would run away with you / 'cause i have fallen in love with you / no, never / i’m never gonna stop falling in love with you

xvi. kim wilde “BABY OBEY ME
don’t play me, betray me / 'cause i won’t forget it / but if you want my love till you can’t take any more / oh baby, obey me / and i will be yours

xvii. linda sundblad “PICK UP THE PIECES
this is way too good to happen twice / everyone you love take a piece of my heart / it’s been beating for the wrong reasons from the start

xviii. the saturdays “HERE STANDING
you drained me of sadness / and filled me back up with love / no room left for the madness / that once my world was made up of / you’re the reason i’m here

xix. amy grant “THAT’S WHAT LOVE IS FOR” (single mix)
that’s what love is for / to help us through it / that’s what love is for / nothing else can do it / round off the edges / talk us down from the ledges / give us strength to try once more / baby, that’s what love is for

xx. steps “HUMAN TOUCH
we all need what we call love / does anybody really get enough / it’s the feeling we’re all dreaming of / we need that human touch

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You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player etc and write down the first 20 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people.

  1. everything’s gonna be alrightmike mains & the branches
  2. heart it racesdr. dog
  3. imaginationspyair
  4. empire jukebox the ghost
  5. abnormalizeling tosite sigure
  6. it’s not my fault, i’m happypassion pit
  7. lucie, too now, now
  8. sidewalk ends jesse thomas (my favorite song atm!!)
  9. butterfly culturebenjamin francis leftwich
  10. daisystereo dive foundation
  11. moon bjork
  12. doorsdirty old men
  13. boku kara kimi egalileo galilei
  14. i’m not your herotegan and sara
  15. ah yeah!!sukima switch
  16. night skychvrches
  17. up we golights
  18. monstersmree
  19. girls! girls! girls! — emilie autumn
  20. kindeisley

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mel-tokio  asked:

5, 12, 15, 16?

answered 5!! (also we sent each other 15 and 16 at the exact same time. the power of linking)

12. …characters you would want with you for your inevitable trek across the desert? (i’m just going to end up picking my favorites….. i can’t relate anybody to this specific question)

  • sophie
  • cheria
  • leia
  • elize
  • patty

15. …characters that listen to nothing but sugary pop music?

  • and by extension, elize
  • if pascal were a music listener, maybe her? i think it might distract her though
  • estelle, when she’s not reading
  • anise

16.…characters that listen to nothing but sugary pop music but will deny it until their dying day?

  • rita. and she absolutely refuses to admit it, especially when estelle asks (guess who she picked it up from)
  • jude, mostly because of leia. he’s not that vehement about denying it though. he just… doesn’t care to admit that it’s catchy
  • also, probably alvin. leia’s enthusiasm is too catchy, as well
  • tear, it falls under that cute category
  • why do i want to say hubert

Tamako Love Story teaser trailer!




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Hello! I’d love to wish you all a very happy new year, and in celebration of that, I suppose I made a follow forever for those lovely people I follow! It might not be much, but I wish for all over you beautiful people to understand how much you mean to me, just by simply being on my dashboard! I smile every time I see you on my dash, and you’ve made my year so much better.

This one, is to those who are extremely kind to me, or just have perfect blogs that indirectly just brighten my day! Perhaps you don’t know how much you mean to me, but here’s to show! Happy New Year to you all!

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Perhaps I suck at making friends, and keeping in touch, but all of you still make me smile, and I wish for you all to realize that. I plan to stay by you all throughout 2014, as I have for the remainder of 2013! <3