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10 favorite (completed) fanfictions? or if you can't think of 10, non-complete are also acceptable i guess;

Behind These Hazel Eyes - LPBekka

Go Your Own Way - Zavocado

0s and 1s - FallOutGirl1

There’s all kinds of courage - rholou [NOT COMPLETED]

As Long As You’re There - captain-ally

It’s not just me - joycie89

Where There’s Smoke - stoney321

DA Fight Club - jcrissrid [NOT COMPLETED]

Red Moonlight - LilVampireKitten [NOT COMPLETED]

Little Numbers - iknowitainteasy [NOT COMPLETED]

Bonus :

In a Heartbeat - TwistedRocketPower [NOT COMPLETED]

The Lion and the Serpent - Gavrochan [NOT COMPLETED]

Ryan entered the room, taking in the scene that was laid out. “Chris get out of Darren’s lap. Darren stop provoking him, and PLEASE stop quoting A Very Potter Musical during readings.”

“Go home terrorist!”

Ryan shot Chris a look, said actor looking around as if trying to find who said that. “Chris.”

Reluctantly, Chris climbed from Darren’s lap and went back to his own seat. Ryan may have broke up their fun today, but there was always tomorrow, and tonight if Darren was interested.

- A Very Potter Reading.

Fair Game; skintightsocks

“Nah, I just meant that Cory had to make like three trips to carry people to their rooms and the buses. I think Riker might be in love with him now.”

“Riker’s in love with everyone,” Chris says. “He once told me he was going to write a song about Curt’s dimples.”

“I’ve heard that song,” Darren shrugs. “It’s not bad.”