So, I just watched 3%...

I just wanna say that, as a brazilian, I’m very proud of this show. Everyone should watch and make your own opinion, but it’s sO GOOD. I mean it. 3% is a dystopia but can be very factual if we think about, for ex, the current situation of Brazilian politics. And if you dont wanna do this relation about what is real and what is not, this show still good as fuck. The plots are amazing and the development of the characters as well. You can’t watch only one episode, you get addicted bc it’s so perfectly done. The lines, the scenes, even the soundtrack, everything is awesome. And I’m so thankful to Netflix that they are providing to everybody the chance to get into brazilian film industry. We have a lot of movies and miniseries which deserve to be seen. Our industry isn’t small and we make a lot of great titles that unfortunately don’t have the chance to be known around the world. 

Anyway, I just think that u all should watch it and you will not regret it.