xxlovendreamsxx replied to your post “I’m itching to doodle something but I dunno what. Gimme something…”

give me sasuke waking up and being surprised to see sakura by his side even after all this time, and just marveling at the fact that he has her. sobs.

Sorry I can’t just draw ‘a’ doodle with this. I have to turn it into a two page sketch doujin….


Hey guys! Sorry for the silence for awhile. Trying to get back to the groove of posting things on my art blog again.

So to help, since I made The Seer a year ago, thought they can help me draw a whole page of just them being very unamused about everything. Dudes pretty old since they pretty much seen all and can’t be surprised XD.

With some interactions of the other guys when I was running out of room on pages. Sorry if it’s really small. ^^;

Wanderer and Seer actually get along fine, Seer isn’t well with gratitude so they don’t really know how to express it. Messenger on the other hand, theydontreallygetalong.

But hope you guys like it and hopefully I can learn what kind of colors to give them.