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The Ace of Swords shows the beginning of a situation whose potential is as double-edged as the blade of the sword itself. The Ace implies the use of great power, even excessive power at times, to further one’s ends but what is not clear is how those powers will be used, or what it is that you are trying to achieve. No matter what the goal, there is always great power behind the attempts to reach it and, as such, very little can stand in the way of the energy of the Ace of Swords without being destroyed. 

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Eir'melana ‘Mel’ Lavellan a.k.a. The Silver Arrow of Halamshiral

This beautiful portrait was created by none other than the highly-esteemed @mako-art I highly recommend commissioning her. (I am going back for seconds, once I get moar monies) She is a sweetie pie, and she put up with my suggestions, and lengthy descriptions of Mel, (She’s a keeper) ALSO! her style is cute and very detailed! AS YOU CAN SEE!

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Name: Nat Sko’dal
Occupation: Jedi Master, and teacher to some of the next generation’s Jedi
Height: 5’8”
Age: Physically, 50 (After the Galactic Civil War)
Pronouns: They/Them
Special Abilities: Nat has a cyborg eye where their blind eye once was. It’s not good for helping them see like a normal human eye, but it can detect temperature signatures and electromagnetic waves.
They’ve also gained a prosthetic limb in place of their left arm. They had this arm specially built to store their lightsaber inside the forearm.
Nat has a unique ability to see constant and absolute visions of the future rather than premonitions that can be changed or prevented, and sometimes they were able to see flashes of other people’s pasts. They could see visions for specific people if they came into physical contact with said person, as in holding their hand and such. This being said, while they may know much of what the future holds, they are helpless to change what fate has in store. So for everyone’s sake, they usually keep their thoughts and visions to themself.
Personality: They are old and worn, seeming to be much more frail than how they should be at this age. They lack the energy they once had years ago, but they are still a skilled Jedi nonetheless. Their aura is kind and warm, but also faintly somber. They will joke around with their family often, doing their best to keep up everyone’s spirits, but they seem to be in pain.

Surviving The War and Onward: Through most of the Rebellion and Galactic Civil War, Nat’s group had gone mostly unnoticed by either side until the Inquisitors discovered that they were alive. For a while, they were constantly on the move again and did their best to keep a low profile, but word of their survival began to spread. While the Inquisitors were unable to defeat Nat and their group, their anonymity was no longer existent. It was then that they decided to officially join the rebellion as themself, not under any alias. They became a rebel faction stationed off in Dantooine, where their home/base of operations was at the time.
They continued to be a teacher to Mel La’ari, their current Padawan. But they found themself also taking two former inquisitors who seeked redemption under their wing. With their long time friend Szarka, they taught these students in the ways of the Jedi. (Through a small training mishap, Mel accidentally managed to swipe Nat on the chin with his lightsaber. Nat was only slightly injured by this, but it was definitely time for a lesson in restraint.)
It wasn’t uncommon for Nat to wander off on their own every now and then, following wherever their visions took them. But today, their visions brought them face to face with great danger. Instead of more inquisitors, they encountered Darth Vader himself. This was not their first run-in with the Sith Lord, they had faced him many times before, but they were alone this time. The battle was long and drawn out, seeming as if it would lack a victor, but Vader was persistent. He managed to cut off Nat’s left arm right at its base, nearly granting him total victory. But before he could deliver the final blow, Nat used the force to crush a vital part of Vader’s breathing apparatus, this granted them the opportunity to escape. They never encountered him again after that.
Nat was fitted with a prosthetic arm, but something troubled them. A faint feeling of dread began to grow within them, they sensed something was terribly wrong. They kept quiet about their worries, but they decided they would no longer go on solo missions.
The war was soon over, and with Luke Skywalker, Nat did what they could to help the next generation of Jedi grow. They kept their group of trainees mostly separated from Luke’s, however, feeling that was for the best since Nat had different methods of teaching.

Today, Nat still lives with their family of Jedi, old clones, and other trainees on Dantooine, now with a much larger and nicer home. But that feeling of dread still lingers in them, and it has not gone unnoticed.


Also, here is a zoomed in version of the pictures inside their metal arm, since it’s really hard to see on that ref-

Characters pictured here are (younger) Nat, Szarka (character by @averageprodigy), Kobe (character by @dapcat), Mel, Citro, Shae (character by @averageprodigy), and at the bottom are all of Nat’s clones: Blue, Smoky, Andy, Ice, Crow, and Bowie.


When Mel was young, he found a baby Varactyl that ran away from a group of poachers. And naturally anyone who finds a friendly, dog sized lizard is gonna want to keep it. So after a lot of begging, Nat decided to let him keep it to teach him responsibility. Mel named him Peete, but he had no idea that it was still a baby. They eventually had to build a whole new shed to keep him in, but Peete’s been a happy member of the crew ever since.