mel yell

Nanny and single parent-Zayn AU

Summary: you are the new Nanny. 

Smut: Yes 

Word count: 2.4k

A/N: I hope you like it 

Help wanted:live in Nanny. Requirements are; at least something of early child care, and first aid. Will be a nanny to a 6 year old girl, you will be doing housework, making meals, laundry, picking/taking up from school, homework help; and if you do go to school we will arrange what will need to be done. Includes room and bored, with a family car and the pay starts off at $20 an hour Thank you, if you are interested please contact me by email.


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my parents are in the town where they’re filming some will ferrell/mark wahlberg movie and i guess mel gibson is in it too because he’s there at some million dollar house decorated for christmas in april… anyway i asked my mom if she yelled at mel gibson for being antisemitic and she hasn’t responded… if my parents had tumblrs thye’d always be making posts like “it’s okay to like media that is problematic! celebrities aren’t perfect!” my dad refuses to listen to criticism of bill maher and asks every time why i go upstairs when he turns on his show… 

anyway my mom just texted back “i thought about it [yelling at mel gibson]” which is obviously not true, my mom considered quitting her teaching career of 30 years to get another job because one mother of a student was mean to her…