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Worried About Trump? Think Local
Mel Wymore, the first out trans candidate for New York City Council, touts "the power of local elections."

Mel Wymore urges anyone in the community who wishes to oppose the rise in bigotry to activate through participating in local elections.

I urge you to get involved. Right now we need the best leaders we can find. Support people who are running for office. Run for something yourself — even if you’re challenging a member of your own party. We have a chance to change this country from the bottom up and to create greater justice and equality every step of the way. Let’s get to work.

While the sheer size of national politics may seem daunting to the individual to the extent that they feel like they couldn’t possibly make a difference, that scope is a totality of smaller parts. Local elections are immensely important in forming the conversations of larger issues, and they are entirely affected by the individuals in the community.

A quick Google search will show you groups and committees you can join. It’ll feel good to make a difference – and, as a bonus, it’ll look good on a college application! 

Mel Mymore Wants To Change The Way NYC Thinks About Gender

On September 10, New Yorkers will be casting their primary ballots for city offices — and potentially making history if they elect the first out transgender council member.

Though attention has been focused on the mayoral and comptroller campaigns, the race for the City Council seat on the Upper West Side, District 6, could end with the election of the first out transgender person on council, or in elected office in the state.

Wymore said he sees this race as part of his responsibility to address the issues about gender identity that took him decades to figure out and led to his eventual decision to transition from a woman, while serving as the head of the local community board.

“For people like me who have been very lucky to live in one of the most progressive communities on the planet, where I could be the chair of the community board and announce, ‘Hey, I’m transitioning. I’ll keep you posted,’ … I realized it’s really my responsibility to bring that to other people — to bring that conversation out,” he said.
Trans City Council Candidate On Opponents: 'I Can Beat Out Their Life Story Any Day'

New York City’s openly gay and bisexual politicians include a state senator, a United States congressman, four state Assembly members, and four city council members, including the current mayoral front-runner Christine Quinn. But if Mel Wymore wins his campaign for New York City Council on the Upper West Side, he will be the first transgender official elected by the city that gave rise to the modern gay rights movement.