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I love my fellow DC fans, I really do, but jeez sometimes i just wanna slap some sense into yall. You can’t fret every single wild rumor that some rando journalists plops out online. Especially for a movie that won’t come out for years. This is important so it’s worth repeating, Suicide Squad 2 is still in very early development. Nothing is set in stone. Studios approach several directors this early on before finding someone they like. Someone like Mel Gibson is used to total creative control, he would not mesh well within the blockbuster formula. This entire deal is dependent on Mel Gibson not being an egotistical shit heel, so make your bets. And if he does take the gig it’s still not the end of the world. You still have Gotham City Sirens, Wonder Woman, Black Adam/Shazam and the motherfuckin’ Justice League. I hate the Doctor Strange movie and everything it stands for but it’s not gonna stop me from enjoying Black Panther. Wonder Woman comes out in a few months, so I’m gonna celebrate and support that. You wanna send a big ol’ fuck you to an antisemitic, misogynistic asswipe? Let’s make a movie starring a jewish woman and directed by a woman bigger than anything he’ll ever be able to do in this genre and never let him forget it.

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Am I the only artist that loves the “I don’t even like this ship but dat art tho” comments???

Like yes please, tell me more how MY ART is so damn fine you like this pic of ppl you don’t ship!!!! Tell me how good I did!! My approval starved ass is gonna roll in it

Like who cares if crazyxeyes29 doesn’t ship spirk??? As long as they’re not salty in the tags/comments then please, reblog my art into the eyeballs of your followers???!!!

This has been, Unpopular opinion time by mel

Strictly Business

What’s this? I wrote more for the Demon AU?

Vitality (mention) belongs to @lycheemilkart.

Taking a life requires an equal payment in return.

In the grand scheme of things it does not put a dent in Melarue’s ledger in the slightest, not enough to warrant much attention, but it is enough to set them on edge. A little hollow feeling in their chest, that lasts for several weeks while they devise a plan to thrust the debt onto someone else.

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In an entirely black space, a glowing cyan and yellow circle appeared in thin air.

A small skeleton stepped out from the circle.

“Gzus, this place sure gives me the chills,” Timekid Sans remarked, shuddering slightly as he looked around, searching for the skeleton he knew was in here somewhere. “No wonder Mel is terrified.” His bright eyes swivelled around.

As soon as he knew about Mel’s whereabouts after a pacifist timeline , TK, knowing about Mel’s fear, had decided that he had to keep him company, at least for a while. Besides, Mel had saved both him and his younger brother Papyrus from the hands of GZtale Papyruz…so of course he had to return the favour.

‘Ah, there he is!’

Upon spotting the magenta and black figure, TK immediately ran over to him.

“Mel! Mel! It’s me, TK!

The older skeleton turned slightly, clear tears flowing from his eyesockets. His mouth curled up in a weary smile.

“Heya kiddo~” Melancholy Ganz greeted, mustering the most cheerful tone he could manage. “Watcha doing here?”

TK sat down beside him, grinning . “After you saved me and Pap’s ass back there….I haven’t properly thank you yet! So just thought I’d do that now!”

Mel raised a browbone. “You came ALL THE WAY here to thank me. Doesn’t sound very convincing, kiddo.”

The smaller skeleton’s head sunk into his hoodie sheepishly. “Welp, ya got me…..”

“So why are you here, kid?” His pink and yellow eye suddenly blazed brighter, and TK could practically feel the heat emulating from it. “You better not lie again, I can tell.

‘No shit,’ TK thought as he gulped. "Actually, I just thought you needed some company here….I heard it’s an unaVOIDable issue!”

Mel stared at the younger skeleton as he explained himself, and chuckled weakly at the pun.

“Well, you should probably leave, TK.” Mel replied quietly. “This is no place for kids. And Geno’s probably worried about ya-”

“I told Geno I was coming here.And…"TK’s voice softened, yet his tone was more determined than ever. "It’s okay to be scared, you don’t have to hide it. Ganz probably wouldn’t want it.” He dared to add.

Mel turned to TK, surprised at how mature he sounded. Maybe it was a time traveler thing? But inside, he had to admit he felt reassured by his words.

“Nice pep talk, kiddo,” he remarked, smirking, his voice unusually thick. “Guess I won’t be able to persuade you to leave. Welp, do you wanna spar while you’re here?”

TK sprang to his feet. “Yes, please!”




OMG! This is a good story and you really captured TK’s personality! One flaw though, he doesn’t speak in profanity other than “Damn” or “crap” XD He changes those “Fs” into “Tick” or “Tickin’” X’D but overall I LUV IT! <3

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fuck coworkers and FUCK CONTROLLING NEW COWORKERS!!!! a new girl just came on as hostess and is trying to tell ME, the TRAINER, how to seat in proper rotation when she was the one who septuple seated a SINGLE server. By the end of the night, our senior server had around 15 tables (she usually has the most) and Mel, my seven table wonder had about 26 tables. I'm not able to watch her 24/7 and she fucked up so bad last night on a BUSY night. God i felt so bad for Mel but i hope she got $$$.


• it’s still daylight outside and still kids playing in my street but I’m definitely in bed

• I have to pick 4 kids up tomorrow at 7am and we are definitely gona swing by McDonald’s for breakfast because you gotta cheer yourself up somehow on a Monday morning

• My life feels very chaotic and messy right now and I’m not a fan

• Some parts of it though feel good - like my position in work and opportunities that I have been given so I’m just trying to hold onto and focus on those moments

•I really want to find a house and things keep falling through/fucking up and I wish I hadn’t been so naive going into this thinking it would be a piece of cake 🎂

• Home is stressful - the worst it’s been in a while and I’m just trying to keep everyone together (it’s very 🙃🙃🙃)

• I’m booking flights for Vienna in the next few weeks though and I’m excited

• Paris too!

• It’s my birthday in 2 weeks!

• I have a whole weekend away this weekend as all the young adults at church are getting together to plan our summer camp and I couldn’t be happier about it. Also one of my closest friends from Nashville gets here on Friday for 3 months and I can’t wait to hug her!

• that’s all I got. Hoping for a good week - hope you guys have one too!

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Senkiller, what do you think of Melancholy in general? (Not little Mel, actual Mel.) And I wonder if the hopelessness poison on Mel's fluff (You know, the jacket fluff?) still has effect in the UnderNC studio.

“If you’re talking about the older Mel, well sorry, I’m not interested. Plus i haven’t met him yet so why even bother asking?” - SenKiller

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Hi Mel! I was just wondering if you knew what those two blank and grey panels were above and besides Touka's surprised face when he put it in? Idk is there a symbolism of some sort?

You mean this, nonny?
lolol 😂  to me, it looked like some kind of “special effect” of something “breaking”, if you know what I mean *dies*


Another commission I’ve been given permission to post, yay! This lovely work was commissioned by a user no longer on tumblr, but very active with wonderful stories on AO3 under the username CuriousDinosaur! This is a scene from their work ‘Together for a Lifetime’, which has a very interesting take on the world of Ocarina of Time! Please consider checking it out if you like GanLinK! 

I had so much fun drawing this commission that I went a little overboard on the scenery! Though I definitely need to practice more on backgrounds so it’s a win win for the both of us! Thank you Mel for a wonderful commission! 

More Zelda from me here

Other Ganlink stuff I’ve done~! 

“I wanted to recreate this look from her Blond Ambition Tour because it’s maybe her most recognizable one, and at that time it was incredibly provocative. I loved the way she mixed extremely feminine lingerie with masculine elements like suiting, playing with traditional symbols of gender.”

“When I was little, we would play Spice Girls in school, and I always wanted to be Ginger — but my friends would always tell me I had to be Scary because I was black. It was upsetting for me as a 6-year-old, but as I got older I started to think, Why would I want to be anyone other than Scary? Scary is clearly the best Spice Girl!”

“When I was growing up, Wonder Woman was on in the afternoons. In the summertime, I would go into the woods near my house and pretend to be her; so I have this spiritual affinity for Lynda Carter’s interpretation of that character. It wasn’t until I grew up that I found out about the sociopolitical history and feminist elements of the show; as a kid, I was just attracted to how a human being could be both so powerful and so glamorous at the same time.”

“Like Grace Jones, I’m an artist; I work in fashion, music, acting, drama, and writing, all to take my feelings and translate them into something that will change the social stigma around black, queer, fat bodies. To wear this little clothing in the skin I’m in, I feel, is a strong statement.”


These trans people recreated their idols flawlessly. See the more here!

📷 : Jon Premosch/BuzzFeed

Get to Know Me!

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Name: mel, mels 

Star sign: aquarius

Height: “eh, i’ll give you 5′1″ - my doctor

Age: 18

Time right now: 6:47pm

Orientation: uhhhh just figured out my gender dude i’ll get back to u 

Ethnicity: white af my dude

Biggest fear: spiders and being trapped and talking to people (especially on the phone)

Favorite color(s): ORANGE i rlly love that shade right between creamsicle and cheese puff

Favorite music artist(s): FALL OUT BOY, patent pending, vampire weekend,  panic! at the disco, and billy joel

Favorite book(s): percy jackson, twilight saga, any ghost story compilations tbh, the great gatsby

Hobbies: i play bass guitar, ukulele, i draw, i sing, i write sometimes, im on tumblr all the time, and every wekk i have a new passion

Average hours of sleep: i aim for nine but usually get about seven (tis not enough)

Language(s) you can speak: english and like. a basic conversation in spanish

Reason behind URL: i really fucking love rain and i wanted a change from my bandom account (i used to be fall-out-bacon hello)

Middle name: ann. i hate it, its so boring


Dream job: rn the life goal is to be a preservationist/restorationist at a museum but i’d also love to be a set designer for roosterteeth or broadway, or costumes maybe. i’d also like to be an in-house bass player in a recording studio so i can record whenever somebody doesn’t have a bass player

When was this blog made: uhhhhh 2013 sometime i think

Number of followers: 781 but idk how many of those are bots haha

What made you decide to create this blog: i had just gotten obsessed with fall out boy and needed a place to look at pictures of patrick stump

i tag @klancerous @ah-so-unbelievable and @usa-not-ysa (but like. don’t feel pressured haha)