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Alright, what about Horrorshift Chara then?

you can come up with as many edgy aus as you want but even the nastiest charas still have a special place in my heart

i see what you did there
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I love my fellow DC fans, I really do, but jeez sometimes i just wanna slap some sense into yall. You can’t fret every single wild rumor that some rando journalists plops out online. Especially for a movie that won’t come out for years. This is important so it’s worth repeating, Suicide Squad 2 is still in very early development. Nothing is set in stone. Studios approach several directors this early on before finding someone they like. Someone like Mel Gibson is used to total creative control, he would not mesh well within the blockbuster formula. This entire deal is dependent on Mel Gibson not being an egotistical shit heel, so make your bets. And if he does take the gig it’s still not the end of the world. You still have Gotham City Sirens, Wonder Woman, Black Adam/Shazam and the motherfuckin’ Justice League. I hate the Doctor Strange movie and everything it stands for but it’s not gonna stop me from enjoying Black Panther. Wonder Woman comes out in a few months, so I’m gonna celebrate and support that. You wanna send a big ol’ fuck you to an antisemitic, misogynistic asswipe? Let’s make a movie starring a jewish woman and directed by a woman bigger than anything he’ll ever be able to do in this genre and never let him forget it.

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Another commission I’ve been given permission to post, yay! This lovely work was commissioned by a user no longer on tumblr, but very active with wonderful stories on AO3 under the username CuriousDinosaur! This is a scene from their work ‘Together for a Lifetime’, which has a very interesting take on the world of Ocarina of Time! Please consider checking it out if you like GanLinK! 

I had so much fun drawing this commission that I went a little overboard on the scenery! Though I definitely need to practice more on backgrounds so it’s a win win for the both of us! Thank you Mel for a wonderful commission! 

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Other Ganlink stuff I’ve done~! 

“I wanted to recreate this look from her Blond Ambition Tour because it’s maybe her most recognizable one, and at that time it was incredibly provocative. I loved the way she mixed extremely feminine lingerie with masculine elements like suiting, playing with traditional symbols of gender.”

“When I was little, we would play Spice Girls in school, and I always wanted to be Ginger — but my friends would always tell me I had to be Scary because I was black. It was upsetting for me as a 6-year-old, but as I got older I started to think, Why would I want to be anyone other than Scary? Scary is clearly the best Spice Girl!”

“When I was growing up, Wonder Woman was on in the afternoons. In the summertime, I would go into the woods near my house and pretend to be her; so I have this spiritual affinity for Lynda Carter’s interpretation of that character. It wasn’t until I grew up that I found out about the sociopolitical history and feminist elements of the show; as a kid, I was just attracted to how a human being could be both so powerful and so glamorous at the same time.”

“Like Grace Jones, I’m an artist; I work in fashion, music, acting, drama, and writing, all to take my feelings and translate them into something that will change the social stigma around black, queer, fat bodies. To wear this little clothing in the skin I’m in, I feel, is a strong statement.”


These trans people recreated their idols flawlessly. See the more here!

📷 : Jon Premosch/BuzzFeed


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Mel had no idea why the administration wanted him to join one of the sports teams. He was probably one of the biggest nerds in the school. And he wasn’t even interested in sports! All of it seemed so cryptic. The dean just called him to his office and then asked him to keep an eye on Coach Larson. And the best way to do that was join a sports team. Then the dean promised to pay for most of his tuition if he could get some kind of information, so Mel couldn’t really pass it up.

“All I have to do is tell you what he’s doing?” Mel asked, still skeptical. The dean just nodded and handed him the paperwork. “Okay,” Mel smiled as he signed his name. “Shouldn’t be too hard, right?” However the dean didn’t respond. Mel’s confidence seemed to have just made him even angrier.

Mel left the office and headed for the gym. It wasn’t too hard for him to find it. He’d visited it a few times before just to see what it was like to work out. There was also a part of him that was still trying to fight off the extra weight college put on him. He’d done an okay job but still wasn’t satisfied. He’d lost that thin waist that he’d had in high school. But then he thought about all the pizza and snacks he’d eaten instead. Honestly he wouldn’t have wanted to give that up either. It’s just now he was in the gym looking around trying to figure out what anything did.

“So you’re the new recruit?” Coach Larson’s voice boomed. It filled the gym, startling Mel. Coach put out his hand for a hand shake.

“Uhhh… Yeah.” Mel shook the man’s hand. Coach had such a strong grip. Just that handshake made him feel intimidated. “I’ve been thinking about getting back into shape.” He grabbed the soft belly in front of him. “Haven’t been here in a while though.”

“No need to be embarrassed,” Coach was practically gleaming. “As long as you stick to it and do everything I say, you’ll be fine.” Coach let out a laugh, “Oh, and don’t give out any of my secrets.”

It sounded like it was supposed to be a joke, but the way Coach looked at Mel it was like he knew what was going on. “Secrets?” Mel laughed pretending to be stupid, “You can’t have too many secrets, right?”

“Haha!” Coach’s laugh was hard and quick, “Course I’ve got secrets. Everybody’s got secrets. But some are worse than others. Eh?”

Mel’s eyes lit up. Was it really going to be this easy? “Like…” he paused hoping Coach would finish the sentence.

“Well, there’s my muscle growth drink,” Coach leaned forward and pulled out a bottle with a brownish liquid. “Made from the blood, sweat and tears of my star athletes. These boys produce so much testosterone it floods out of their body. So we bottle it and then feed it back to them. It’s the best way to do it.” Coach sounded so serious. He leaned forward like he was going to tell a secret. “All you got to do is drink it to be one of the guys,” he shook the bottle. The liquid splashed around the container. It looked a lot thicker than water but not like a protein drink.

“Sounds kind of gross…” Mel’s nose turned up as he grabbed the bottle. He wasn’t sure what it was supposed to be. It smelt kind of… Musky…“Are you sure that’s even sanitary?”

“Sanitary doesn’t matter. It’s the results. You wanna look like those guys right?” he beat his chest and then pointed at one of his star players. “How do you think I get these guys to be so big?” Coach still had serious face on. He leaned into Mel’s ear. His voice went to a whisper. “Go on. Drink it. You wanna be part of the team, right?”

‘Tuition fees. Tuition Fees. Tuition fees,’ Mel repeated in his head as he pulled the mysterious liquid closer to his face. He plugged his nose trying to ignore the smell. Then pulled the drink back taking a large amount of it in his mouth. He sloshed it around afraid of it actually going down. He was hoping that the taste would go away. And he wouldn’t be able to know what it was. It was just too damn salty that his mind instantly went to the worst. Finally he was able to swallow. It went down hard.

“Ho-ly fuck,” Coach started laughing really hard. “Boy, did you really just drink that thinking it was blood, sweat and tears of my star athletes? Damn, you really are loyal son.” He was way too busy laughing to see how red Mel’s face had gotten. “Like, I thought you weren’t going to do it. You had me worried and then you just downed it like it was nothing. Fuck man.” His laughter was subsiding. He wiped away a tear. “Don’t worry bout it. There’s a place for you on the team. I’ll make sure of it.”

“Okay…” Mel still felt sick to his stomach. “So what do I do now?” he paused still trying to get his bearings. “Coach?”

“Well,” Coach was beaming, “First we gotta get you changed then you can start training.”

“Okay…” Mel was starting to wonder just what the school administration thought was going on. Sure Coach was a bit of an ass. But that’s not illegal. Well maybe calling him an ass is pretty harsh. It was just a joke. And if it wasn’t even that gross, did it matter? Mel shook his head as he took off his shirt. He didn’t notice that his was tighter around his shoulders than his waist. There was just too much going on. He’d go tell Coach what the school board was doing and that’d be that.

He paused at the thought. It sounded backwards. He would tell the administration what Coach was doing. But that sounded even worse. Coach wasn’t that bad of a guy. And there wasn’t anything going on. Coach just liked playing jokes sometimes. Then why did everything feel so confusing. For some reason it was getting hard to think. There was something telling him not to trust coach but then there was another part telling him how important coach was to him.

Mel grabbed his head trying to make sense of it all. For a second he thought that there should have been a lot of hair up there but remembered that coach told him to keep it shaved. It helped give him a tougher, more authoritative presence over the other guys. He was one of the team captains after all. They had to treat him with respect. None of them really talked back to him though. He had a pretty nasty glare. Really knew how to look intimidating. His eyes narrowed and focused as he tried to figure out what was happening.

“No, I’m supposed to tell the dean,” but that still sounded wrong. That meant he’d be going behind Coach’s back. There was no way he was going betray coach’s trust. Not after everything they’d been through, that would just be wrong. His body flexed on a reflex, thinking about how mad he’d be at himself for betraying coach. He saw his body in the mirror. “Am I growing?” the question sounded stupid because it was. He laughed flexing his arms again. “It’s just cause I flexed. Coach would think I’m so stupid.”

But he was in fact growing. His weight was distributing itself throughout his body. The fat on his belly was raising up to his arms and shoulders. It left a thick defined six pack in it’s place. The extra weight on his butt reformed itself giving him a solid strong ass that most people couldn’t help but at least glance at. Everything about him looked perfect.

With another flex he felt much better. “Yeah. This feels good,” he smiled at his large muscles. They bulged all over the place. Coach had trained him after all. Making sure he was one of the biggest guys out there. His strong, amazing physique was all thanks to Coach. They’d trained so long and hard together. Coach made sure he didn’t forget any of his muscle groups and even helped him with a meal plan. That helped him keep a pretty thin waist even with how big he was. Most of the guys complained about seeing his abs even through his shirts. But the girls all liked it.

The more he thought about coach the more miserable he felt. It was like they really good friends. And he was about to throw all that away for what? A little money. Fuck that. He wasn’t someone who threw away his honor just for a little bit of cash.

Mel stared into the mirror. He felt a little bit more confident about what he was supposed to do. Coach had always been there for him and he knew that Coach would have the answer. The dean be damned. Coach was the one who’d always been there for him making sure he had everything he needed. “Coach I have something to tell you,” despite his size Mel approached the other man weakly.

“What’s up champ?” he asked in his usual cheery voice. Even giving him a light slug to lighten the mood.

“I’ve been talking to the dean… He wants me to spy on you,” Mel couldn’t even look at his coach in the face, “I’m really sorry. He promised to pay for a bunch of my tuition fees…”

Coach gave his signature laugh, “Is that why you’ve been lifting so poorly this week? I thought you’d gotten yourself some kind of girl. Or you were turning into some kind of pansy.” He gave him another friendly slap to the chest. Mel’s eyes finally made contact. “Don’t worry about it man. The dean’s an ass. So we’ll just keep our own little secret, eh?”

“What do you mean?” Mel was really confused.

“C’mon knucklehead. We just don’t tell him you told me. Then you spy on him for me. I give you some of my ‘secrets’. Then you get to keep the money and not have to worry about any ramifications,” Coach waited for Mel to nod. He knew the five syllable word through him for a loop. “That’s my boy. Now go workout. I let you have an easy week so I expect you to outdo yourself today.”

“Yes sir,” Mel said with a confidence. He knew coach knew what was best for him. And he was more than happy to serve.