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I love my fellow DC fans, I really do, but jeez sometimes i just wanna slap some sense into yall. You can’t fret every single wild rumor that some rando journalists plops out online. Especially for a movie that won’t come out for years. This is important so it’s worth repeating, Suicide Squad 2 is still in very early development. Nothing is set in stone. Studios approach several directors this early on before finding someone they like. Someone like Mel Gibson is used to total creative control, he would not mesh well within the blockbuster formula. This entire deal is dependent on Mel Gibson not being an egotistical shit heel, so make your bets. And if he does take the gig it’s still not the end of the world. You still have Gotham City Sirens, Wonder Woman, Black Adam/Shazam and the motherfuckin’ Justice League. I hate the Doctor Strange movie and everything it stands for but it’s not gonna stop me from enjoying Black Panther. Wonder Woman comes out in a few months, so I’m gonna celebrate and support that. You wanna send a big ol’ fuck you to an antisemitic, misogynistic asswipe? Let’s make a movie starring a jewish woman and directed by a woman bigger than anything he’ll ever be able to do in this genre and never let him forget it.

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“I wanted to recreate this look from her Blond Ambition Tour because it’s maybe her most recognizable one, and at that time it was incredibly provocative. I loved the way she mixed extremely feminine lingerie with masculine elements like suiting, playing with traditional symbols of gender.”

“When I was little, we would play Spice Girls in school, and I always wanted to be Ginger — but my friends would always tell me I had to be Scary because I was black. It was upsetting for me as a 6-year-old, but as I got older I started to think, Why would I want to be anyone other than Scary? Scary is clearly the best Spice Girl!”

“When I was growing up, Wonder Woman was on in the afternoons. In the summertime, I would go into the woods near my house and pretend to be her; so I have this spiritual affinity for Lynda Carter’s interpretation of that character. It wasn’t until I grew up that I found out about the sociopolitical history and feminist elements of the show; as a kid, I was just attracted to how a human being could be both so powerful and so glamorous at the same time.”

“Like Grace Jones, I’m an artist; I work in fashion, music, acting, drama, and writing, all to take my feelings and translate them into something that will change the social stigma around black, queer, fat bodies. To wear this little clothing in the skin I’m in, I feel, is a strong statement.”


These trans people recreated their idols flawlessly. See the more here!

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Another commission I’ve been given permission to post, yay! This lovely work was commissioned by a user no longer on tumblr, but very active with wonderful stories on AO3 under the username CuriousDinosaur! This is a scene from their work ‘Together for a Lifetime’, which has a very interesting take on the world of Ocarina of Time! Please consider checking it out if you like GanLinK! 

I had so much fun drawing this commission that I went a little overboard on the scenery! Though I definitely need to practice more on backgrounds so it’s a win win for the both of us! Thank you Mel for a wonderful commission! 

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Other Ganlink stuff I’ve done~! 

Music Shuffle Meme

I was tagged by the wonderful @mel-loves-all to do the Music Shuffle Meme

So I’ve put my phone on shuffle and these were the first 10 songs I listen to

Fadded - Alan Walker

Firestone - Kygo

Running up that hill - Placebo

A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay

Don’t you worry child - Swedish House of Mafia

Demons - Imagine Dragons

Castle of Glass - Linkin Park

Send my love - Adele

Extreme ways (from the Jason Bourne movies soundtrack) - Moby

Burn it down - Linkin Park

A bit ecletic I know, and this is just a sample, it doesn’t even cover 50% of how ecletic this list is.

So now for the tag’s. I’m tagging on a pure voluntary bases, you are free not to do it, @cruzrogue @hope-for-olicity @tdgal1 @coal000 @scu11y22 @almondblossomme @nalla-madness  

I wonder how long Laura sat there in that chair, clinging to Danny’s body, dreading having to hand her over to Mel.

I wonder how long Mel stood there, waiting solemnly for Laura to be ready for something she should never have to be ready for.  I wonder what she did, once she realized Laura wasn’t going to let go so easily.  I wonder if she looked down at Kirsch, silent tears streaming down his face as he stared helplessly at Danny’s body, and the blood that still seeped slowly from her wound.  I wonder if she reluctantly hauled him to his feet and took him to another room to patch him up.  To give Laura some time with her.

I wonder if Laura would speak at all.  If she would even be able to through the tears.  I wonder what she’d say.  How many times she would apologize, getting louder and louder until her voice broke into sobs.  I wonder how many times she would yell, begging Danny to come back, to get up, to be ok…because she needed her.  They all needed her.

I wonder if Laura would touch her.  Gently brush a shaking hand across her face, wiping her hair away from her deadened eyes.  Touching light fingertips to the wound that had stolen her away from them.  Wrapping her arms around the impossibly tall girl as breathless wails began to wrack her body.

I wonder if she would rock, wanting to release her anguish in wretched screams.  I wonder if she would.  If she would scream until her throat felt raw and she tasted blood.  Until she couldn’t scream anymore.  Until the weight of death on her shoulders made her feel like she was drowning, suffocating.

Because she is drowning.  In their blood.  All of them.  The Voice of Silas kids, the loyal Summer Society sisters, Mattie.  And now Danny.  She’s drowning in their blood and maybe…maybe she’s not sure she wants to be saved anymore.  Maybe she’s not sure she deserves to be saved.

Because of the two people who have always saved her, always seen her as worth saving, one is lying dead in her arms and the other, well she thinks the other one has given up on her