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Hi everyone! You know how in movies such as The Little Mermaid and The Lady and The Tramp, there's these people who sing or play a romantic/sexy song (like "Kiss the Girl", "Bella Notte", etc) for a couple who's either in love, sexual tension, about to kiss each other, or all 3? Has any of you tried to do something like that for... the couples in the tower? If so, which songs did you use on a couple? And did it work (I'm guessing Tony or Barry has done it at least once)??? ((You too, Mel.))

Wanda: Barry’s done it to a number of us. With the help of Clint and Sam here an there. Pietro has done it as well.

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Steve: He used Bella Note on Sharon and I once… 

Scott: Cassie used Kiss the Girl on Hope and I.

(I have not written anything like this yet. I feel like I should though…)