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shiro: *BUSTS INTO KEITH'S ROOM AT 2 AM* KEITH HOLY FUCK!!!!! allura held my hand today and we made eye contact for like two seconds. keith, in an extremely tired voice: that's nice shiro... shiro: *sits on keith's bed and proceeds to gush abt allura for hours* (basically just,,, shiro revenge for all the times keith kept him up at 2 AM on the one night keith was actually planning to just sleep)


It seems like a long time ago now but summer of last year I made Junction, an original audio drama, with Mel. We got our friends Ally, Brit, Delaney, and Sam to voice-act for it and we went from the concept of me wanting to do a serious narrative in the podcasting medium with f/f representation, to over 100 pages of scripts with Mel’s wonderful writing, to 24 episodes totaling over 2 hours of audio. It’s the only time in my life I’ve been a part of crafting an original, long-form narrative and we did so in the medium I’ve spent 10 years exploring through podcasting. At the same time the series was completely female with female-female relationships, helping to tell the type of progressive stories I’ve been advocating. It was one of the most fulfilling junctures of my life, honestly. I’m so happy I was able to see the project to the end, executing on Mel’s writing, which was really good and she put so much time into, and actually applying the creative energy that usually stays bottled up in me.

I’d love if more people checked it out, I really think it’s something that a lot more could be into. The series was 24 episodes with 3 mini-episodes, totaling 2 hours, 41 minutes of audio. It’d be easy to marathon it on the Youtube playlist, or on iTunes.