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Ravenpuff friendship pros and cons +headcanons please

Yay! My best friend is a Ravenclaw (also Mel’s boyfriend) so I’d be happy to answer this one!


-Ravenclaw showing the logical side to things when Hufflepuff is only seeing the emotional aspect
-Hufflepuff showing the emotional side to things when Ravenclaw is only seeing the logical side.
-Platonic cuddles when the other’s in need of comfort/support
-Hufflepuff being supportive and encouraging when Ravenclaw gets frustrated
-Ravenclaw not letting Hufflepuff get pushed around by people and sticking up for them when they aren’t able to do it themselves.


-Arguing over the smallest shit bc Ravenclaw is unable to be proven wrong ever.
-Ravenclaw getting excessively upset when they google the answer to what them and Hufflepuff were arguing about when they find out Hufflepuff was actually right and they were wrong.
-Ravenclaw not being able to handle when Hufflepuff gets over emotional especially when Hufflepuff doesn’t really know why they’re upset and Ravenclaw doesn’t get it bc they don’t understand why they’re upset for seemingly no logical reason.
-Hufflepuff feeling like they can’t talk about their emotions with Ravenclaw sometimes bc Ravenclaw wouldn’t understand the emotional aspect fully.

This was really personalized to my friendship bc that’s what I’m familiar with but I hope you like it!

-Miki (the Hufflepuff)

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i'm not sure where i read this but i remember seeing a post (i think it was a sue quote? idk) stating that dylan had a koala beanie baby and that he carried it with him everywhere. i was wondering if you knew what post i was referring to , thanks !

oh also , if you know the name of the beanie baby that’d be great ! i’m pretty sure it’s mel but i’d lov to get a definitive answer (~: [ it me again , the bee knee babbie anon ]

Dylan did have a Koala bear stuffed animal when he was little kid and he probably did take it with him everywhere he went as it was his favorite of all his stuffed animals. Though, it’d be a mistake to think he carried the thing with him as he grew as an older boy such as late elementary school on into middle school in the nineties.  Yes, the Beanie Baby Koala bear is called “Mel” but to clarify, that is the company’s name for their Koala bear and not Dyl’s name for it.  Also, he would not have had a Beanie Baby Koala because Beanie Babies didn’t exist until 1993 and by that time period, he would’ve been too old for stuffed animals as a tween boy. Dylan had a regular stuffed animal Koala bear which he would’ve gotten as a child in the Eighties-  probably similarly to these first two 80s style bears. It seems very likely that Dylan’s Koala is visible in this photo.  Also check the here for all other posts about his Koala. :) 

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Hey Mel! :D who's your favorite writer? and there's any one you look up to when it comes to writing?

to be honest, my favorite writers change all the time, it’s always about the moment i’m going through and how much i connect with the author… about two years ago my favorite writer was Patrick Rothfuss (he still is somehow, but he hasn’t written anything new and i’m getting old waiting for his third book so i feel a bit disconnected with him right now..) and i really look up to him because his prose is just… magnificent, and i have the luck that many people told me that they see his influence in my writing style and that’s such a huge compliment to me. 

right now my favorite writer is Murakami, i love that man so much, his books are a bit generic sometimes but the simplicity of them blows me away, they’re very human and it’s impossible to not feel touched or identified by his life metaphor’s, besides he’s such a melancholic writer and i love that, haha.. so yeah :o that’s all i think, in terms of prose and everything Stephen King is one of my huge mentors and i take very seriously every one of his writing tips