mel reiff hill


It’s Day 1 of the Queer Comics Expo at the Cartoon Art Museum, with panels and special guest speakers on queer and gender issues in comics! Here’s a few of our favorite quotes from today:

Favorite quote from the panel Non-monosexual Characters in Comics:

“I refuse to choose between cats and dogs”
-MariNaomi on the pressure to choose between dichotomies.

“When you occupy multiple cultures you learn to speak multiple ‘languages’”
-Tyler Cohen on cultural literacy

"Relationships with women are seen as lesser by outsiders”
-Tara Avery on perceptions of relationships based on gender

“In J-rock male band members will make out as fan service”
- Dylan Edwards on regional differences

Favorite quotes from the panel Trans* Representation in Comics:

“Cis people often fall into writing the lone trans friend, but if you’re trans you seek more trans community.”
-Dylan Edwards

“We can make the gender as important or unimportant as we want.”
-Mel Reiff Hill on what working in a drawing medium like comics offers.

“I like the idea of being a freak in high school,”
-Mariko Tamaki on why she would love to write X-Men.

Queer Comics Expo continues tomorrow – join us!