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Carnation: Is it really that bad there?

Helios: It’s not the worst… but my two best friends love each other, but can’t be together without getting hurt. And I’m going to be forced to marry some Peach boy that I hardly know. There’s just not much good in my future. 

Carnation: Then you should move back here once you graduate from school. You can stay here until you can get on your feet. 

Helios: You don’t have to do that Mrs. Fairyfloss. 

Carnation: I’m serious Helios. You only have one life, and if it would be better here then you shouldn’t let anything stop you. Mercury, Mel and I will all be here for you. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! Just curious, how old is everyone? I know Mercury was pretty young when they had Peony, but now all the kids are grown and have their own kids, and, for example, Rose and Crepe still look like, at most, Adults? Even though they're great grandparents now lol

None of their ages are very exact, but Mercury, Mel and Carnation are probably in their mid to late 40′s by this point. V is around 19 at the moment, but I’m not really sure exactly what the age difference between her and Peony would be (the children’s age difference is all over the place) so I can’t calculate Mercury’s exact age. 

Rose and Crepe are actually elders in game. I need to recolor their hair in my elders palette still, and figure out a way to make their wrinkles stand out more with the overlay I use. My sims still struggle with looking eternally youthful :P