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simcitiess  asked:

Hey, I'm still rooting for carnation/mel and mercury/easel. I mean, they've been besties forever and he basically ran away to be with his easel... 😂

He ran away to be with an easel, but his original one was burned by his mother o_o but I do find him spending more time with his easel then either of the girls xD 

anonymous asked:

So, I'm following (and loving!) the Fairyfloss legacy and seeing everyone pick sides, admittedly mostly Mel's but also Carnation's, and at first I was on Carnation's side, especially because I felt so bad for her, but also... Why not both? Even if I'm the only one, I've decided to root for Mercury/Mel/Carnation OT3. :)

Go for it! And I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one. I got an ask about it a while ago that I’ve been holding onto, and I saw someone else replied to a post with OT3. So unless one or both of those are you, there are at least three people who like that idea ;) 

anonymous asked:

Oh my gosh... OH MY GOSH CARNATION IS PROPOSING!! (Shoot, idk if he'll accept... This relationship has so many secrets now it seems. I don't think it should go onwards)

Both Mercury and Mel have made an unspoken agreement to pretend that night never happened, and now that Carnation is back, Mercury wants to just pick things up where they left off before she went to the academy.