mel forde


This is quite random. Our weird Wizard Liam adopted two loud disgusting evil mole-rat babies…Our DM didn’t expect that. 

They are lovingly called Mel and Ford. Don’t ask me which is which….

Liam gets in serious protective dad-mode when in battle (ง’̀-‘́)ง. So far so good. (He even sacrificed his new cape to make a baby sling).  

Not sure if this illustration is finished yet, but I have other stuff to do. We’ll see. It was supposed to be practice anyway, but again, as usual, it got out of hand. Just like Liam’s caring nature :/.  

Rules: List ten of your favorite characters from ten different fandoms and tag ten others.

tagged by @siverwrites. Thank you! 

  1. Ace Attorney: the Phantom
  2. Alice Isn’t Dead: Keisha
  3. The Bright Sessions: Caleb
  4. Ghost Trick: Banana Head Man (still avoiding spoilers obviously)
  5. Gravity Falls: Ford Pines
  6. Off: Zacharie
  7. The Penumbra Podcast: Juno Steel
  8. Pokémon: ……. Giovanni tbh. 
  9. Welcome to Night Vale: Steve Carlsberg
  10. Wolf 359: Hilbert

History of the Expendables
So much testosterone.

@badgalriri: Nobody in de world could mek me laugh di$ ra$$hole hard, Nobody cud talk a$ much cunt a$ you, Nobody cud keep my dirty lil $ecret$ like you, Nobody el$e cud embara$$ my $tyle….You literally make bitche$ wi$h they had an M.Forde by their side! I will never take for granted the day you packed your $hit and left BIM to come hold me down, cuz God know$ I would never be able to $urvive thi$ and remain my$elf through it all! You are literally the $trongest, $exie$t, most perverted, humble, kind, intelligent, $hady a$ PHUCK human being I know! My $i$tren!!! My hitta!!! I know I tell you thi$ all the time, but Money cud neva buy what you give me!! Our friend$hip will alway$ be family! Ya $weet a$ $ex!!! #MDollaz #April11 #HappyBirthday @mdollas11”