mel edwards


While i was in Paris i was lucky enough to be able to explore some of the vast underground network that is “The Catacombs” i was underground for about 9 hours which wound up being one of the coolest experiences of my life, seeing human remains scattered everywhere, subterranean rogue art galleries, a library, statues, and murals, that probably took weeks to complete. Rooms that people dug out and decorated themselves, but for now, i’m just posting a small portion of photos from the “Cinema Room”. The Paris Catacombs are an amazing, elaborate, giant, underground museum of history and art. Every room has a story,  Also known as “The City of Darkeness Beneath The City of Lights”.

Fucking MEL B from THE SPICE GIRLS know who Little Mix are and mentioned them in an interview without a second thought and yet we have bitter ass people still replying to posts about Little Mix like “who?”

Bitch pls, swerve and get your annoying ass outta here. Joke is long overused and was never funny to begin with.