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headcanon that birds are mel’s favorite animal.


I felt the need to post this for three reasons:

  • 1. people in general asking how I did it
  • 2. people questioning if I took a gifset and ran it through photoshop filters
  • 3. because I want people to know that its digital art- painted in photoshop- not traditional. In my original post I used the words “hand painted” because I was groggy and exhausted and I wanted to imply each frame is a from-scratch illustration but I think some people took it to mean there are 16 physical hang-on-the-wall paintings of this which there certainly is not. I tried to change the wording but the post kinda went viral before I had a chance to catch myself. Sorry about that. I may be less awesome than you thought. Oh and on a side note this method of animating is called rotoscoping (same method was used in the movie Anastasia).

Scene from The Stone Rose by Jacqueline Rayner (BBC Books)

(p.s if there are other scenes from the official books you want illustrated, send an ask and if i feel like doing it sometime I might. :) ) 

But she carried on anyway, raising the phial, tipping it slowly, carefully, to one side… A single drop, a liquid emerald, splashed on to the stone cheek of the Doctor. And the cheek became flesh. Pale flesh, dark hair, intense brown eyes. His tunic rippled back into cloth, ten toes wiggled within his sandals. Arms flexed, and grabbed Rose into a hug. Soft lips pressed hers with a kiss of gratitude and joy and unspeakable pleasure at being alive.

‘Wotcha,’ Rose said, smiling through her tears.

‘Hello,’ he replied softly, his eyes shining.

‘I think you must be real,’ she said after a moment. ‘My imagination’s not that good.’

This is still pretty rough, I started painting it last night at like 1am. I’m sure I’ll finish it up here soon, but I thought I’d share at the halfway point anyhow.