mel cosplay

cosplayer: Mel Gonçalves
photography: Ronaldo Ichi (CAA Photoshoot Magazine)


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I got me some suggestions from the Portal Chat… what a mistake that was! 

We got Angry Mel, buff corrupted companion cube, potato battery wheatley, virgil threatening nigel with a gun, espacio core, rattmann in companion cube cosplay, Will, and Mike (from stranger things)

Thanks for the suggestions @thedastardlybastard @emmys-sketchbook @ticktackie and @steamclient


Worked a bit on my make up skills for the cosplay :D and this time I actually figured out a good way too add freckles too I’m kinda proud of that actually lol x.x
sadly most of the selfies turned out kind of blurry because of my shaky hands :/

(I also removed the two front pockets of the jumpsuit to use as the patches on the knees later as the pockets aren’t needed but some same-colored fabric for those patches are :D)

I have wanted nothing more than to keep this whole project under wraps until I was completely done with it, but I see so many other people struggling to find a way to move the gosh-dang ears that I decided to share at least one thing I discovered a little while ago while building my head.

You’ll need bolt cutters to get these babies down to the correct length—unless your ears turn out to be longer than mine, but otherwise this is the motion you’ll get out of them. It adds some weight, but they always return to shape and, as was my end goal, it allows the tall ear to be bent over to get through doorways. Make sure you reinforce the side of the head where you install these also. I haven’t seen any huge problems with cracking, but I didn’t want to risk it so I reinforced the foam core right away regardless.

Special thanks to fnafbot for the initial templates as well, and hopefully this will be a somewhat viable solution to help out that spring problem everyone has been having.


You are not in control here.

Blue - @sunnii-d

Echo - ZuZu

Charlie - jemmalep

Delta - @sorta-out-there

Indominus Rex - Rachel

T-Rex - @kazzlet

Jurassic World group @ London MCM Comic Com October 2015

“I gave him the death glare… but he kept leaning closer. I don’t think Will understands what the phrase death glare means from a child of Hades…” 

–Jak putting words into Nico’s mouth XD

More shots from @aka-s-mel‘s and my photoshoot!

Based on @cookiecreation​‘s lovely artwork! Check it out here! Full credit to artist for the idea!

Photography and edit credit @aka-s-mel


Decided to do a costest for Fem!Satan. I literally put 2 minutes of effort into this, since this is how I look pretty much every day, so I know it could be better, and I definitely want to improve. Just did a bit of gimping to see how I’d look with the golden eyes! Fem!Satan can be seen in all her glory at thisiskindagross! The lovely picture is from here.

(my hair is so frizzy omg ignore that)

DestielCon 2016

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Finished my Mels Zucker aka Melody Pond aka River Song cosplay. You can’t tell but I opted for denim shorts instead of a skirt because seriously, no. I also chose red converse because River wears those fabulous red heels, and Ten is my favorite doctor. Yes those are footless tights. Let me know what you think, this was my favorite version of Mels, I like to call her smels 😊


I bought this heavenly necklace set on Ebay and it FINALLY CAME. LOOK AT IT. IT’S GOT THE FRICKIN KEY TO THE BOAR HAT will add it to my Mel cosplay somehow hehe. It’s not plastic either, it’s surprisingly heavy. Kind of an awkward necklace though considering Gideon is like 14 cm which is around 5 inches, but I LOVE that about it. If you want to get yourself one of these snazzy sets, get over to Ebay soon I think there are only 2 left.