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“If we don’t survive this night, I will die unafraid, Kaz. Can you say the same?”
His eyes were nearly black, the pupils dilated. She could see it took every last bit of his terrible will for him to remain still beneath her touch. And yet he did not pull away. She knew it was the best he could offer. It was not enough.
She dropped her hand. He took a deep breath.

Notting Hill AU -
   The life of a simple bookshop owner changes when she meets Carmilla Karnstein, the most famous film star in the world.

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Title: you asked for it
Summary: She tells him to make a better use of his mouth, and he does just that.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: Glory
Rating: M
Comments: I’ve been waiting ages to write this AU and something about lilithkiss‘s smut fanart of this AU and yeah HERE IT IS. Also, TOTAL BIRTHDAY GIFT TO THE WONDERFUL LORE!


She couldn’t breathe.

Moments ago, she might have been pissed at him, might have been livid enough to want to rip his damn stupid elvish head off his shoulders, but with the way he had cornered her, his hands on her each side of her head as he looked at her, dark eyes intense and sensual, filled with the most sinful of feelings, she couldn’t find it in herself to even muster any ounce of anger.

At the way his mouth lifted in the corner, and at how one single brow raised just so, he knew exactly what he was doing to her.

There was something strangely arousing in seeing a usually apathetic and collected elf showing the most subtle, but powerful signs of desire and interest.

Sasuke, like all his other kind, had never been prone to expressing his emotions, no matter how positive or negative. He’d only ever shown that side of himself in their most dire times, like that night they fought the wretched guardian beast of the old dwarf caves, where they’d almost lost their guide, Kakashi, in the midst of it all.

But this was something entirely different. They were in his family’s own Elven lands, safe from any harm and hidden from the rest of the world. She wasn’t sick or hurt or dying—there was no reason for him to display such bursts of… non-apathy. What could have possibly brought on this sort of freedom in expression? What could have possibly swayed him out of his usual comfort zone of practised disinterest, and into this complete lack of suppression for the simplest—

A gasp left her lips as he suddenly leaned forward some more, hands sliding to her face, one skimming fingers teasingly over her right shoulder, while the other cupped her jaw so gently that she felt he might as well have not been holding it at all. The tip of his nose nudged alongside hers, lips fluttering teasingly over hers—but never touching—while he watched her carefully, the heat in his stare still blazing. Sakura let out a shaky breath at that, unable to stop her gaze from dropping to his mouth hovering over hers, still.

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sai crashed and then my pen pressure ceased to exist :’D only thing left from a comic

“You know, the only thing I remember from Sunday school is the Martyrs. The Saints, The Saviors. They all end up the same way. Bloody and Alone.”

Been meaning to draw this wounded handsome duck for ages…

So I totally failed Inktober. Haven’t drawn since. Last night I needed to stress draw and it randomly ended up being Mob from Mob Psycho 100 so uh here he is (It’s all my roommates fault. We watched One Punch Man together awhile back so she made me watch this with her too and after I had to read it because addiction. It’s honestly even better than OPM I think).


Scene from The Stone Rose by Jacqueline Rayner (BBC Books)

(p.s if there are other scenes from the official books you want illustrated, send an ask and if i feel like doing it sometime I might. :) ) 

But she carried on anyway, raising the phial, tipping it slowly, carefully, to one side… A single drop, a liquid emerald, splashed on to the stone cheek of the Doctor. And the cheek became flesh. Pale flesh, dark hair, intense brown eyes. His tunic rippled back into cloth, ten toes wiggled within his sandals. Arms flexed, and grabbed Rose into a hug. Soft lips pressed hers with a kiss of gratitude and joy and unspeakable pleasure at being alive.

‘Wotcha,’ Rose said, smiling through her tears.

‘Hello,’ he replied softly, his eyes shining.

‘I think you must be real,’ she said after a moment. ‘My imagination’s not that good.’

I don’t have a problem you have a problem. I should just do one of these for every s2 episode to catalog the changes their hair goes through.