mel appreciation week


Every companion deserves love, so what better way to show you love than dedicate a week to showering them with affection? So we’ve decided to dedicate 7 days to our favourite companion Mel Bush, starting on the 16th of July and ending on the 22nd (Bonnie’s birthday!). Yes, we hear you say, I love Mel too, but how do I participate? It’s easy! Here at fuckyeahmelaniebush we will be using the hashtag #mel appreciation week and encourage you to do the same! There’s no right way to go about it. You might like to make gifs and share screencaps. You might like to draw or write something. You might just make a text post detailing how you feel about Mel. You might watch (or rewatch!) one or all of her serials, or listen to one of her audios. Our ask and submit is open to all! So send us a postcard, put a message in a bottle and throw it into space! Let’s show our love for the amazing, time and space travelling computer expert from Pease Potters.