mel & ian

Time And Time Again
  • Time And Time Again
  • Ian Wiese
  • Portal Stories: Mel Soundtrack

I haven’t seen this up anywhere except on Harry101UK’s channel, and it’s one of my favorite tracks of this mod

Composed by Ian Wiese, the album art cover is by Jacob Briggs

you can find the whole soundtrack on Harry101UK’s channel


this is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life

Carmilla Season 2
  • Elise: I play Laura Hollis
  • Natasha: I play Carmilla
  • Annie: I play Perry
  • Kaitlyn: I'm playing LaF
  • Matt: I play Kirch
  • Shannon: I will be playing Theo
  • Nicole: playing a character who's name is Mel
  • Ian: I am playing Baron Vordenberg
  • Sophia: I'm playing Mattie
  • ...
  • Sharon: I AM DANNY.
  • ...
  • Everyone: Uh, Sharon...don't you mean you *play* Danny?

you know, i just gotta say something.

yeah, i think its rad that mel and ian are hanging out. i think its sad that people are bringing back melian posts. but i have two things to talk about:

1) DO NOT push melian back on the two. they have said absolutely NOTHING about getting back together. as far as we know, they’re just hanging out. besides, their relationship/friendship is by far none of our business

2) great. this is absolutely fucking great. i noticed that when mel and ian broke up, everyone forgot about melly… when ant and kalel broke up, everyone still watches kalel and hangs with her and stuff. this. this is what we need for mel! we need to give her attention. she deserves to be noticed again. we go on and on about how much we love her, then so many people forget about her. i havent, thats for sure. that post about it being months since a mostlymelanie video and civilization falling apart because of it, that had quite a few notes and one of my followers showed it to mel and she saw it? that was me who made it. because i haven’t forgotten about her. shes such a role model to me. please. maybe if we show her a bit of love, shell start making videos again for us like weve been begging her,

thats all for not. see ya.