mel! it's him

Ravenclaw: *rushing around

grabbing papers and muttering to


Ravenclaw: I have so much to do! I

have no time to do it!

Ravenclaw: *continues rushing and


Slytherin: Raven.

Slytherin: Raven! Baby, calm down.

Slytherin: *takes their hands and

makes Ravenclaw look at them*

Slytherin: You’ll get it done.

Ravenclaw: *lays their head on

Slytherin’s shoulder*

Ravenclaw: Ok.

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to the slytherin (mel), can you tell us more about you and your boyfriend(ravenclaw) and some cute convos or incidents maybe. Btw, i totally ship you two

Oh, this is gonna be a long one 😅

So convos and incidents huh? Ok.

So when I was in 8th grade, he was a sophomore. So I had to go to this youth group and they went to see the musical at Lincoln High School (It was Oliver). So anyway some people in the youth group were in it so we went to see it. Now, The Artful Dodger has *always* been my favorite character in that musical so naturally I paid him more attention than anyone else. And at the end of the show, I told my friend I thought he was cute and had a great voice and she told me to chill because I “would never date him.”…….. So fast forward to freshman year where I met this girl named Cierra. We became best friends which will be important later. Like the 3rd day of school I ran across some junior who thought he was all that and we got in a few fights where I was called a “stupid fucking freshman”. A month or so later Cierra moves and I don’t see the terrorist junior anymore….. So the beginning of last year, my sophomore year I end up meeting Miki. And the first thing she tells me is that I should meet this guy Dakota because he would like me. And one day I’m in the student store with my friend Bina and I see this super cute guy. I say she should introduce us and she does and his name is….. Dakota. So we talk a little and Bina talks me into asking him out. We talk for about a week and he finally says yes and we’ve been together since. And it turns out he was Dodger. And the terrorist junior. And….. Cierra’s twin.

So that’s how I ended up dating my best friend’s twin, a guy I hated, and my 8th grade crush all at once. 😂

The first thing Miki told me when we got together was “well I knew he’d like you but this isn’t what I meant.” 😂😂

We’ve had lots of cute convos, most of which I’ve posted (they’re all tagged with source: my boyfriend) but recently he relented and told me that if we’re still together, which more than likely we will be, he’ll propose on my graduation day. 😄😅

There’s a lot of randomness like him pulling away from a kiss and asking for my opinion on O'Hare Air (from the Lorax).

If I think of anything funny or interesting or cute I’ll post it tonight so watch for those. 😂😂

-Mel (the Slytherin)

I don’t think i say this outside of my tags too often, but Jonghyun is so incredibly talented, so incredibly thoughtful, so funny, so wonderful and amazing. He’s so BEAUTIFUL, inside and out. I am so happy to call myself his fan. To be inspired by such a person who, every single day, gives me more and more reason to appreciate his existence. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be able to identify as a Blinger. 

Inktober Day 8! Again, I know it’s a day late but I don’t even care I’m just happy I got it done

I drew Virgil from Portal Stories: Mel!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!!

I swear, if Virgil was a canon character he’d but my favorite. (but since he’s not, I can’t really call him my favorite “portal” character. So, he’s my favorite non-canon Portal character-)


“Oh, Mel Brooks can swan around writing his comedy westerns where people say the N word, but I scream it at someone in the street and suddenly I’M THE BAD GUY. Yet again, it’s one rule for the movie and TV bigwigs and another for the ordinary bloke who just wants to wear a swastika in a pub.”

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17. things you said that i wish you hadnt

“You know, Sasuke-kun, we’ve been together for quite a while,” she says to him one night, as they are both walking home from their monthly Team 7 meetup at Ichiraku’s. He simply hums in response, and lets her snuggle up closer to him as his hands remain shoved in his pockets. This makes her frown. Matter of fact, Sakura reminds him, “Five year now, actually. And we’ve been living together for four of those years.”

He spares her an amused glance, the corners of his lips lifting in a small smirk. “I’m aware of this, Sakura,” he says, looking at the road ahead of them once more. She watches his lips twitch into a small, teasing smile. “I think you’re forgetting which one of us actually remembers anniversaries and appointments,” he adds.

She gasps and elbows him lightly, cheeks flushing as he chuckles softly and tucks his arms into his body, pulling her even closer. She smiles a little, and leans her head on his shoulder, relaxing. Neither of them say anything as they listen to the sound of their footsteps and crickets in the still market. Most people have gone home, and Sakura thinks it is because everyone can smell the rain in the air. 

Even so, it is a nice, quiet night, she thinks to herself.

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I swear to god my summer job is like a cliche dating sim
you’ve got the boys
coworker one: funny, talkative, a lot of friends around the workspace and is always open and likeable
coworker two: quiet, shy, and younger. Super sweet and wears glasses
my supervisor: a couple of years older but is always Super Stressed and seriously needs a hug. but is always really nice to me and smiles a lot despite him being constantly on edge
and I’m always talking to all of them
like. bro I could write a god dammed visual novel off this shit

I said it before and I’ll say it again, the best thing about the Japanese version of Replay is being able to hear Taemin’s strong voice from the very beginning showcasing just how much he’s grown as a vocalist since debut. As a shawol you can’t help but feel proudest listening to that song.

does anyone else sit down to watch the 30 minute fansign fancams or is that just me?