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💊 character is sick; Mekt and Karate Kid

Mekt Ranzz: There is pain from the light gracing over his eyes when he wakes up. Dull heaviness in every limb that is a blessing, momentarily, before the wounds filled with blood register in his fevered brain and he glances, as well as he can, over at his little brother (little, little brother, despite his growth and his no longer needing Mekt to be the bigger brother) unwrapping the gauze he must have found in the back of the ship Mekt had been staying in since the explosion and the infection had set in. There is soft motion that feels as rough as an ocean wave blasting at a life raft to Mekt, but he does not say anything. There is too much cotton clogging his brain to bother trying. There is too much sullen acceptance of this situation he often finds himself and Garth in…and gratitude, also. 

Karate Kid: Who doesn’t really get sick, but he finds that, when he does, it’s quick and gone like greased lightning in a glorious summer rainstorm. Who did, somehow or other, become very ill from the effects of some otherworldly tea Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl brought back from a mission and shared with the rest of the Legion once. Who was fortunate enough to be talking with Chameleon Boy when the tremors started and the black at the edges of his vision; before his gag reflex acted out in earnest and he was on the ground, spewing the results of the tea entering his stomach and digestive juices. Who could not help the grey, foamy result ending up on the floor and his hands pressing the ground amongst the vile expulsions. Who was glad for Cham, after he couldn’t hold himself up and ceased to be conscious. Who awoke in his room with the addition of soft, warm fur and an over sized feline bodied Cham wrapped around him to keep Val feeling protected and safe.

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So, for your version of the LOSH/SU AU, what fusions form the most often, or what are some of the fusions you had in mind that you like the most?

Finally finished the reply for this, sorry for taking so long ^^;;

Ok ok, so fusions:

My friend @bitchyfoxcandy aka Jupiter drew some last year, go look here: we’re updated them a bit since then, but essentially they are the same.

The fusions she has drawn if you can’t read:

Mekt and Lightning Lad = bigger celestite aka Ranzziplier”

B5 and Saturn Girl = Watermelon Tourmaline

Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl = Cotton Candy Quartz

Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy = Taaffeite

Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad = Aura Quartz

Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy = Twilight Amethyst

Here are some takes on the fusions we have established so far:

Triplicate Girl is actually a prototype of the cluster that came out much earlier than expected after the war, but idk if she really counts as a fusion because her situation is more reversed: She can split up into 3, but only for a limited amount of time or else she risks being corrupted.

As for who fuses the most, it would probably be Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy because mentally they are able to coordinate easily, and their combined powers are also the most stable. Cue jealous Lightning Lad.

But the three founders do fuse a lot as well, possibly making them second most common.

Kell and Superman do fuse as a Garnet, but they have a lot of conflicting views on how to do things, so it doesn’t happen as often because while they agree on what they want to get done, they won’t agree on methods to do it. Future vision doesn’t help this issue. Especially since Sapphire Superman’s own future vision is not that great.

As for my favorite fusions… Ho boy. Very hard to pick favorites.

Well, I call the fusion between Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy, Twilight Amethyst, the “no homo” fusion because they don’t wanna admit they care for each other, and I may or may not be a sucker for their interactions on the show.

The fusion between Mekt, a white-blue celestite and Lightning Lad, an orange celestite (I only found out recently that celestites can be orange, which helps because he doesn’t look good being the same color as a smurf) comes out as a larger celestite who we have dubbed “Ranzziplier” because we realized that they both share some similarities with Markiplier, so now we keep face casting Mark as their fusion.

And then there is Mekt and B5’s fusion, who is a Fluorite we called Thirsty the Fusion, particularly for the Supermans/Garnet (think mettaton but up the thirst factor by 100x). Haven’t got a design for him yet tho.

Now this particular fusion we haven’t finished planning either gem or design wise, but they are essentially the equivalent of Sugilite, and I have been ridiculously fond of for a while: Mekt and Phantom Girl’s fusion. Mekt can make some pretty bad decisions and has esteem issues he tries to hide, and Phantom Girl can get drunk on victory and goes crazy. Essentially, it is not a good idea for them to fuse as they will get carried away with something and be destructive as fuck.


Feldy: “From what I remember there were like, 3 massive security guards, they push me out of the way and they’re like “ANDY BIERSACK IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN THE STAIRS!”, and I’m like, “now, who the fuck is Andy Biersack a) and b) like dude, stop eating so much, like really, and yeah, that was my first experience meeting you (Andy), my friend. It wasn’t even a ‘meet’.”

Andy: “[laughing] but whats funny about the story is, I didn’t have any security guards, so maybe those guys were just…really passioned large fans […] I apologize for this many many times, can you forgive me now?”

Feldy: “No, I cannot.” (x)