I have been nostalgic the last couple of days. Mostly because I am homesick. Also because it is only starting to hit me that i have about two and a half weeks left in this beautiful country. 

I am horribly homesick. :/ I never thought I’d ever feel this way. I miss my mother most of all. When we talk, I wish we’d never stop. Sometimes just knowing she is on the other side of the phone makes me feel so at peace. She’s a stubborn woman but when I talk to her, I feel at home. I also miss my sister. One of the things I cannot wait for is living with her. I only got to spend a little of the summer with her and that sucks so much. I’ve grown to actually like the little troll :P She’s really my best friend. Talking with her feels so right. It feels like it should have felt my entire life.. 

So quick side note. Most of my thinking happens in the shower. I’m not sure why but I get my best thoughts and ideas when I’m taking a shower. 

So back to the story, this morning when I was in the shower, I thought about all that I have left to do these next three weeks and the realization that there’s only literally three weeks left makes my heart break! I began crying… I really don’t want to leave. This week is kind of chill, but then comes next week where we have a Henna party, a mock wedding, and Tangier during the weekend. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THAT! And then the week after that, I go home. I go back to my family that I miss so much. 

There’s nothing wrong with feeling torn between these two things but urgh. I just wish things were easier.. I feel like the Lord still has so much left to do in me. I don’t want to leave, but the part of me that wants to leave wants to take everything with me. I’m so torn!

The picture above is from the view on the terrace of the house I live in… I love that place. Sigh.

anonymous asked:

So you're from Khouribga ?

Well I don’t live here, I just visit every other summer 😕  But yeah, my moms family is mainly here. And then my dads family is mainly in Rabat, Fes, and Meknes. 😊