The fandoms shipping problem

Ok so vocaloids they have no personalities what so ever. Basically shipping is a free for all in this fandom, that is not the problem I am addressing here though, this makes the fandom interesting I think. The problem is the people who shove their ships in your face. For example I ship Len x Kaito but there are always those people who freak out over it because they Kaito is mikus and mikus only. I personally don’t ship miku x Kaito and prefer Len x Kaito and Mekio x Kaito but I won’t tell other people their ship is bad because it’s not mine. This is a pretty big problem in the fandom. Now I will laugh at pairings I find bad because they make no sense to me but I won’t tell the artist or producer who ships them together that their pairing/otp sucks. Vocaloids have no personality and you can ship any vocaloids you like together. Liking a pairing doesn’t mean anyone else has to, stop shoving your ships in faces of people who don’t like your ship or ship one character in it with another. It’s annoying and not cool. Vocaloid is basically free for all shipping,et others ship what they want, if you find some one who like what you ship great. If not oh well maybe you can discuss ships with them, with out arguing over which is better.