mekhi pifher

Okay, so here it is! My exciting news…I met Dule Hill in NYC! (I look weird because I was freezing and really happy to be meeting him!)

It honestly all happened by chance. My friend and I decided to wait in line at the Txts booth in Times Square to see if we could get tickets for a Broadway Show. We were thinking of mostly musicals, but then I remembered that Dule had mentioned on Twitter (yeah, for celeb stalking!) that he was in a play called “Stick Fly” produced by Alicia Keys. I mentioned it to my friend, who is also a really big Psych fan and we decided that’s what we wanted to go see, and we got tickets SECOND ROW for half off. It was so sweet, and just really really lucky.

Anyway, the show was absolutely amazing. It was funny and had just the right amount of drama. Mekhi Phifer was also in the show. He’s really handsome up close (he was wearing an ER 200th episode jacket, which I thought was hilarious.). I have his autograph, but forgot to take a pic with him, mostly because I was just zoning in on Dule because I love him so much. And, the girl who plays Anne Hathaway’s bestie in The Devil Wears Prada was in it. It was so cool. I highly suggest going to see this play if you’re in NY.

My friend and I decided to wait around to see if they’d be coming out to sign autographs or whatever, and it was actually super easy. There were maybe a group of about 20 or so people waiting and Mekhi and Dule came out like 10 min after the show so the wait wasn’t long at all to meet them. They were both super nice, and really generous and lovely people, taking the time to meet with everyone before leaving for the night, even though they had done 2 shows that  day. You can tell Dule looks kind a tired in my photo..haha.

But, the best part is that I had bought my mom a Burton Guster shirt from the NBC store earlier that day for Christmas before even knowing I was going to see this play. So, I whipped it out and had him sign it! My mom is now getting the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER and I’m so excited because I honestly had no idea what to get her! Woot. He graciously signed the shirt and said “I haven’t seen this one yet, I’m going to have to get one!” And then took a quick picture with me.

It was just so awesome, and completely a surprise! We didn’t plan any of that, and it worked out perfectly. Just like we didn’t plan on seeing Jimmy Fallon in NBC. I have no pictures of that because we weren’t allowed to take photos, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. :)