mekakushi code

メカクシコード (Full Mix)
じん ft.やさぐれ子猫
メカクシコード (Full Mix)

Since my friend Nyuwie hasn’t uploaded/revieved set 3 yet, i thought i’d take initiative.

Blindfold Code (Mekakucity Actors Version) - Full Mix

Jin ft. Yasugure Koneko


Yuukei Yesterday Full Mix and Instrumental


Assassin’s Creed : Mekakushi Code

featuring Kido and Kano(?)

Beware Ezio.

VOCALOID Mobile Rhythm Games - Masterpost

VOCALOID music is featured in many other games than Project Diva!
Here is a masterpost of mobile (iOS/Android) rhythm games that feature VOCALOID music in their levels.

I will list:

  • The game’s title
  • A fun fact
  • The mobile platforms it is available on and its price
  • A short plot description (if applicable)
  • A short gameplay description
  • The game’s aesthetic
  • The number of tracks (total, not exclusively VOCALOID songs)
  • The genre(s) of music featured
  • The language(s) of music featured
  • Its difficulty

Subsequently, I will list:

  • The titles of the featured VOCALOID songs, in the order they are listed in the game
  • I will also include their producers/composers, as well as the name of the VOCALOID(s) providing vocals
  • Difficulty Levels
  • Genre
  • Language
  • In-game Packs/Chapters it is featured in (if applicable)
  • I will also mention how to unlock them if they aren’t given

I will also include screenshots of:

  • Title screen
  • Gameplay screen
  • Results screen
  • Level select screen

 I have played all of these games.
Some songs’ virtual singers are UTAU or CeVIO rather than VOCALOID– I am aware. I am including them regardless.

This post was last updated 10 August 2017.

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