New 'Mekakucity Actors' Anime Announced
During a streaming event hosted via Nico Live for Kagerou Project, it was announced that Mekakucity Actors will get a new animated series, with the project to be tentatively titled Mekakucity Reload. It is unknown at the moment whether the series will be a sequel of the first season. Kagerou Project is a series of vocaloid songs created by Jin. The mixed-media project has received various adaptations, including a 12-episode anime adaptation in Spring 2014, produced by studio Shaft. A light novel series under the title Kagerou Daze has been publishing since 2012, with its seventh volume to be released on August 29. The light novel and manga series have been licensed for North American release by Yen Press, while Aniplex of America has licensed the anime series. Source: Nijipoi Mekakucity Reload on MAL

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anonymous asked:

kano for the hc ask :-)

comin right up dear anon! mod dork and i are both answering this one.
tomorrow we have some image replies comin up for you all~
also note: mod dork and i are lazy, so if u want a charas full name, specify! but if someone still wants to see our ideas for “shuuya”, let us know and ill add it here~~

K: How do you know when you’ve upset them?
hmmmm let’s see….. it’s pretty hard to figure out when you’ve upset kano, i think! he’s so good at faking a smile all the time, but i think if he was reeeaaally pissed off his expression would noticeably become colder. still smiling, but it’d be icy, and you could definitely see it in his eyes. a pissed off kano wouldn’t otherwise let you know… though he make take his revenge in some way later. he’d definitely mess with you, and he’d be none too careful about hurting feelings. like with danchou, don’t mess with little shit kano.

A: What are/were the character’s best subjects in school?
Okay, Yobanashi Decieve flashbacks incoming… Kano would kill it in drama. His teachers would comment all the time that his commitment to a role was almost unsettling, and he has a serious talent for improvisation. His teachers would even give his (adoptive) parents phone calls expressing disappointment for how he would never participate in school plays.

N: What do they usually eat for breakfast?
whatever kido cooks, most likely! she has to strong arm him into cleaning up, and it’s usually seto or herself that ends up doing it, so getting him to help with the cooking itself would be all but impossible… but i think if he did have to cook for himself, it’d be something simple like rice or eggs and toast. he can cook simple things pretty well, but since he knows kido will feed him, he doesn’t bother.

O:What would it take to break them, both inside and out?
Kano is really tough, both physically and mentally, so you can more or less do what you will to him. What’s really going to make him snap is going to be inside his own head. Kano has become so good at putting up facades that he struggles to admit to anyone, even himself, when something’s wrong, so he’ll deny it and internalize it until it destroys him or someone forces it out. To break Kano, all it really takes is a small doubt and time.

queen-of-the-haze  asked:

Marry Kozakura for the headcanons, please!

Oh boy, did somebody say Marry Kozakura? 
Well, your majesty, do I have a treat for you! 

M: What is their favourite dessert?
Marry has a mouth full of sweet teeth, and boy, does it show in her eating habits. Her favourite dessert (and breakfast) in my head is a huge waffle with ice cream, strawberry syrup and icing sugar. 

A: What are/were this character’s best subjects in school?
While Marry never really got to go to school, she’s a natural for English/Japanese/any course focusing on literature. In particular, I think her poetry would be A++ stuff, as emotionally evocative as it is closely guarded. That being said, you’d have a heck of a time convincing her to submit any of it.

R: What are their hands like?
Weak and soft, and small. Thin fingers. Like, a crab could out-dexterity this girl. Her hands are cold, not like, icy, but in that kind of cool, smooth way snake’s scales feel. That being said, fine motor control is not quite her strong suit. 


Y: What is one question they’ve always wanted an answer to? 
Why do they keep ignoring the good m/m ships? No, seriously. Marry’s fujo rage knows no bounds. If a show has two boys in it, she is gonna ship it. All her life, she’s watched anime after anime, manga after manga, SQUANDER all these PERFECT romances, soulmates, even, to end up with GIRLS. The biggest offender is Naruto and Hinata, and don’t think the dan doesn’t know it.

K: How do you know when you’ve upset them? 
You know you’ve seriously upset her when you can’t move, buddy. Seriously, though. Marry’s upbringing has left her totally ill-equipped to really deal with people upsetting her, so she tends to just run out of those kinds of situations and hole up in her room. The only person she’ll let in is Seto when she’s like that.  She usually calms down enough for you to work things out sooner or later, though. 

O: What would it take to break them, inside and out? 
Physically? Like, nothing at all. Marry will break if a statue looks at her funny. Mentally? Nothing would devastate her like losing her friends. Going back to the loneliness that defines her childhood, having the people who have taught her to love herself ripped away from her… I don’t think Marry could go on living if she lost the dan. After all, the only time she used her time powers was to save the rest of the dan. 

Z: How do they sleep? 
Marry sleeps really lightly alone, and much more deeply when she’s dozing off next to someone or with someone. For her, that feeling of companionship and care helps her sleep soundly, even if it’s just a stuffed animal. 



U: What’s their voice like? 
Okay, maybe this one is a little lame, but since my first step into KagePro was through MCA, I’ve always kept her japanese voice from the anime as the only way I can really hear her lines. Which is to say,  a bit soft spoken, girlish and high-pitch, and generally… little-sister like? I have no actual idea how to describe it lmao. 



-Mod Dork