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Did you ever want little siblings? Is that why you let Hibiya get away with giving you so much grief all the time? And why you didn't question it when he called you Onee-chan instead of Oba-san when Kuro took control of his body?

“ It is true that I’ve wanted a younger sibling because of Onii-chan holing himself up in his room, but that isn’t necessarily why I let Hibiya get to me and why I didn’t notice him call me ‘Onee-chan’. I guess you could say it was more of…”

“I understood what it was like to be powerless to save someone.”

KagePro Headcanon

This is my first headcanon that I’ve thought of myself, so bear with me.

The only time IA sings in the anime is when Momo is sing Otsukimi Recital. My headcanon is this: after the final time loop, Momo sings all of the Kagerou Project songs for everyone. For Thr songs Miku sang (Jinzou Enemy, Mekakushi Code, and Heat-Haze Daze)…

Jinzou Enemy: Ene thinks it’d be cool for someone else to sing one of her songs since “Momo” sang the rest.

Mekakushi Code: Kido feels bad that Miku doesn’t sing a lot of the songs so she offers up her own.

Heat-Haze Daze: It would go like this…
Hibiya: “Ew, no. I don’t want you singing my song, Oba-san.” (Ofc he doesn’t really mean this but he’d say because he’s Hibiya).

And for Konoha’s State of the World, Momo would think Konoha wouldn’t pick just one so she and Miku both sing it. Haruka agrees.

Faceclaim: “Kuroha” from Mekakucity actors

Nickname/Villain Atlas: Venomous Vixen or “Queen”

Name: ????

Quirk: Hive Mind. She can “birth” snakes (mostly they resemble snakes but are smoky and writhe like black smoke) from her body & burrow them into people which show up as a simple tattoo on their wrist once nestled in a body. She can activate this at anytime ( and only through organic matter) but it’s only affective when there is an injury to enter, and can work even through the smallest of wounds, a papercut included, so anything that has broken the skin ( although the smaller the wound the less she can force her snake in). She can control her victim completely and multiple at a time, while her victims go into a dream-like state for the whole duration, only she can switch off her control, unless the snake is cut out, as blood makes their smoky form solidify. As for dead bodies, they are much much harder for her to move, especially if they haven’t died recently and  have lost lots of blood & their normal functions so she really doesn’t bother with the dead.  

Other: She loves collecting heroes.


So. I’ve sort of drafted this. Does she sound interesting enough to make a blog for?
Actions Speak Louder - Fallen_Skys - Kagerou Project [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
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Relationships: Kano Shuuya/Kisaragi Shintaro, Kido Tsubomi/Kisaragi Momo, Kozakura Mary/Seto Kousuke, Enomoto Takane/Kokonose Haruka | Ene/Konoha
Characters: Kokonose Haruka | Konoha, Enomoto Takane | Ene, Kisaragi Shintaro, Kano Shuuya, Tateyama Kenjirou, Tateyama Ayano, Amamiya Hibiya, Asahina Hiyori, Kisaragi Momo, Kido Tsubomi, Seto Kousuke, Kozakura Mary, Azami (Kagerou Project), Kozakura Shion, Tsukihiko (Kagerou Project), Mary’s father
Additional Tags: Deaf Character, Hearing Impaired, born deaf, Sign Language, American Sign Language, japanese sign language, I have no idea if I’m doing this right, I Wrote This Instead of Sleeping, Fluff and Angst, Fluff, Male-Female Friendship, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, not really enemies, Bisexual Male Character, Shintaro is bi, Kano is probably demisexual, Ayano is best sister, Family Drama, Drama & Romance, drama to fluff

Inspired by chibitalex’s rxxshintaro tumblr prompt of a deaf Shintaro AU

Kano Shuuya finds out suddenly one day that his older sister whom he loves dearly and is very protective over now has a “boy friend” who is very similar to her. When this mysterious Kisaragi Shintaro guy comes over Kano can’t help but try and get this guy away form his sister. Even if it means becoming the guys sign language translator just to make Shintaro look bad. However Kano later wonders if Ayano is really the target of Shintaro’s affections or if it’s someone else.

Kisaragi Shintaro, just Shintaro to most of his small rag tag group of people he calls friends, was born with a few things that made him different than other people: his high IQ, a photographic memory, and unfortunately the inability to hear anything at all. Born deaf Shintaro went through a lot challenges and still does as many daily tasks in communication are practically impossible for him. Meeting Tateyama Ayano he forms a friend ship with her and later on a particular interest in someone close to her.
AKA my failing attempt to make a cute fluffy drama of KanoShin feels

@rxxshintaro @chibitalex  So here’s my A3O account hope you enjoy?