Mekakushi Dan playing hide-and-seek
  • Everyone forces Shintaro to be "it"
  • Kido:disappears and goes about the day as usual
  • Seto:probably the only one who plays the game normally
  • Kano:turns into a banana. Goes unnoticed for the majority of the game sprawled out on the coffee table in the middle of the living room
  • Marry:goes to Seto's room and hides under the blanket. Somehow gets tangled in the blanket, falls off bed. Seto hears Marry's cries for help from across the hideout. Shounen save
  • Momo:hides in the closet and uses her power to direct attention away from her when someone comes close. Shintaro gets the sudden urge to stare at the wall. Spends five minutes trying to find Momo while being unable to look away from the wall
  • Ene:hides in Shintaro's leg folder. Starts downloading hundreds of images of legs from the Internet so when Shintaro eventually opens the folder she will be impossible to find
  • Hibiya:leaves the hideout because he knows Shintaro won't stop asking him about where everyone else is if he happens to find him first
  • Konoha:tries to hide behind a lamp. Goes to find Shintaro, brings lamp with him. "Am I doing this right Shintaro"
  • Ayano:has been hiding for years. She's dead

“I… I d-don’t want… Se-Senpai to die…!”

“I… I don’t want to die, either…! Why… me…?! This is weird… my body is getting weirder… I don’t even know… the taste of r-rice anymore…”