me in exam trying to write a composition
  • me:*reads the title out loud*
  • me:describe an unlucky day
  • me:*writes black cats, heat haze, headphones, got attention from everyone by doing something stupid, and then got hit by a truck*
  • me:yea, I guess that's all
  • me:wait, I should add in 'bitten by a black snake, accidentally cut myself with scissors, my eyes are burning they turned red'
  • me:that's it I'm out of here!


I got in very late into the NND Live, but it seems that there will be another Kagerou Project anime series!?

This was announced towards the end of the final episode of SEEK in MEKAKUCITY! 

This is not referring to the short movie that will air in Japan during winter, but an actual new anime series!

More information for the anime will be posted once they are available!

For now, please look forward to the SEEK in MEKAKUCITY -Final night- post that will be up once I’ve watched my time shifted broadcast!