Les amis + co as things my friends (and I) have said

Enjolras: Just you wait, in like 15 minutes I’m gonna preach you a lil sermon while I’m walking to work becuse I’m having feeling abotu bi Jesus again

Courfeyrac: Everyone knows gays eat pizza sensually

Combeferre: i may be a slut for knowledge but i’ll fuck a book not a walking encyclopedia, thanks

Joly:why does leg hair stop at ur ankles it’s like fur pants

Bossuet: Are big fidget spinners, ceiling fans

Bahorel: on my way faster than light, faster than somic the hedge, faster than troy bolton

Grantaire: Oh fret not, dear Kiks, for coffee flows in my veins like blood, courses through me and keeps me alive. It is the ichor in place of blood that keeps the gods alive, yet instead of golden as the sky, it is black as my heart. Coffee cannot hurt me just as I cannot hurt coffee. We need each other to survive.

Jehan: This is a good thing. Stars are known to reduce anxieties. There’s no science basking this up, I just like looking at space.

Marius: troy bolton would be offended it i didint reply to every message ever i gotta please Troy Bolton, our god and saviour, and keep my head in the game – which is replying to every message from the group chat.Montparnasse: I’m gonna murder your boss and then hide the body near the pigs so the police will never find me

Jean Valjean (in reply to : “If you think I wouldn’t go back in time and date Jesus, you are wrong”) you don’t have to go back in time jesus is with us always

Cosette: Jesus does have a weird vampire kink tho

Javert: yes fauntleroy, valjean’s 749th alias, somehow he’s still going with the letter F

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can u sort the trojans into the hogwarts houses? (everyone says that the whole team is hufflepuff, do u agree? I can't decide if Jean is a Gryffindor or a slytherin rip) ty!

oooh. OOOOOH. can’t say i’ve really thought about it but, you know what:

  • alvarez: hufflepuff. soft-hearted, a little brash, sweet-natured with a short temper but an accepting sort. i mean, she took in jean right off the bat, and he’s a dick tbh. motherly. loyal. values forgiveness (even though she doesn’t express it well). very goddamn protective.
  • laila: ravenclaw. ruthless. pushes right up to the point where she knows she can go no further. a king-maker and a leader in one. technical, analytical, cares deeply for a small number of people. wants to be the best.
  • jeremy: gryffindor. brave, bright, reckless, and values bravery a great deal. incapable of divorcing himself from his emotions, and he feels everything intensely
  • jean: slytherin. intelligent, likes to win. the power behind the throne. concerned with the safety and wellbeing of a few rather than many. brave, but not the extent a gryffindor is - he isn’t reckless, never has been. a survivor.


alvarez: fight me

jean, from behind her: don’t you touch my sweet cinnamon bun if you ever want to see the light of day again

jean+touch (i’m jerejean trash. part 1 of jean hc here )

  • the trojans are, for the most part, so big on casual physical affection, and that’s the biggest thing jean has trouble adjusting to
  • they’re a very physical team. they don’t fight all the time like the foxes (they don’t fight like that at all) but they’re constantly throwing arms around each others shoulders, or grabbing arms after a joke, or jumping on each other’s backs
  • and aside from the brutal raven training/punishment routine, jean served as riko’s personal punching bag for years
  • it takes a long time for him to feel comfortable enough, to feel like he knows the trojans well enough, that he stops instinctively flinching whenever he sees a hand or arm out of the corner of his eye
  • the trojans learn to make sure jean can see them face-on before they try to touch him
  • not only so he isn’t taken by surprise but also so he has plenty of time to tell them if he’s not in a place to be touched that day
  • at first jean thinks they’re mocking him tbh bc that’s the only reason most of the ravens would do something like that 
  • (how many times has jean drilled don’t be weak, don’t show fear, don’t show weakness, don’t be weak don’t be weak into his own head? how many times has he felt worthless for failing even himself?)
  • so jean is constantly so surprised?? by how much the trojans genuinely care about his comfort?? 
  • like they just started doing this, he never told them he was uncomfortable or that he wanted the chance to say no?? 
  • it genuinely doesn’t occur to jean that his teammates will change their behavior to accommodate him, until the trojans have done this for a few weeks and he knows that they will do this every time they want to interact with him, for as long as he needs it
  • at the raven’s nest he had to change or hide his reactions to riko, and on a logical level jean knew that he wouldn’t be property to the trojans
  • but that doesn’t mean he actually realized that he would have a say in how people treated him, that the trojans would change the way they acted instead of the other way around
  • jeremy esp helps jean start to get used to casual touches

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Armin Finds Jean Crying About Marco's Death

This request, and script, comes from @fandomdedicater 

Fandomdedicater submitted: Um..hi..I sent this before on anon but I don’t think you received it (request). It’s a Jean/Armin friendship scenario where Jean is still mourning Marco.Scri


Armin: Jean, was that you I heard crying just now?

Jean: *sniffles* N-no.

Armin: You’re the only one in here…Is it because of Marco?

Jean: Y-yeah.

*clutches Marco’s bloodied badge*

I just can’t forget him and what I saw. It was horrible and I know a lot of people died but Marco didn’t deserve that, especially in that way. He was such a good person. It’s not fair. It shouldn’t have been him!

Armin: Yeah, it is unfair. Believe it or not, I know how you feel.

Jean: Sorry you had to see me like this.

Armin: Give me your jacket.

Jean: What?

Armin *with hand held out*: just give it to me

Jean *hands Armin jacket*: Okay. Why?

Armin: You’ll see. Can I see Marco’s badge?

Jean *warily*: Sure

Armin: I’m going to sew his badge on the inside of your jacket. That way, he’ll always be with you. *smiles*

Jean: *gasp/sound of surprise*

Thank you…Armin.

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- the character i least understand
Come to think of it, even characters that I strongly dislike are pretty understandable when it comes to their motivations. Or there are those I don’t care about enough to question their actions so the answer would be no one, really.  
- interactions i enjoyed the most
Erwin&Levi, like, duh. Erwin&Mike. Levi and his underground gang. Levi and his spec ops gang. Petra&Oluo (I low key ship them). Also Kenny Ackerman and Dot Pixis’ very existence makes me happy as do their interactions with literally anyone. Also I’m very fond of Levi’s boot interacting with pastor Nick’s butt. That’s just splendid.
- the character who scares me the most
Gabi. More like a personification than a character though. The most terrifying product of war is those raised for it and single mindedly thriving in it.
- the character who is mostly like me
Jean probably. On a good day. And we used to have the same haircut/color. Got a bit longer now.    
- hottest looks character
I CAN’T PICK ONE R U KIDDING. Probably Levi tho. I like em short and slim, black-haired and fair-skinned and voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi. Erwin is simply godlike. Mike is basically prime beef of the SC. Nanaba is a gorgeous vengeful angel. Ymir is hot AF like OYE MAMI. Really, season 2 is such an eye candy.
- one thing i dislike about my fave character
Not dislike but rather sad af. Erwin’s self-hatred drives me up a tree. I just feel so helpless against something like this. Can’t even imagine how it’s gotta be for Levi.
-one thing i like about my hated character
Well, one thing that entire Yeager fam has no lack of is passion and determination. I respect that.
- a quote or scene that haunts me
84. Looks like the story ended for me here and went to places where I don’t really want to follow.
- a death that left me indifferent
Characters whose entire screen time was about their death.  There simply wasn’t enough time to make me care. Some of those deaths still were horribly sad.

- a character i wish died but didn’t
He might yet. But I probably won’t be around anymore to witness it. Way too long time coming.  
-my ship that never sailed
Not exactly my ship but Eremika? I just feel kinda bad for Mikasa. No beef with Eren about that, really, but it’s kinda sad to see. Shikata ga nai. On the other hand, if it still gives her purpose and motivation, well. Good enough, I guess.  

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What Snk characters would be different Disney Princesses? Just a random question that popped in my head ^_^

it’s located under the cut due to lengthiness^^ also, i sort of did characters more than princesses?? don’t hurt me

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Ererijean 14? Pleaseeeee : )

Things you said after you kissed me

Jean gave up trying to sleep. Connie was snoring away in the tent next to him, and didn’t stir when Jean crept out.

He went to the ocean. It was horrifying in a way, and the crash of waves had kept him awake, but it was fascinating too. He stood barefoot on the cold sand and stared out at its dark mass. The edge kept moving. Rocks that they’d been climbing on only this afternoon were now partially submerged; Armin had no idea why, but was sure the water wouldn’t rise beyond the sandy strip at the edge.

What if it rose to cover the whole world? Jean suspected it was a stupid question and hadn’t said anything.

Eren was on watch, but he wasn’t alone. He and Levi sat on the sand a distance away from camp, a lantern between them. It made perfect sense to Jean. He suspected he’d been in love with Eren longer than he realised, but by the time he’d noticed, Levi had taken the space by his side; Humanity’s Strongest and Humanity’s Hope. Yeah. Who could argue with that?

He couldn’t fault Eren’s taste. Levi had beautiful hair and eyes and he loved people. It felt odd to think about but, Jean was sure Levi loved them all, and he never slept better than when he knew their captain was keeping watch.

The waves were hypnotic.

He jumped when Eren greeted him. He hadn’t even heard them approach.

“Couldn’t sleep?” Levi asked.

“Mm.” He looked at Eren, who’d been doing nothing but smile since they’d first seen the line of blue on the horizon. “Hey, what are you going to do now?”


“The ocean was your dream, right? What now?”

“Well. Levi wants to open a tea shop. That’s his dream. We’ll do that here.”

“Tea by the Sea,” Levi said, standing on the other side of him to regard the ocean solemnly. Jean looked between them, wondering if it was a joke. They seemed quite serious. He wondered why he’d never even considered whether or not Levi had a dream.

“What do you want to do?” Eren asked him curiously.

People would come here, he knew. The sheer number of fish they’d spotted–the ocean was so big it could feed everyone in the walls. There would be a settlement here within a year. And, apparently, a tea shop.

“Please let me work in your tea shop!” Jean burst out, turning to Levi. He didn’t want to be left behind. He felt Eren come up behind him and peer over his shoulder, his breath warm on his neck.

“I told you,” he said to Levi.

They’d been talking about him? Jean turned his head and Eren was waiting for him. He popped up on his toes and kissed him firmly on the mouth. Jean’s brain stuttered to a halt. He turned back to Levi, braced for something, anything, but the older man merely regarded him calmly.

“You’re not going to kill me?” Jean asked.

“I don’t want to kill anyone,” Levi said, and Jean could hear how tired he was.

Eren nudged him and Jean stumbled forward, confused and exhilarated. “Go on,” he said.

“I don’t think he wants to,” Levi said.

“I do,” Jean muttered and kissed him before he could think better of it. He felt Levi smile against his lips. “I want a family,” Jean said, the words out of him before he’d had time to consider them.

Levi gestured between them. “This is not how you make one.”

“We can have fun trying,” Eren piped up and that did funny things to his stomach and knees.

“Yeah it is, though,” Jean said quietly. They didn’t argue. The waves kept endlessly rolling in.


some of my favorite pics from Anime California 2015~

click for captions

Eren: Me

Jean: princejeanbo

Marco: crazykarmakid

Kaneki: monsterboitoi

Shinji: ???

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