I’m absolutely in love with @mejragon‘s idea of making all her Skydancers into these cool harpy people, so I decided to try my hand at one of them. And who better to experiment with than the sad, pretty Tova?

Right now he’s serving as ornamentation of sorts at Yasilyan’s place. Clipped wings make it hard to fly from the ol’ gilded cage.

the only things i know about the new pokemon game are what i’ve seen from @inkskratches @ghosti and @mejackel which includes but is not limited to:

  • everyone in team skull is hella fucking gay
  • they’re super chill about the potential end of the world through a tear in the fabric of reality?  or something?
  • gizmo is a Soft Boy
  • they’re the type of gang who doesn’t have weapons, they just like, walk towards you snapping their fingers menacingly
  • they don’t really have an objective i think they just like hanging out

Overdue Christmas present for mejackel. A gijinka of the lovely Rahson. 

He’s actually a battle mage, so his casting staff doubles as a polearm. I would be sorry for his design, but I’m not at all.