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Homestuck is a guy
He’s got dark brown hair and hazel eyes
He puts on an act of being the typical sarcastic egotistic asshole
(But everyone knows that deep down he’s really just a dork. A rather sweet dork, actually.)
The combination of his asshole-tendencies and dorkiness has lead to a lot of people being put off by him

Hetalia is a girl
She’s got thick chin length wavy hair. It’s like a medium honey kinda colour? Her eyes are green
She likes to seem sweet, and tries her best to be kind and friendly to everyone
But she can be a bit loud and a bit of a whiny bitch…..
She gets annoyed over little things a lot
But she really has the best of intentions!
She honestly is rather nice though. She just goes about it the wrong way at times….

Homestuck and Hetalia both have little sisters (the dA!homestuck fandom and the dA!hetalia fandom) who adamantly hate each other, though no one really knows why
Initially, since their little sisters hated each other so much, homestuck and hetalia had quite a bit of animosity between them
Although after a while, they realised that their sisters are just idiots
And they became a strange pair of friends
These days, they’re really annoyed by their sisters
Their sisters are really loud and obnoxious, and are always embarrassing them
And people tend to immediately dislike hetalia and homestuck because of how their little sisters act. They just assume they are the same as them

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